Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

3D Ultrasound Comparison

I was very excited to get Kamdyns 3D ultrasound done not only to see him but to compare his to Jaydan and Madysons 3D pictures too. I found their cds of all their 3D pictures and I am amazed at not only how much they look alike but also how they all act alike. They all did alot of the same behaviors in their ultrasounds. For example they all have a picture of them rubbing their eye. They all have one with their hands up by their face and mouth. They all had obsessions with their hands by their faces. It was so fun to compare them. Now I cant wait to see him in person and see how much he really looks like them as a newborn!

Jaydan face shot

Madyson face shot

Kamdyn face shot

Jaydan rubbing his eye

Madyson rubbing her eye

Kamdyn rubbing his eye

Jaydans hands by his face and chin

Madysons hands by her face and chin

Kamdyns hands by his face and chin

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kamdyns 3D Ultrasound

Monday August 16th we got to go do Kamdyns 3D ultrasound. This is my favorite ultrasound of the whole pregnancy. It amazes me seeing my baby in such amazing details. When I did it with Jaydan it was awesome but I still couldnt really picture him in my mind but with Maddie and now Kamdyn I really can because they all look so much alike! I was wondering if Kamdyn would follow in Jaydan and Madysons look or take on his own look and as soon as they put the 3D part up everyone kept saying how he was a little Jaydan. Just looking at his face I also seen so much of Jaydan in him. He looks so much like Jaydan did when he was a newborn. He has the famous Rushworth chubby cheeks. He also has way full and long eyelashes. The tech said they really actually see the eyelashes on ultrasounds and Kamdyn has the longest ones he has ever seen before. Like both my other kids Kamdyn loves his hands by his face. He even was rubbing his eye. It was so cute! He went from my most inactive baby to my most active by far. The ultrasound girl had to chase him around the whole time. He moves non stop except when someone wants to feel him move of course. He is such a teaser. This time we had decided to make it a fun family event and invited both our moms, our grandmas and all our sisters. The room was packed but it was so much fun having everyone there to share in our special moment. Seeing him in 3D got me so excited to see and hold him! I cant wait to meet this little guy!

Sticking his tongue out at us :-)

Resting his face on his arm

Scrunching up his nose and mouth :-)

Must be tiring having everyone peeking in at you

Tiny smile

Check out those lashes!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Madysons First Haircut

When I found out I was having a girl when I was pregnant with Maddie I knew I wanted her to have really long hair so I wouldnt get it cut for a REALLY long time. Well after she turned 2 I noticed the front and top part of her hair was getting shorter and thinner. I couldnt figure out what was happening to her hair until one day it clicked. The elastics I was using was breaking off her hair. Oops! I was giving my poor princess a mullet! It got so bad we even taught her to say "I have a mullet" and we also taught her "Buisness in the front. Party in the back" LOL! She was so proud of her mullet :-) I didnt figure out that the things I was using to try and cover up the mullet was actually making it worse til it was pretty bad. I stopped using them and slowly but surely it started to grow back. It has got to the point where her hair is like 5 different lengths. It drives me nuts and I cant style it whatsoever. Her hair always goes crazy and looks like I dont even brush it so I knew it was time to give in and get her a cut to even it up and give her some sort of style. My sister in law Suzanne does hair and agreed to cut her hair for me. I was so nervous for some reason. I was just sad to see her long length go. After it was done I LOVED it! She looked SO cute and it made her look so grown up! She loves her haircut and is so proud of it! Time to say bye bye to the mullet!! Thanks Suzanne!

Before the cut. Look how long it was!!!

