Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is a day of giving thanks and pondering all the things and people we are grateful for. This year Im grateful for more then I could ever write. So many I have no idea where to start. I know 1 thing that even since I became a mom I have never been so grateful in my life! Ill start with the person who helped me get those 2 angels here. Not only is Kamrin my husband but he is my best friend!! I love him more then words can describe. Kamrin and I have been through more together in the last 6 and 1/2 years then most couples go through in a lifetime. Im grateful for the good and the bad times because it has made us who we are today and make our love that much stronger. Im so grateful for everything he does for me and for our kids. He works so hard to make it so I can spend every waking moment with our kids. He does so much to give us the best life possible. Kamrin truly means the world to me.

Kamrin I love you SO VERY much. Im so thankful to have you as a husband and as my best friend and Im so grateful to have you as the father of my kids. They just adore you. They both light up whenever they see you. Thank you for everything you do for us!! I love you babe!!!!!

Which brings me to my wonderfully amazingly adorable kids. Those 2 light up my day and my life. I couldnt have asked for 2 smarter, loving, adorable just perfect babies!! I love them both so much and they are both my whole world. Just 1 smile from them and it melts my heart and lifts my spirit. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!

Jaydan and Madyson I love you both so much. You are loved by so many people. You are 2 very lucky kids to have so many people love and adore you and we all are that much luckier to have you both in our lives!! Mommy and Daddy love you and always will no matter what this life brings!!! We are here for you in any situation!!

Im so thankful for my parents and my brothers and sisters. They each bring something very special in my life. I have a special bond with each one of them. Im grateful for the spouses that have joined my family and for all my nieces and nephews. My family means so much to me and Im so grateful for everything they do for Kamrin and I and our kids!! I love you all very much!!!

Im also grateful to my other family. The one I joined almost 2 years ago. All my in laws are so wonderful to me and my family. They would do anything for us and for that Im so grateful to them. Thank you for welcoming me into your family and being so great to me. I love you all!!!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life who mean so much to me. I wish I could name all my friends and family that I am thankful for but that would take way too long!! I love you all and I am thankful to have each and evryone of you in my life!!! I love you all and I want to wish you all a very HAPPY THANKGIVING!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Never Thought This Day Would Come!!!

I am SO SO SO SO PROUD of my little man right now!! He has been binky free for 3 days straight!! For those of you who know him close you know what a huge deal this really is. To put it mildly he was ATTATCHED!! He thought he needed it at all times!! Im so happy we have made it 3 whole days with no set backs, no binkies at all!! On Friday when it has been a week we will give him a big prize and have him throw all his binkies in the garbage himself so he can be apart of it. Of course before he will ever lay eyes on them I will cut the tips off all of them so he wont even be tempted :-) Jaydan mommy so is beyond proud of you!! I love you so much!! Now its time to party for there is NO MORE BINKIES!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Date

Yesterday Kamrins parents had our kids so we decided to get out and go on a date since we never get the chance. We ran a few errands first (fun I know) Then we went to grab a little food at Burger King before our movie started. Are you ready for a laugh? Like I said we were kid less and what movie did we pick? Well the new Disney movie Bolt!! Kamrin and I have totally different tastes in movies so this was our meet in the middle. It was so so Cute though and Im glad we went. We saw it in 3D which was AWESOME!! For those of you who have never seen a movie in 3D I highly recommend it. I had never til yesterday and we both thought is was so awesome. I recommend the movie also. I love Disney movies. Guess Im still a kid at heart!! After the movie we went to Nickelcade (we wanted to feel young again I guess) We had alot of fun there. I played the Deal Or No Deal game and my case had the 1000 points which was the most possible!!! I have no idea where I get my luck both both times I have gone to Wendover and the time in Vegas I was the only one who won. Everyone else either broke even or lost but I always win. I only play the penny slots too. After that Kamrin told me that was a sign we were supposed to go to Wendover but I wouldnt give in. He tried to get me to go all night. After Nickelcade we ran to my dads to watch the last quarter of the BYU-UTAH game. Big mistake. It was painful! Its okay Cougars there is always next year when they are on our turf. Plus you last the last 2 or 3 in a row so dont worry next year we will come back. I still hold my head high as a Cougar fan!!! After the painful lose we went to dinner at the BEST restaurant ever!! We went to The Cheesecake Factory. I have wanted to go there ever since it opened so I was very excited. There was a 30 to 50 min wait so we walked around Fashion Place Mall til it was our time. Their menu amazed me!! Its a whole novel. Just the cheesecake menu was 2 full pages! It doesnt get better then that! I LOVE cheesecake!! After eating way too much of that amazing yet VERY RICH cheesecake it was time to call it a night. It was such a fun date day! Thank you so much babe!! I love you so much!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Growing Fast And Tough Times

