Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jaydans 2 and Madysons 6 months pictures!!!!

I got Jaydans 2 year pictures and Madysons 6 month pictures done and decided to get 2 of them together and Im so glad I did because they turned out so so cute!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Shawn being silly and taking a picture of himself when nobody was looking :-)

Shawn and Suz -I said smile not laugh Shawn :-)

Go Bees!!!

Jaydan with Uncle Shawn

Pretty girl!

Bees won!


Grandpa Hammond was so comfortable Maddie fell right to sleep on him!

Yesterday was my niece Baileys 10th birthday and we went with Shawn, Suzanne and their girls to the Bees game to celebrate. We had so much fun. We just got grass seats so Jaydan could run wild. He had so much fun being free. Kamrins dad and 2 brothers were there so we had them come sit with us half way through the game. We had a blast and hopefully we will be able to do it with them again soon!! Happy Birthday to Bailey!! Thanks to Shawn and Suz for letting us join them!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Boy Bed!!!

Thursday July 3rd we decided it was time to try the big boy bed again so I decided the best way to do it was get rid of the crib so we wouldn't be tempted to stick him in it when he got out a few time like the last few times we tried. It actually worked like a charm!! He has adjusted alot better then I thought he would. He of course sometimes gets out and runs around his room and reads books til he gets tired but he goes and lays down in his bed and falls asleep when he wears himself out. Its so bitter sweet that he is getting so big and growing so much lately. I love watching him grow and learn but want to keep him a baby forever but I think every mom feels that way!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


On Fathers Day my mother in law handed me a birthday card even though my birthday wasn't for 2 weeks and inside was a printed piece of paper which was a receipt for 2 tickets to the Tim McGraw concert 2 days before my birthday. I let out a little scream in excitement!!! I thought it was going to be the first Tim concert I had missed in years and years but luckily I was wrong. I knew I would have to find someone else to go with since Kamrin is not much of a country fan so I chose my sister in law Shaless. June 27th we met at my in laws house because they watched our kids so Kamrin and Shaless' husband could go have a guys night while we were at the concert. We stopped at Cafe Rio and off to Usana we went to see the one and only Tim McGraw!!! For those of you who don't know I LOVE Tim McGraw!! He is my absolute favorite music artist!!! Opening acts were Highway to Hazard (never heard of them) and Jason Aldean (I think thats his name) and then Tim finally!! I had so much fun. No matter how many of his concerts I go to I never get sick of them. It was the best birthday present! Thank you to Shaless for coming with me and making it so fun for me! Double thanks to Mom and Dad Hammond for giving me such a GREAT present!!!