Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cute Kamdyn

My little (Okay I know he is huge by he is my baby still) Kamdyn is SO SO SO cute and such a goo and happy baby. We love having him around! He makes all of us smile constantly!! Here are a few random pictures of my adorable munchkin!! He did NOT like baby juice Ha Ha Ha He found his feet! Jaydan "busted" me sleeping on the couch with baby and took a picture to show daddy when he got home :-)
Is that not the cutest little face you have ever seen???? :-)

Artic Circle Field Trip

Marchs field trip was to Artic Circle. They gave the kids a tour of the back and after that was done they let them fill their own ice cream cones! They ordered a huge basket of chicken rings, mini corn dogs and fries to eat and they each got their own soda. Of course they went to one with a play place so they could play also. They both has so much fun!

The girl in the polka dot hoodie is Jaydans best friend from preschool. Her name is Ashlyn and she is such a sweetheart! She is such a strong and amazing little girl! In July 2009 they found out she had cancer on her kidney. Since then she has had her kidney removed, chemo and radiation a few times, part of her lung removed and just a couple weeks ago had one of her lungs collapse! Her and her mom rode with us to the field trip because Jaydan and Ashlyn told my aunt they HAD to be together :-) Her mom and I both agreed that once she get cleared from her doctor that she is okay to normal activities again after her lung collapsing that we are going to set up a play date for them.

Goodbye Cuisine Hello Cardwell

After being at Cuisine Unlimited for 5 1/2 years and in catering since he was 16 Kamrin quit his job for bigger and better things. March 18th was his last full day at Cuisine and his employees threw him a goodbye/best wishes party. They invited the kids and I to join. They had pizza and cake for us to eat. Adam the one who is taking over for Kamrin gave a speech on how much he will be missing and what big shoes he has to fill. I knew before but really got to see how much his employees, co workers and even bosses really loved and admired Kamrin. He did so much for that company and Adam was right he left pretty big shoes to be filled. The kids had such a blast at his party. They of course were the center of attention and loved every second of it. Kamrin now is working with my brother Brandon at a place called Cardwell. He is working in their warehouse. It is a very physically demanding job. The 1st week he was sore everyday but now is getting used to it. He was pretty strong before but now he is going to be my muscle man :-) I was starting to tease him cause he was starting to get a bit of a "beer" belly (His was coke, oh and the massive amounts of food he would eat) Well after 2 weeks at this new job he is already losing it. We both are very sure this was the right move to make to give our family the best life possible. Im so very proud of him and very thankful to him for all he does for the kids and I!! Throwing a baseball in a can one of Kamrins employee set up for them Running wild Forgot to take a pic will all the pizza and cake so this was after
Kamrin standing around visiting with some of his employees after the party

Sunday, March 20, 2011

4 Months Old

I cant believe my baby is 4 months old already!! I took him to his 4 month check up last Tuesday. He is growing GREAT! We have always known he is a chunky baby but come to find out he is just big all around. Kamrin and I both noticed the last few weeks he has grown alot taller. He is now 17 pounds 2 ounces which puts him in the 88.72% for his age. His height is 25.5" which puts him in the 73.70%. His head is in the 71.41%. See big all around! Kamdyn has the cutest little personality. He is such a happy baby and we are so happy he is apart of our family. We all adore him SO much! He is so easy going. He is just starting to laugh and it is the cutest little laugh ever!! He has rolled from his belly to his back a few times and is so close to roll from his back to front. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kamdyn is such a chunky baby! He makes chubby look so good :-) Even his doctor kept cracking jokes about it and kept saying what a cute chunk he is. On St Patricks Day we set his jumper up and he loves it! It is so cute seeing him get so excited to sit in it!