So I have been looking through all my kids pictures the last little while for a project I am working on and I really forgot how tiny they were!! It seems like Jaydan has always been walking and talking and Maddie has always been crawling and saying her few words. It is so bitter sweet to have them grow so much so fast. I LOVE how they are getting so big and smart but I miss the days of just holding them for hours and hours. They will always be my babies but its so sad to me to have Jaydan a toddler and Maddie is so close to not being considered an infant anymore. My babies are growing up more and more every single day. It feels like I just blinked and they arent babies anymore. I must be honest even looking at all these pictures and remember them being so small and innocent made me cry a bit. These 2 mean everything in the world to me. I love them more then words can describe. They make me smile constantly. Just looking at them makes me so happy! I love watching them sleep. They are so innocent. It makes the hectic day worth that 1 moment. I of course get overwhelmed sometimes when they cry all day, act up and dont listen but my smart sister always points out a song to me that the words are so true. Sometimes it just gets the best of you and gets so hard you dont think you can handle it anymore but then your kids look at you and smile or they call you mommy and it all seems so worth it. The song Steph points out to me when Im having bad days just think of the chours of Trace Adkins song Your Gonna Miss This and it says.....

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

I posted a couple pics I found that are some of my favorites that I wanted to share.

This is what happens when daddy throws a cube of jello on Jays highchair

I LOVE this one!! Look at those eyes!!

Jaydan enjoying playing on and eating grass


It doesnt get better then this!

Again those eyes!!!

I love this one of Shawn and Maddie on her blessing day.

He just adores his princess!!

She was my face puller!!

She had the belly too just not as big as brothers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gearing up for Winter and Christmas!!

Jaydan calls her kitty when she wears this hat!

All ready for Winter!!

Mrs Claus!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust!!

For those of you who arent aware of my cell phone issues let me fill you in. Just since Jaydan was born I have fried 5 or 6 cell phone. 1 wanted to take a bath with him, 1 fell in a mud hole by my driveway and others just dropped over and over. Well today was just another cell phone death for me. I was helping Jay wash his hands in the bathroom. My elbow knocked it and there it went right into the toilet!! I heard that if you put it right into a bag of rice the rice will absorb all the water and it will work so I figured it was worth a shot. Even if it doesnt work at least I tried to save it. All I can do is laugh!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Gran and Leaf Fun!!!

After we surprised Gran with her bday cake

Burying Pashell

This is so fun!!!!

I love leaves!!

Getting both of them to look at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Yesterday was Kamrin Grandmas (Gran) birthday. We all went to his parents house for dinner to spend time with her. When we got there, there was ALOT of leaves in a huge pile all ready for my kids to play in. Jaydan LOVED it. Madyson liked it except when I laid her on her back for a picture. She got pretty mad at that. Jaydan even got to bury Connor and Pashell a couple times which he thought was pretty cool. When Gran pulled up I told him to run and tell her happy birthday and poor kid tripped and that was the end of the leaf fun. He was in a bad mood for a while after that. Then we went in for dinner and visited for a while. It was fun. Im not sure if Gran reads this but I wanted to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!! We love you and hope you had a great day!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I have found a new OBSESSION that I honestly cant get enough of! I play with it as much as possible (which is not enough since I do have 2 young ones) My new play toy is my Cricut machine. For those of you who don't know what that is it is an electric die cut machine. It is perfect for scrapbooking or other crafts. All you do is insert the cartridge you want pick your design and bam it does the rest! Each cartridge has HUNDREDS of options to do and I have 28 cartridges!!! The possibles are endless!! The second I put the kids to bed I pull it out til I go to sleep! I HIGHLY recommend this machine to anyone who scrapbooks or any other crafts. You will love it!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WOW What A Response!!!

