Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day Of 1st Grade!!

My baby started 1st grade yesterday!!! I cant believe I have a kid old enough for all day school. It really doesnt seem possible. He has been getting really nervous the last couple weeks to start 1st grade and well so was I. I havent been apart from my kids all day unless they were with family since they were born. Its a big deal being away from them for that long when your used to being with them all day everyday. Last Wednesday we got to meet his teacher and that helped ease my nerves a little. She seemed sooooo nice and I really liked her. I didnt sleep much Sunday night cause I was nervous for him cause I knew how nervous he was. I woke him up and the battled started. He didnt want to get out of bed. I put on my brave face and told him whatever I could to try to help him feel a little less nervous. I told him it was okay to be nervous that it was normal. I told him when I was his age I was nervous to start school too. Well it didnt work and he just kept saying he wasnt going. I had to pry him from his bed and carry him up the stairs. Man that kid is heavy now!!! I got him his clothes and breakfast and got the rest of the kids and myself ready. We all took him in his class. Once he got in there it seemed his nerves went away. It was hard for me to leave. I again put my brave face on and told him how much I love him and to have a good day. I held myself together and once we got to the van I let myself have a little cry. When I picked him up he seemed to have a really good first day. We then went and got them slurpees with my mom to celebrate his first day of all day school. I sure love my 1st grader!!!   

Isnt he SO handsome!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,

Cant believe Im writing another letter to you already. This has been one crazy month! Girlie you keep me on my toes everyday and every night. You poor thing have had to go through alot in your short life. You cry ALOT still and have more bad days and nights then you have good ones. You had to have a GI scan and they discovered you have a malrotation of your intestines. Right now we are in the process of trying to decide whether we are going to do a surgery now and prevent any damage it could cause or wait and see if it ever does become a problem. Such a hard decision to make!! On top of that you have severe reflux. Oh and you have a GIANT belly button hernia. I think you are colic too. Told you its been a tough life for you so far!! Its not all hard or bad. You are starting to smile and coo so much. I love it!! You are so beautiful! We get stopped all the time by strangers to be told what a pretty baby you are and how gorgeous your eyes are. I admit it makes my day :-) Your brother Kamdyn has warmed up to you so much. He loves checking on you and gives you your binky constantly. Maddie and Jay still love you SO much and smother you will love all the time. Friday was a big day for you. You had your 2 month check up, shots then we went and got your ears pierced. You look so pretty with your eyes all cute now :-) You are now 11 pounds exactly which puts you in the 41.33% You are a shorty like your brother Jaydan. You are now 21 3/4 inches which puts you in the 17.63% Surprise surprise you have a big head just like all your siblings. You are in the 61.35% for your noggin :-) I cant believe you are 2 months! I hope this next month is easier on you!! I love you SO SO SO much princess!
Love, Mommy

Your HUGE belly button

You cry like this most days :-(

Your super pretty ears

You are the cutest BYU fan!!!

Again with the crying

Showing mommy your hand

Monday, August 6, 2012

Way Behind!!

Jaydan has already had a couple birthday parties but we never got a chance to celebrate with my moms family like we normally do. Well FINALLY on Friday we sang to him at my cousins going away party. I owe this kid big time with a real awesome party next year!!
Getting sung to

Goodbye Guinea Pigs

Kamrin and I made the decision it was time to find a new home for our guinea pigs. Since having the baby was born life has been so hectic and they were getting so neglected. I felt so bad for them. So I found a home for them with someone I know and took them to her but before I left I let the kids each other them and took pictures with them so we could print them and put them in their rooms. I left so bad cause Jaydan was having a really hard time with them going but I knew it was for the best.

Maddie holding Yoshi and Jaydan holding Bowser

Hammond Family Reunion Day 4

Day 4 was our last day so it was mainly packing everything and heading home. We did stop at a YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY buffet in Midway for brunch and we took a different way home so we could drive passed the "UP" house. I do miss that mansion but i was so nice to come home to our own beds and routines!
Brynlee doing what she does best :-(

Brynlee and Erilyn in their tutu dresses

Where we had brunch in Midway

Hammond Family Reunion Day 3

Day 3 was the busiest day by far but it was SO fun! We started our day with horseback riding which is one of my favorite thigs to do. Kamrins mom and grandma stayed back with all the kids so we could all go. After all us adults got back the took Jaydan and Maddie on a ride which they LOVED! They were so excited when we told them they ould be going. We then went back to the house to take our annual picture in our shirts that his mom makes for us. We then went to Park Citys ski resort to ride the gondola up to a lounge to eat lunch. When headed back to the house Kamrin drove me to downtown Park City becasue I had never seen it. Not what I pictured at all. For dinner that night we grilled up YUMMY steaks and corn n the cob with baked potatoes then went and got the famous Heber shakes. After the kids went to bed Kamrin and I were able to go relax in the hot tub which was AWESOME!!

I thought this was so cute of Erliyn and London

London and Erilyn with their daddies

Erilyn teething on a corn on the cob

Ha ha ha ha ha

Hammond Reunion Day 2

Day 2 started very early. The whole clan minus me, Kamdyn and the 3 baby girls went hot air ballooning at 630am. Yes, thats right I took care of a 20 month, 6 month, 3 month and 1 month old all by myself and survived to tell about it!! It actually was pretty easy. There wasnt even a time that all of them were awake. My reward was I got to take a shower in an awesome shower without worrying if there was fighting going on or if there was someone crying :-) The rest of the day was just relaxing and enjoying our mansion and there was alot of napping going on. Kamrins sisters and I decided it would be fun to use the HUGE jetted tub in the master bath as a baby swimming pool. With them being so young we needed some adults in there to hold all of them so Shaless and Pashell offered to get in with them. All the kids got in besides Jaydan. I couldnt get him to wake up from his nap. They all seemed to enjoy their big "swimming pool"