Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hammond Family Reunion Day 3

Day 3 was the busiest day by far but it was SO fun! We started our day with horseback riding which is one of my favorite thigs to do. Kamrins mom and grandma stayed back with all the kids so we could all go. After all us adults got back the took Jaydan and Maddie on a ride which they LOVED! They were so excited when we told them they ould be going. We then went back to the house to take our annual picture in our shirts that his mom makes for us. We then went to Park Citys ski resort to ride the gondola up to a lounge to eat lunch. When headed back to the house Kamrin drove me to downtown Park City becasue I had never seen it. Not what I pictured at all. For dinner that night we grilled up YUMMY steaks and corn n the cob with baked potatoes then went and got the famous Heber shakes. After the kids went to bed Kamrin and I were able to go relax in the hot tub which was AWESOME!!

I thought this was so cute of Erliyn and London

London and Erilyn with their daddies

Erilyn teething on a corn on the cob

Ha ha ha ha ha

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