Front before the cut

Getting her first haircut

Doing so good


Looking so grown up after her cut!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doctor And Dentist Adventures

Last Tuesday July 27th I took the kids to a check up with their new/old doctor. It is the doc that they seen for the first year of their lives and then due to switching insurance we had to switch but now we switched again so we are able to go back to Dr Flynn which I was very happen about. I really liked the doctor we went to after but he is alot harder to get into and only works 2 to 3 day a week since she had a baby plus I really liked Dr Flynn and didnt ever want to change in the first place. Since it has been a couple years since they had been to him I wanted to get them in for a routine check up and make sure they were all caught up on shots and stuff like that. It worked out good since Jaydan needed his 4 year well check anyways. When Dr Flynn walked in he was so shocked at how big my kids were! They both had him laughing so hard from the moment he walked in. Within the first 30 seconds as he was laughing he said "Oh this is going to be so fun" We talked for a while to catch up on all their health stuff the last couple years and he did their exams and had so much fun the entire time. My kids were being so cute and funny. He said they both are doing great which is always a relief to hear. He was amazed with Maddies vocabulary and her understanding of things. Thats what happens when you want to be just like your big brother :-) He told me where they both were percentage wise for their height, weight and such. I knew Maddie was tall for her age and I knew Jaydan was short for his but I was really shocked at how tall and short they really are! Jaydan is 3' 2.78" tall which puts him in the 15.27% compared to other kids! He is a little runt like his daddy. He now weighs 36 lbs 12.8 oz which puts him at the 55.37% with weight. Maddie is 3' 1.75" which puts her at the 86.60% compared to other kids her age!! She now weighs 28 lbs 14 oz which puts her in the 48.68%. She is my tall and skinny girl. Both have great eye sight and hearing. All in all it was a great appt. He did say they both needed some shots and they needed to take some blood from Maddie to run some tests. First was poor Maddie. I knew if Jay went first and she saw his reaction we would have to tie Maddie down to do hers. Both kids of course cried and were upset for a little while after but they both did so good. I was so proud of them. Then it was time to draw Maddies blood and after she was already tortured the second I laid her on the table she started crying :-( Of course after being so good even after being tortures I had to take them to the pharmacy to pick some treats. They each picked a bug juice and a laffy taffy. It was fun to go and see how big they both are getting. Its very bitter sweet that they are getting so big.

On Thursday July 29th I took the kids to their first ever dentist appts. I know Im a huge slacker since they say to start taking them when they turn a year but hey I love to procrastinate :-) I found a dentist that only works on kids that has a fun place for kids and has a tv in each room so they can watch a movie while being examined. I was pretty nervous to take them because I didnt know how they would do since they had never been. They loved playing in the play boat in the waiting room til we got called back. Jaydan wanted to be worked on first so he climbed on the chair, put on the headphones to listen to the movie and put on the sunglasses since the light was bothering his eyes. He looked so big and cute! He did AWESOME! Did exactly as she asked and enjoyed getting his teeth cleaned. Then it was Maddie turn. Once she got the headphones and glasses on she was ready to go. She also did AMAZING! She did everything the lady asked her too and he was loving it all too. I was SO proud of both of them. They did xrays on both of them then we waited for the dentist to come tell us how their teeth were. There was some problems with Jaydans mouth. First he has a growth in his gums that we need to take him to a gum specialist for. We need it tested to see if its something they will need to remove. Also that child has 9 freakin cavities!! 9!! Luckily they are all really small and between the teeth so I told Jay he was not allowed to floss by himself anymore :-) 2 of the cavities are between his 2 front teeth so the dentist recommened doing crowns on them since kids uses them the most and it would wear down the fillings fast. With his age and all they had to do he said he wanted to put him under for it all which I was more then okay with because I know it would be easier on him and I dont want him to get a fear of the dentist from it. He will have all the work done on August 18th. Maddie on the other hand has a PERFECT mouth. No cavities or anything at all like that. It is so funny because my kids eat and drink pretty much the same things all the time. Not only that they both bruh and flos at the same times so how Jay ended up with 9 and Maddie has none is beyond me!

Heartbroken after getting shots

Getting ready for his first teeth cleaning

Being so good during his cleaning

All ready

Chillin while getting her teeth cleaned

They are getting so big!!