St Patricks Day

Here is my cute little Leprechauns in their St Pattys Day shirts!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


My kids have been feeling the stress of mommy and daddy lately. We are trying to get our house on the market and doing all the big projects that go along with that. Also Kamrin is starting a new job next Monday (YAY!!) and just the normal juggling a family with 3 kids. So with all this change and stress going in their behavior has changed a bit and I wanted to get it under control before it got out of hand. Also I like spoiling my kids but I have seen in many occasions that kids that are spoiled and dont have to have any responsibilities well they are brats. They are old enough now to clean up after themselves so I got this great idea from my friend. I went and got little baskets, put their names with stickers, let the kids decorate them with stickers and went and got a roll of tickets for each kid. I sat them down and explained what these tickets mean. Basically they earn the tickets for good behavior and helping out. I gave examples of things that would earn them tickets. Then I went and got some prizes and even let them pick some out and put them in a tote. After so many tickets they get to buy a prizes for the tote. I have heard and read that you shouldnt take their reward away even because of bad behavior because that is taking away from something they have already earned. I needed something to do for bad behavior so I came up with my own solution that wouldnt be taking away tickets. I told them they get 1 warning when they are acting up and then I take away one of their favorite toys and put it in the prize tote so they have to earn tickets to get it back. Pretty smart huh :-) I just started it a few days ago and I can already tell a difference!!

Monster Baby

Its no secret Kamdyn is a chunky baby. He started out average size but quickly grew and has never stopped. Kamrin and I have noticed a big change in his height lately also. He has really shot up the last few weeks. He has been pretty short like his brother until now. My friend had her baby on March 3rd and we were finally able to get them together to take comparison pictures. I knew there would be a big difference but wow! Its pretty funny! There is not even 4 month between them and Kamdyn looks like he could eat tiny little Alyssa for breakfast :-) She is itty bitty for her age and Kamdyn is super huge for his. She is approx 5 lbs 9 oz and Kamdyn is approx 16 lbs 12 oz even though Im sure he has lost weight this last week from being sick. Not much but some :-) Enjoy a good laugh at the difference of these 2 cuties!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Is Precious

This passed week had been one of those week that really has me pondering what is really important in life and whats not. On Monday night when it was storming a girl I grew up with in my ward was in a horrible car accident. She had some broken bones, horrible bruises and injuries that are painful but not life threatening. The pain in her heart is a different story. Her husband was driving the car when they were hit head on by a truck. He was killed in that accident. Though her body will heal her heart never well. I havent seen her in years. I have talked to her only once in a while over Facebook but my heart truly breaks for her. I cant even imagine if that was me. You never wake up in the morning thinking what if this was my last day. What if I lost a loved one today. What if I lost my best friend. I never want to think of not living this life without Kamrin. I never what to think of losing my kids. I dont want to imagine life without those I love most. Truth is it scares me. No, it terrifies me. Instead of focusing on that fact I want to make sure all those around me know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. If it is my last day or theirs I want to have the peace that I did all I could to show my love and appreciation for them. You always think of horrible things like that as "That will never happen to me" But truth is Im sure people who have had those horrible things happen felt the same way. When I woke up today I heard of the earthquake in Japan. Once again got me thinking of life and how precious every second is. Tonight I will tell my kids and husband how much I love them! Give them extra hugs and kisses! I will make an effort to say and show my family and in laws how much I love them. I will treat everyday as my last. I feel so blessed to have so many AMAZING people in it. So give those you love an extra hug tonight :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kamdyn 3 Month Pictures

We got Kamdyns 3 month pictures done a couple weeks ago and they turned out ADORABLE!! I love every single one of them!! The girl we go to is such an amazing photographer. On the cd we get she puts every picture in color, black and white and even puts writing on some. I picked out some of my favorites and still ended up with ALOT! There was 80 or so on the cd so it was so hard to pick my favorites! I love his eyes and these pictures show off how bright and amazing they are! Im SO happy all 3 kids got their daddys bright blue sparkly eyes!!

This is one of my all time favorites!

He was smiling at me :-)

Love his facial expression in this one!

My little rock star!

Im in so much trouble!

Go Cougars!

Cute little tush :-)

GQ baby!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Baby Food

The last time I took Kamdyn to the doctor he gave me the okay to start Kamdyn on baby food or baby cereal a week to 2 weeks before he was 4 months old. He seemed to be needing more lately so we figured it was time. We started him with sweet potatoes. He LOVED them!! He gobbled them right up!! I love that he can eat baby food now!!

Dentist Field Trip

February 28th the kids had their field trip to Duncun Dental. They got to see how all the tools worked, play in the cave there, take turns on the chair for a little ride and even got free toothbrushes! As always the field trip was a bit hectic but fun!

Learning the proper way to brush teeth

Riding on the chair

Playing in the cave
More cave