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Our Family

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dentist Office And Fire Station

February's preschool field trip was to a dentist office. It was a fun field trip. They have a big aquarium and a little cave with a tv, books and toys in it for the kids in the waiting room. They took the kids back in an exam room and taught them the proper was to brush and floss. They also taught them what all they do at the dental office. It was a quick but fun field trip!

Jaydan brushing the huge model teeth
March 1st was a field trip I have been really forward to! It was the field trip to a fire station!! Jaydan loves cops, firemen and paramedics! The fire station we started at was out on a call and headed to the hospital and so the one fireman still there called a different station and they let us go there. When we got there we walked through and got a glance at where they live for 2 days at a time. Its not like I expected. I knew they had beds and all that due to the fact their shifts run for days straight but at this one they had their own rooms! It was really awesome. In the main room they had a bunch of recliners in a half circle around a big tv. Anyways they took us in the garage and started talking to the kids about basic fire and emergency rules. They showed the kids everything on a fire engine and an ambulance. They even let each kid sit in the driver seat in the fire engine! After the tour they gave each kid a fire hat, a sticker and a pencil. It was a REALLY fun field trip!!

Fireman teaching the kids about emergencies

Showing them they equitment on the fire engine

Jay in the fire engine!!

Jays class on the fire engines bumper in their fire hats!!

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Love the firestation so much fun!