Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

9 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
This has been such a rough month for you baby girl. You have been sick sick sick. We have had 2 stays at the hospital and at home oxygen for half of it. There has been nothing normal for you this month. Your eating is all out of whack and so is your sleeping. You have been able to stay pretty steady at the 20 pound range even with being so sick and not eating very much. While going through all your RSV, Rhino Virus and ear infections you now have 3 teeth fully out and 4 more that are right at the surface. Needless to say you have been MISERABLE! It was exactly one month ago today we got your first positive test for RSV. This last month shows how much of a fighter and a tough cookie you are. You smiled 90% of the time even with your body fighting all that. When I started going through all your pictures from this month I thought for sure there would only be a few since you have been so sick and the ones I did take I already posted in the RSV posts but I was so wrong. I found SO many adorable happy smiling pics of you. It made me smile looking through them all. You are still not crawling and I dont think you are even close. You roll where you need to go and you kind of scoot/army crawl but dont make it far at all that way. You still wear 12 month clothes and are in size 4 diapers. You still fit in 3s but pee through them at night so we decided just to switch you. You love eating our food. We give you as much as we can that is safe for you and you love it all and get so excited. I recently introduced you to avocados and you LOVE them!! I think its a toss up between those and bananas for you favorite food. You are the light of our family. You keep us all laughing constantly. Everyone around you loves you so much!! We get stopped constantly by people talking to you and telling us how adorable you are. All the nurses we have seen this last month just love you!! Baby girl I hope your 9th month is a million times better then your 8th month!! You deserve to be well and feel great the entire month!! We love you Binee (Thats what big brother Kamdyn calls you)
Love, Mommy

Mommy that flash is soooooo bright!!

Playing peek a boo

Getting a baby pedi

Messing in mommys flowers

Loves outside!!

Hanging out with her buddy Jack

Finally growing out of needing to be swaddled

Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney On Ice

Last week my friends little girl won a coloring contest and her prize was 6 tickets to the Princess Disney On Ice. They have 4 in their family so they came over to invite Maddie and I in person to go with them. Maddie was SO excited. The night before the show was the night Brynlee ended up in the hospital. The day of the show Kamrin and I talked about what to do and we decided it was best if I still went with Maddie and he would stay with Brynlee. We knew it would devastated Maddie if I didnt go so I waited til the last possible second then I headed home to get changed and grab Maddie and head to my friends house. It was harder then I thought leaving the baby. I cried the entire way home and even some after I got home. Once we got over there I did Maddies nails and makeup. I was going to do her hair all fancy too but she wouldnt let me. We then went to Trolley Square to eat but the wait was too long so we went to a taffy place and let the girls pick 2 taffys each and headed to good ole McDonalds. After rush eating we went to go get to our seats. We all stayed in our seats except Angel went up to where the concessions are and when she came back she had 3 Disney bags. She handed one to Maddie and inside was a princess purse!! Maddie was so excited and the look on her face was priceless!! She is SO sweet for buying one for Maddie too!! Right before intermission she ran up to get a place in line for snow cones and her husband took all 3 girls up to pick which one they wanted and I stayed with all the stuff. When they got back Angel had bought me a snow cone too!! I hadnt had a snow cones in years and it so hit the spot!! The show was so much fun!!!! Watching the girls in awe the whole time was amazing. After the show we stopped at McDonalds for ice cream then headed home. Im so thankful they thought of us and I know Maddie had the time of her life and I am so thankful for them and they really spoiled us the whole night!!!
Our princesses before the show

That carriage is made out of Legos!!

Princess And The Frog



At the end all the Disney princesses and princes came out

Final dance

Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh how I wished I would never write a post on this horrible virus ever again but luck was on our side at all. After her first round of RSV she was great. No congestion or anything. Oh Thursday she was fussy and started having some congestion. By the next morning she was miserable. Fevers and all. Our doc was booked so I took her to his partner. She checked her out and said she had a double ear infection and her lungs sounded crappy but not horrible. She said she didnt sound like her RSV was back so gave me antibiotics and told me what to watch for. By dinner time she was way bad. Her face was an off color and she was working so hard to breathe. Once I noticed how hard she was working I loaded her up and took her to an urgent care. They sent us up to the hospital because even though her oxygen level was 93 (they want it above 90) she was afraid with how hard she was working her body would get too tired after a while and would just stop breathing all together. By the time I got her to the hospital her level had dropped to 86. They pulled her out of her seat and rushed her in the room and put oxygen on her and started suctioning her out. She was so upset she started throwing up. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck at this point. I had cried the entire drive to urgent care, the entire time we were there, the entire drive to the hospital and seeing how they were rushing her around and her being so upset she was throwing up was more then I could handle. I was not just crying at this point I was sobbing. We were in the ER for about an hour when they decided she wasnt going home that night and took us to our room. It was such a LONG night! We were so worried, horrible beds and away from home so sleep was hit and miss all night. After watching her all the following day they let us bring her home that evening on oxygen again. She now is doing much better. Not great but a big improvement. She is such a little fighter!!!

She was having so much fun with the oxygen tube

Look at that chubbiness!!

She looked so adorable in her hospital gown

Next to her at home oxygen machine

All I Want For Christmas

Instead for singing All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth Jaydan will need to sing 4 front teeth! Thats right he looks like an old man at the moment he has alot of teeth missing. Long story short he has awful teeth. No matter my great attempts to take extreme care of them he is a cavity magnet. When he was 2 he had to have some major work done. Well now he needs even more major work. The day Brynlee was hospitalized for RSV he had a horrible tooth ache. The next morning we took him to the dentist and sure enough he had an infection in a couple teeth. He was given antibiotics and scheduled an appt to do all the work once his infection was gone. Last week I took him in and the dentist said he would do the work to fix the teeth or he would just pull them since he will be losing them all soon anyways. We voted just pull them so we didnt have to spent money on something he would lose really soon. What a waste of money that would be! He had 3 teeth that needed it but so he was even we just pulled that forth one. We usually go to a kids dentist in West Valley which we love but the day he was in so much pain he was out so I googled other kids one and randomly picked one in West Jordan. I didnt go to the 1st appt with him since I had to take Brynlee to the hospital to be sucked out and then to her doc. Kamrin told me it was really awesome there. When I walked in to take him to get his teeth pulled I was very impressed! It so nice and I love how classy yet kid friendly it is. I also loved the staff and the dentist was great. He was so cute with Jaydan. When he was all done he put his forehead on Jays forehead and said "You did it buddy! Im so proud of you! You were so great!" It was really cute. Jay was in pain for a while but bounced back way fast and was so happy when the tooth fairy came and left him money for 4 teeth!! He said he is so rich now!
The little house for kids to play in while waiting

Playing video games in the little house

It even has a play kitchen

The door inside the tree is where you walk through to get to the exam rooms

Time for laughing gas


Phone Thief

My phone is missing quite a bit. Either I forget where I put it or little hands take off with it. I can always tell when Maddie has been the one to have it. There are always 100 new pictures on there of her and the most random things. She loves taking pictures and my phone proves it. She even takes random pictures of the tv, things around the house and her favorite is of herself and her family. I wont bore you with the ones of the tv and such but her are some of the ones she has taken recently.