Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney On Ice

Last week my friends little girl won a coloring contest and her prize was 6 tickets to the Princess Disney On Ice. They have 4 in their family so they came over to invite Maddie and I in person to go with them. Maddie was SO excited. The night before the show was the night Brynlee ended up in the hospital. The day of the show Kamrin and I talked about what to do and we decided it was best if I still went with Maddie and he would stay with Brynlee. We knew it would devastated Maddie if I didnt go so I waited til the last possible second then I headed home to get changed and grab Maddie and head to my friends house. It was harder then I thought leaving the baby. I cried the entire way home and even some after I got home. Once we got over there I did Maddies nails and makeup. I was going to do her hair all fancy too but she wouldnt let me. We then went to Trolley Square to eat but the wait was too long so we went to a taffy place and let the girls pick 2 taffys each and headed to good ole McDonalds. After rush eating we went to go get to our seats. We all stayed in our seats except Angel went up to where the concessions are and when she came back she had 3 Disney bags. She handed one to Maddie and inside was a princess purse!! Maddie was so excited and the look on her face was priceless!! She is SO sweet for buying one for Maddie too!! Right before intermission she ran up to get a place in line for snow cones and her husband took all 3 girls up to pick which one they wanted and I stayed with all the stuff. When they got back Angel had bought me a snow cone too!! I hadnt had a snow cones in years and it so hit the spot!! The show was so much fun!!!! Watching the girls in awe the whole time was amazing. After the show we stopped at McDonalds for ice cream then headed home. Im so thankful they thought of us and I know Maddie had the time of her life and I am so thankful for them and they really spoiled us the whole night!!!
Our princesses before the show

That carriage is made out of Legos!!

Princess And The Frog



At the end all the Disney princesses and princes came out

Final dance

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Looks like a blast!!!