My last post was a big hit. Not only did I get multiple comments on my blog but also by text and even phone calls. A few points came up that I wanted to touch on and address. I was on no way bashing anyone for their views or beliefs but I really do hope that all of you reading this who voted for Obama voted for him for a reason other then the color of his skin, wanting to make history or just wanted a change!!! None of those are good reasons to vote for someone who is going to have my future, my kids future and everyone else I loves future in their hands!! I dont care if our next was Black, White, Asian or even Indian. I dont care if our next president is man or woman. All I care about is that the person that is running my country is HONEST and has not only mine but every single Americans best interest at heart. THIS IS NOT OBAMA!! He has no morals, no pride for this country and is just flat out not a good person!!! No good human being would be okay with abortion or as he calls it "womens rights" when they are a months away from delivery. Im sorry but I think woman give up their rights on not delivering a child when he made the CHOICE to get in that situation in the first place. Adoption is always the better option in that kind of situation. I personally know plenty of people who can never have their own kids and would love to then there are those people that Obama supports that are getting pregnant over and over like its nothing and murdering their unborn babies cause they arent ready for kids. SO SO SAD!! In my eyes from the second of conception it is not cells but a living baby. A gift from Heavenly Father that way way too many dont appreciate. On another note what kind of so called President Of America has NO AMERICAN PRIDE OR RESPECT!!! To not hold your hand to your heart while paying any kind of respect for our flag as absolutely no business running my country!!!! The saddest part is everyone who voted for him didnt see a problem with that!!!!! Please help me understand your thinking!!!!!! Why would you want the man who has the future of yours and your families future in their hands to have NO RESPECT OR PRIDE for our flag!!! Why would You want a man who supports MURDER OF A BABY!!! Why would you want a man who denied his faith in his church because it was hurting his campaign!!! Why would you want this kind of person to run our country? We could have made history by just picking some random African American off the streets to be President and we probably would have been better off. We could have just picked any random Joe off the streets to get a change and once again we probably would have been better off. Am I missing something or not seeing something that you see that made this LIAR look like a better choice? Honestly I dont get it. If you voted for him because of any of the reasons I named just please next time but thought into if that is really a good reason to elect someone. This will not only affect you and your family but mine as well and I DO NOT want my kids to be influenced by a man like Obama. He makes me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out With The Old In With The HORRIBLE!!!!

Im not usually one to use my blog to vent or anything like that and I told myself not to even tell people who I voted for or any of my views on it because I really didn't wanna hear crap and I know not everyone understands that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. All last night I was just sick about the outcome of the election for many reasons so I just decided to express myself despite what everyone else may think. I know even some of you reading this voted for Obama but just respect this is MY opinion and Im not in anyway bashing you for yours. Let me just start by saying I don't follow politics too closely but have been pulled in a bit more with this election. Yes, I have voted since I turned 18 but politics just haven't been a huge priority to me til I realized that my kids are growing up in this crazy world right now and it affects our lives more then I realized. It makes me so sick to hear peoples reasoning for voting Obama as our President. Lets start with the main one I have heard.... Its so exciting to elect the first African American President. Okay, first off yes that would be awesome if that African American was a decent man with morals!!!!! Second..... We are ready for change. Change is great when its change for the better!!!!!! Many people think John McCain and President Bush are the same person I hate to break it to you THEY ARE NOT!!! Just because they are in the same party doesnt mean they think the same or make them the same person!!!!!!!!!! Ready for a change? Hate to break it to ya McCain would have been a change!! So now onto why I didn't want my kids future in Obamas hands. I want a man with morals to run my country!! Not only does Obama in favor of abortions which is sick enough as is but he is in favor of 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions. DISGUSTING!! What kind of person is in favor of MURDER!!!! Okay another thing that makes me sick about our new so called President. What kind of person goes to a church his whole life and once it starts affecting his campaign he says just kidding I dont really believe that church! What a weak weak human being!! I want my childrens future to be in the hands of someone who stands up for what they believe in no matter what!! Im not just talking about the religious aspect Im talking about beliefs in general. If you only "believe" in something until it starts affecting your campaign and you will do or say anything to win even if its a lie YOU ARE NOT A DECENT PERSON!!!!! I too am ready for a change but not one like this. Im not ready for a no good, lying piece of crap to have my kids future in their hands!! Do I think McCain is a good guy? Absolutely. Do I agree with everything he thinks or believes? No Would he has been my #1 choice? No, My first pick would have been Mitt!!!! I must say though McCain would have been SO MUCH BETTER then the piece of crap we stuck with now!!! All I can say to close this is THANK HEAVEN FOR IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My Adorable Kids

