Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween weekend was so much fun!!! We had truck or treats where Maddie won in the costume contest at Kamrins parents ward! She was SO excited!! Then we had my nephews bday party where the kids dressed up for again. Halloween started at Maddies preschool party. I got to stay and help and loved it! First I took all the kids pictures one by one then we did a group one. We decorated cookies, ate yummy food including pumpkin pizzas and um cant remember what else lol. My mommy brain forgets things ALL the time! We passed out alot of treats I do remember that part :-) The kids had so much fun. After the party I took my kids to my sisters work to trick or treat. She works at a call center so there was ALOT of cubicles handing out candy!! They got a huge load from there! After a little nap we went to my grandmas so get my moms, my grandmas and my aunts treats for the the kids. Then we went to Kamrins sisters house so his grandma could see them. We made it there before her so Kamrin took them up and down her whole street! We then went to my great aunt Kays house to show them the kids and they went up and down their street too! We then stopped at Kamrins other sisters house and the went to my visiting teaching partners house. She has a baby 2 months older then Kamdyn and I gave her an ADORABLE monkey costume for her so I wanted to see her in it. I stayed there with Kamdyn and the older 2 went to do more trick or treating with Kamrin. They decided to walk home so they could stop at ever house in between. I stayed and visited a while then went and got dinner and when I got home they still werent home!! I called Kamrin and they were headed home. After all was said and done they COVERED my love seat with candy!! They were both on cloud 9!!! I filled 4 huge bowls to the max with it all!!!!! It was a great Halloween!!!!

Preschool class

My little Yoda

Darth Vader!

Pretty Tangled(Rapunzel)

I love these 3!!

Arent they so adorable!!!!

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