Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011


2 days ago we got our very own Elf. My kids named him Elfie. He came with a book. He is our special elf who Santa sent to watch over just us and every night when we go to sleep he goes and reports to Santa how we behaved that day. Well when he gets back from reporting to Santa he gets a little creative on how to pass time until we wake up.

Night 1 Elfie poured flour on the counter and make a "snow angel" in it.
Kids reaction- Maddie came running downstairs and said "Mommy I cant find Elfie anywhere. He is not on our book shelf anymore" It took me a mintue to fully wake up and when I came up her eyes were HUGE. She told me she had found Elfie in a mess. She then looked at me and said "Mom Im so serious" When Jaydan found out what happened he asked if I had put them there and when I told him Elfie was on the shelf when I went to bed he shook his head and said "Crazy elf"

Night 2 Elfie passed time by vegging on the couch and playing Jaydans DS all night.
Kids reaction- Jaydan was the first to see this time and he couldnt stop laughing. He picked up Elfie and the DS and started walking him to put him back on the shelf. As he reached the play room door we hear "Listen this is mine not yours" Ha ha ha ha!!! Maddie thought it was just as funny!

We love our Elf and cant wait to see what he does next!!

Flour "snow angel"

Playing DS


I of course forgot my camera at home on Thanksgiving so didnt get pictures except 1 I stole from my sisters Facebook but I still wanted to post about our day and the special things we are thankful for. We went to Kamrins grandmas around noon to spend a couple of hours with his family before having to be at my brothers at 3. We ate, visited and looked through Black Friday ads. When we got to my brothers we ate some more. That is what Thanksgiving is all about right?!? We visited and went up and looked at the ads once again and then did pie which I had to avoid. My enemy right now is sweets. I figured banana cream pie would be okay to eat....WRONG. After only one bite I just about lost both Thanksgiving feasts. I love Thanksgiving! Great food and being with family is the best!

Im am thankful for so many things. Too many too name. Im so thankful for my husband and that he works so hard to make it possible for me to stay home with my kids. Im thankful for my kids. They are not perfect but they are perfect for me. Im so blessed to be the one who was chosen to be their mom. Even though this pregnancy was not planned and blew me away with surprise Im thankful that for some reason I was meant to be this babys mom also. Im thankful that my family and my in laws are all so close and family is just as important to them is it is to me. Im so thankful for all the wonderful memories we have been able to make this year. Im thankful for a mom who is not only a mom to me but truly one of my best friends. Im so thankful for a family who would do anything for me and my little family. Im am so blessed to have so many AMAZING people in my life!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here is a pic of our Black Friday ad train at my brothers :-)

Kamdyns Birthday Parties

We had a party for Kamdyn the Sunday before his bday with my family and we invited Kamrins family but the only one who was able to make it was his sister and her husband. It took him a long time to get into the cupcake and he didnt last very long. We then washed him up in the sink and then had present time which he got into right away.

We had a party for him on his actual bday with my moms side of the family. He wanted nothing to do with the cupcake! He played with it for maybe 2 minutes and would just cry so we just got him out. He really doesnt like cake apparently. Even since then we have tried to feed him some off our plates and he just pulls away and wont eat it. Crazy boy! He was very into present time. Every time we would take away a present so he could open a new one he would growl :-)

Cute little bum!

His giant cupcake

This is as much as we got out of him

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kamdyn!!!

I seriously cant believe Im writing this post already!!! Our baby boy is 1 year old today!!! It really doesnt seem possible!! There is so much I could say about Kamdyn. He has been our easiest baby. He is so mellow and easy going and has been since day 1. He brings each of us to smiles and laughs daily! We all adore him SO much. At 1 he has ALOT of teeth already. More then either of my others did at this age. He loves his big brother and sister. He crawls, pulls himself up on things, walks along things and has taken a couple steps on his own then chickens out. He recently discovered if he works hard enough he can climb up on the couch by himself and is so proud of it. He his a growler. You would think we have a dog but we dont so not sure where that came from. He must think he is an animal. From the day he was born he has made this noise when he is hungry that sounds like a baby pig oinking. Well he went from "oinking" to now growling. Funny kid. He growls when he falls, you take something from him, you have something he wants or even when someone comes to the door. He is our watch dog I guess :-) I love this little guy more then I could ever put into words. He brings me so much happiness. I could just love on him all day long (he would never allow that) At his 1 year appt he weighed 25 pounds 6 ounces which is 88% He is also in the 88% for height so at least he is big all around and not just chubby even though I wouldnt mind cause I love chubby babies. Happy 1st Birthday Kamdyn!!!! I love you so very much!!!

Just born

6 months

On my 1st birthday!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maceys Field Trip

Todays field trip was to Maceys grocery store. They take the kids on a tour of the store and tell them all about how they make it work. They get a free cookie at the bakery and coupon for a free ice cream! Jaydan was able to come again due to him still being off track. Im happy I get to go to things like this!!

Heart Flutters

I went to my ultrasound last Tuesday and sure enough the babys heart was fluttering away. The doc gave me a due date of June 22nd so if its born a week early like the rest of mine I will technically have a spring baby which mean I will have 1 in every season!! Baby looks and is growing great!


Halloween weekend was so much fun!!! We had truck or treats where Maddie won in the costume contest at Kamrins parents ward! She was SO excited!! Then we had my nephews bday party where the kids dressed up for again. Halloween started at Maddies preschool party. I got to stay and help and loved it! First I took all the kids pictures one by one then we did a group one. We decorated cookies, ate yummy food including pumpkin pizzas and um cant remember what else lol. My mommy brain forgets things ALL the time! We passed out alot of treats I do remember that part :-) The kids had so much fun. After the party I took my kids to my sisters work to trick or treat. She works at a call center so there was ALOT of cubicles handing out candy!! They got a huge load from there! After a little nap we went to my grandmas so get my moms, my grandmas and my aunts treats for the the kids. Then we went to Kamrins sisters house so his grandma could see them. We made it there before her so Kamrin took them up and down her whole street! We then went to my great aunt Kays house to show them the kids and they went up and down their street too! We then stopped at Kamrins other sisters house and the went to my visiting teaching partners house. She has a baby 2 months older then Kamdyn and I gave her an ADORABLE monkey costume for her so I wanted to see her in it. I stayed there with Kamdyn and the older 2 went to do more trick or treating with Kamrin. They decided to walk home so they could stop at ever house in between. I stayed and visited a while then went and got dinner and when I got home they still werent home!! I called Kamrin and they were headed home. After all was said and done they COVERED my love seat with candy!! They were both on cloud 9!!! I filled 4 huge bowls to the max with it all!!!!! It was a great Halloween!!!!

Preschool class

My little Yoda

Darth Vader!

Pretty Tangled(Rapunzel)

I love these 3!!

Arent they so adorable!!!!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

There is a couple field trips I really look forward to each year and the pumpkin patch is one of them!! I love going there with all the kids before Halloween and the kids LOVE it! We went in the teepee and read stories, ate cookies and drank apple juice and then watched around the patch and each kid got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. It was so fun!

Lucky Jaydan got to go since he is off track!!!!

Yummy cookie :-)

Mrs Lorraine reading a Halloween story