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Our Family

Monday, March 4, 2013


 Oh how I hate that word now! I have 4 kids and have dodged RSV......until now. About 2 weeks ago Brynlee got sick. Seemed like normal congestion then added some low fevers here and there. It just kept getting worse. Her fevers were getting way high, she was barely eating and her lungs sounded awful. We decided it was time to take her in. It was a Saturday so our doc office was closed so I took her to the urgent care by our house. Bad decision. They really suck over there but I was desperate. Ill take the time to drive farther next time. Anyways they gave her a breathing treatment and did a swab to test for for RSV which came back positive. The dumb doctor just sent us on our way and told me to start heading to the hospital if her fever got to 105!! I have 4 kids and know better then that luckily. My friend has a nebulizer for her girls and let us borrow it so we could try and avoid the hospital. The next few days were so rough. Non stop breathing treatments, medicine, sucking out her nose and trying to make her as comfortable as possible. By Tuesday she was bad. Way bad. I called to get her in to her regular doc but he was booked so they had me set up an appt with one of his partners. I went to the appt and they checked her oxygen level and I knew it was bad. The nurse commented how low it was and she was going to go get the doc right away. The doctor came in and took one look at her and said she was pretty sure we were going to be sent to the childrens hospital. She listened to her and told me she was wanted to go talk to Brynlees regular doctor to get his opinion but that her gut was saying the hospital was the best for her. Both the doc we were seeing and our regular one came walking in and after one look at her our doc looked at me and said we can try a breathing treatment here but I really dont feel its going to help at this point and this babys oxygen is way too low and she needs to get to the hospital. He said she didnt need an ambulance ride but that I needed to go straight there. I got her in the van and just lost it. I called Kamrin and couldnt get ahold of him. I was a mess. I called my sister to see if she could go pick up my other kids from Kamrins sister when she got off and take them home and put them to bed. I had to drop off the kids carseats so my sister could get them and once I got to my sister in laws house I lost it again. She gave me a hug and cried with me for a bit and off to the hospital I went. Once I got there they were already waiting for us and took us back to a room and hooked her up to oxygen. Multiple people checked her out, gave her meds and ran tests. On top of RSV she had ear infections too. It was so hard seeing my baby like that. It was awful! The admitted us into a different unit and watched her oxygen levels and were concerned that she wasnt having wet diapers. Once on oxygen we were able to get her to drink some but not alot. We knew once we were able to bring her home she would have to come home on oxygen. I was happy when we were able to come home even if she had to be on oxygen. The next week was spent running her to the doctor daily for oxygen checks and to the hospital to get her deep suctioned out. It was awful. After 6 days we finally got the okay to try to take her off oxygen! It was SO good seeing her adorable face without those tubes!! As of now she is completely back to normal. She is back to her adorable, playful and funny self. She ates normal and sleeping good for the most part. I hope I never have to deal with RSV ever again!!

Oxygen free!!

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