Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Sigh

I try to make my blog about memories and my family but right now I need a place to vent. A place where I can write down my frustrations and irritations. Im pretty stressed right now. Not just 1 or even 2 things making me stressed. Lots of things are stressing me out and bothering me. First off I dont know why but I let people get to me. I let their opinions affect me and I wish I knew how to not let that happen. I wish I had better control of my emotions. I wish I had someone I could open up to completely that I felt they would really listen and not judge me whatsoever with what I said and how I felt or even truly care about what I had to say. I wish there was a way to control certain events in your life. I wish I didnt hate confrontation so much cause there is alot I would say to certain people that really needs to be said but I just cant bring myself to say it. Just so irritated right now. So bugged. Now that you all think Im looney I will end there :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Madysons 2 Year Pics

I got the cd of the rest of Maddies pictures in the mail about 20 minutes after I finished my last blog post! I was SO excited to open it! It felt like Christmas morning :-) There was 81 pictures on there and I love every single one of them! Hollie is a great photogragher and I cant wait to work with her again!! Enjoy these adorable pictures of my beautiful princess :-)

My Gorgeous Little Maddie

I am a picture fanatic and one thing that has been VERY important to me since I became a mom was to keep up on my kids professional pictures. The first year of their life I do them at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then their 1st birthday. After that I do them once a year around their birthday. With Maddies birthday being so close to Christmas I decided to wait til after New Years after things calmed down in our lives and at Kiddie Kandids with everyone going to do their Christmas pictures. Well I set a date to take her and the night before I was watching the news and they said Kiddie Kandids has closed there doors that morning and claimed bankruptcy. I was VERY sad by this because that was the one place i would go to get my kids pictures taken. I have tried other studios and was not impressed whatsoever with their quality and I had numerous problems everywhere else. So needless to say I put off taking her to get her 2 year pictures. I wanted to find someone who does it privately so started doing some research on photographers that do it on the side or on their own rather then at a studio. My friend offered to do them for me but life got hectic after that. My uncles wife had her sons 6 months pictures done by an old friend of hers and when I saw the pictures she took of him I LOVED them. I loved her style and her quality. One thing I loved was she wrote on the pictures and did little collages just like Kiddie Kandids did! So I emailed her and she told me she would do them for me and I called to set up an appointment with her. We went and got them done last Friday at 5:30pm. Of course of all days Maddie refused to take a nap that day. I tried for a couple hours to get her to fall asleep. I gathered everything and loaded the kids up and went and picked up Kamrin from work and we headed to Clearfield to her house where she had a little studio in her basement. Maddie fell asleep about 20 minutes before we got there so we had to wake her up when we got there. This made for a very stubborn and not so happy girl. She pouted ALOT throughout the hour shoot and I left bummed that we wouldnt get many great pictures. A couple days later Hollie posted some of the pictures in her Facebook page and I LOVE them!! I cant wait to see the rest when I get the disc of them all in the next day or so! Here are the few she posted on her page. Ill post more when I get the disc. I found my new favorite photographer for sure!! She is great and does amazing work!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My New Hair Style

Last Thursday I went and got my hair cut and thinned out. My sister Steph has been trying to convince me to do a long aline style for months now but I was very nervous that it would look funny on me. When I got there I still hadnt figured out what I wanted to do with my hair. I told her Stephs idea and she told me she would to a slight aline so it was only a little shorter in the front and of I liked it I could go more next time I get it cut. I was really nervous but after she blow dried it and styled it I actually LOVED it! Its just a slight difference but its a change so I was happy!

Notice its just below my shoulders in the front

And just above my shoulders in the back

Dentist Office And Fire Station

February's preschool field trip was to a dentist office. It was a fun field trip. They have a big aquarium and a little cave with a tv, books and toys in it for the kids in the waiting room. They took the kids back in an exam room and taught them the proper was to brush and floss. They also taught them what all they do at the dental office. It was a quick but fun field trip!

Jaydan brushing the huge model teeth
March 1st was a field trip I have been really forward to! It was the field trip to a fire station!! Jaydan loves cops, firemen and paramedics! The fire station we started at was out on a call and headed to the hospital and so the one fireman still there called a different station and they let us go there. When we got there we walked through and got a glance at where they live for 2 days at a time. Its not like I expected. I knew they had beds and all that due to the fact their shifts run for days straight but at this one they had their own rooms! It was really awesome. In the main room they had a bunch of recliners in a half circle around a big tv. Anyways they took us in the garage and started talking to the kids about basic fire and emergency rules. They showed the kids everything on a fire engine and an ambulance. They even let each kid sit in the driver seat in the fire engine! After the tour they gave each kid a fire hat, a sticker and a pencil. It was a REALLY fun field trip!!

Fireman teaching the kids about emergencies

Showing them they equitment on the fire engine

Jay in the fire engine!!

Jays class on the fire engines bumper in their fire hats!!

Dance Party

My kids LOVE music! They LOVE to sing and LOVE to dance! A few weeks ago I babysat Morgan one day and we had a little dance party cause she too loves to dance! I had to video some of it because it was SO cute! Jaydan is learning more and more songs all the time that he can sing along word for word. One that he LOVES to sing is Pinks song So What. I got him singing the chorus on video finally. Enjoy!!