Jaydan being goofy

Grandma getting butterfly kisses

Aunt Pashell with Elmo

I love that face!!

The crawling butterfly

Maddies Halloween shirt said Daddy's Under My Spell (so true)

Together at Grandma Rushworths

Jaydans Halloween shirt says Too Cute To Scare (so true again)

My grandma had these bloody hands hanging from her kitchen counter. Jaydan loved them.

Maddie in her Halloween bib

Jay in his Halloween bib

Jaydan kept trying to blow out the candles on top. So cute!!

At our first Trunk Or Treat

Jaydan happy to look at all that candy!!

Cousins Conner and Maddie at the second Trunk Or Treat

Snow White, Woopie Cushion, Butterfly and Elmo

Maddie in her Halloween PJs

Jay in his Halloween PJs which he loved!!!

Uncle Jared spinning Jaydan in his pillowcase
Halloween was SO much fun for us. We woke up early and started the fun right away. We went to pick up Kamrin sister Pashell and we went to surprise Grandma Hammond at her work. Luckily when we got there she didnt have a class so she got to spend time with them. When her class came in they all loved my kids and were commenting on their cute costumes. Then we went to my sister Kims work. Jaydan loved it there for many reasons. It was decorated awesome (and of course I left my camera in the car) Everyone was going nuts over my kids so he LOVED all the attention and his favorite was he got to trick or treat and everyones desks. When Kims boss Rick saw the candy Jay had he said he needs something bigger then that so he took us to his desk and I was expecting maybe a big sucker or even a normal size candy bar but boy was I wrong! He pulled out a king size Crunch bar!!! Jaydans eyes were HUGE! He had hit the jackpot. Then we were off to see Grandma Rushworth and Grandma Nette. We showed off their costumes and Halloween outfits, had lunch with them and played hard. Jaydan loves all the cool decorations my grandma has. He was scared or some of them til Halloween then he got brave. Steph stopped by so we also got to spend some time with her. Then we got Kamrin and came home for a while and had dinner then headed to our ward for the Trunk Or Treat. We got more comments on our costumes then the kids did :-) Everyone laughed so hard at Kamrins Whoopie Cushion costume and one guy even had to take a picture of him. When we were walking to our car a guy stopped me and asked if I would take a picture with his daughter cause she loved Snow White. Then we headed to my dads ward (the ward I grew up in) Kandace had the boys there so we were able to see them too. People there went all out and decorated their trunks awesome!! My kids made bank with candy. Jaydan filled his Elmo bucket twice and Madyson filled her Princess bucket once and thats not including all the treats family had given them the last week or all the candy from Kims work!! Not bad for a 2 year old and a 10 month old!! After the 2nd Trunk Or Treat we went over to my friend Christi's parents house with her and her family cause her parents had a huge blow up castle, spider and many more awesome decorations, Jay had so much fun running through the castle. He didnt want to leave there!! Then we were finally done. We headed back home to hand out with Kamrins sister Shaless and her husband Jared. To end a fun day for Jay Jared put him in his pillowcase and was swinging him and twisting him all around. Jaydan LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over. We really had a great Halloween! It was so fun not only for the kids but for Kamrin and I also!!