Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Partners In Crime!!

Last week I was pulling my hair up and brushing my teeth and when I walked in the living room this is what I walked into. Jay was in the bathroom with me so this was all Madyson til he saw and of course had to join in the fun!! They had so much fun!! It was so funny watching them throw them and laugh so hard together!! Forget all those expensive toys when all you need is diapers!!

Here Maddie let me help!!!

He was so proud!!

Mom is this really okay??

Maddie did this all on her own. This is where Jay joined in the fun!!

Secret Hiding Spot

Sibling Hideout

Hi Mommy!!

Playing Together

No Moms Allowed!!

My kids have discovered a new place to hide and play together. Its between our chair and the love seat. Jaydan discovered it first and sure enough Madyson followed! She absolutely loves him and always wants to be near him. It was so cute seeing them play together in their secret hiding spot. They make me smile constantly!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

1 YEAR OLD!! WOW!!!!

BYUs newest and cutest cheerleader!!

The tired football player (sorry its so blurry)

Eating his birthday cake!

The Birthday Dragon!! (Sorry blurry again)

On Thursday October 23rd my nephew Conner turned 1!!! Last night they had a party for him. It was so fun. It was Halloween themed so some people dressed up. The birthday boy was an adorable dragon! For Halloween my kids are going to be Elmo and a butterfly. They are thick costumes so instead of cooking them with all the people there in that house I decided to have Maddie be a BYU cheerleader and Jay was the football player! They were so cute! We had alot of fun there. I really cant believe it has been a year since Conner joined our family!! I love him to pieces!! Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Amazes Me More Everyday!!!

Last night we were driving so to keep Jaydan entertained I decided we should sing some of his favorite songs. We started out with I Love You the closing song of Barney. He had to hold mine and Madysons hands while rocking back and forth and I even had to give him a hug and kiss at the right time (Dont worry I wasnt driving and I was in the back with him) He sang it word for word! Then it was Twinkle Twinkle and yet again word for word! Mary Had A Little Lamb he got most of it! Then the one that really shocked me he knew his ABCs 100% correct!!! I was blown away!! I knew he could go to the beat of them and get some here and there but he did it right on and knew even the next time wont you sing with me part!!!! WOW!! So I tested his counting and he can count from 1-11 by himself!! He is only 2 so I was amazed and so so so proud!! Then he sang the Barney song word for word without me even singing it at all with him. He is getting so smart and doing so many new things everyday the seriously amazes me!! This is all stuff he has picked up on his own when I sing to him or read books on counting or ABCs so I decided its time to do a little lesson about something new Monday-Friday. Never to early to prepare him for preschool.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Husband!!

Kamrin with his baby boy!

Kamrin holding his princess! This is the closest I had of them together already downloaded on the computer.

Most of my posts are about my kids and how much they are growing and all the new and cute things they do so I decided it was time to do a post about Kamrin. Kamrin is a busy busy guy. He works full time and sometimes more. When he is not working he is doing repairs on our house and even just finished putting in a sprinkler system in our yard. Kamrin does so much for me and our kids. He makes it possible for me to stay home and raise our babies which I love every second of. He is an amazing husband and dad. My favorite part of the day is when he first gets home from work and the second my kids see him their whole face just lights up and so does his. His favorite things to do with Jay are the typical boy stuff. He loves playing outside with him and getting dirty!! He is loving that Jaydan is becoming a big boy and is able to do more things with him now. Jaydan loves his daddy so much. He loves when we go pick up daddy from work sometimes and he loves telling him about his day and the new stuff he is doing. Maddie is daddy's little princess for sure. Those 2 have a very special bond. Whenever I try and get her to say mama, she looks at me like yeah right and blurts out dada. I know that makes him feel so good when she does that. If Kamrin wakes into the room she is and if he doesn't pay attention to her or pick her up she gets so upset. She would be attached to her daddy's hip if she could.


I am so thankful for all you do for our family. You gave me 2 of the cutest babies ever!! I love the little family we have built together. Thank you for trying so hard to make everything so special for us and for making alot of special memories for us. I love you very much. The kids love you so much also. You are their hero. They both light up whenever they are with you. Im so lucky to have you as my husband and even luckier to have you as the father to our kids!! I love you babe!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today is my grandma Rushworths birthday!! I took the kids over to spend some time with her and they had so much fun! She had balloons all over her living room floor. After a while everyone came over for dinner, cake and icecream. It was alot of fun! My grandma is SO CUTE even though it was her birthday she gave the kids prizes and bought them each mylar balloons. She got Jaydan a Seasme Street one and Maddie a cute butterfly one! Grandma I love you and hope you had a great birthday!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Memory Of Kael David Rushworth

Yesterday morning I got some very devastating news. My uncle Layne (my moms brother) and his wife Brigette lost their baby boy Kael through the night. Kael had been through more in his short life then most of us in our many years. This little angel just fought through everything thrown his way. With no real answers of what was making Kael so sick he just kept fighting. Kael was loved by so many and will be missed so very much. Kael had such a sweet spirit about him. Just holding him was like holding a true angel.

Kael you are loved so much and will be missed forever. You must have been too perfect to stay in this world.

Layne and Brigette words cannot describe how very sorry I am for your lose of your perfect angel. I just want both of you to know I am here for you and would do anything to help you both through this extremely difficult time.

Everyone who reads this please keep all the people who love and miss this little baby and are affected by the loss of him in your thoughts and prayers especially his parents and brothers Daxton and Stefon!!

Rest In Peace Little Fighter!!!
Kael David Rushworth
April 12, 2008-October 4, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleepy Boy!!

The craziest thing happened on Monday night. After I finished dinner I was looking at peoples blogs while Jay was still in the highchair. I was looking at my cousin Vera's blog and of all posts to be on I was reading her post about the crazy ways her boys sleep and was laughing at all the funny pics when Kamrin whispered to me to look at Jaydan. I look over and busted out laughing!! He had fallen asleep eating dinner in his highchair!! I found it so ironic that I was reading a blog about funny ways to sleep as this happened!! He was out cold too. When I tried to wake him up to take his bath it took a while to get him to even open his eyes. It was so so funny!!!

Jaydan's Play Date!!

I love his shirt! It says Yes girls, I'm single! He is a stud after all :-)

Natalie and Eliza

My kiddos and I

He had a blast there!

We wore them out!!!

On Friday (Yes, I know I'm late poting this) Jaydan had a play date with Eliza. I grew up with Eliza's mom Natalie so it was fun catching up with the kids played. We met at Natalie's house then took the kids to the park. At first it wasn't much fun since there was around 10 bigger kids that were not being careful at all with the 2 little ones around. Once they left Jaydan and Eliza went down the same slide over and over! They worked up an appetite by then so we went to IHOP where my father in law is the manager. It was so yummy!! I love that place! The kids were a callenge there that's for sure. It was way past their naptimes at that point though so I expected it. I had alot of fun and I know Jay did too!!