Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleepy Boy!!

The craziest thing happened on Monday night. After I finished dinner I was looking at peoples blogs while Jay was still in the highchair. I was looking at my cousin Vera's blog and of all posts to be on I was reading her post about the crazy ways her boys sleep and was laughing at all the funny pics when Kamrin whispered to me to look at Jaydan. I look over and busted out laughing!! He had fallen asleep eating dinner in his highchair!! I found it so ironic that I was reading a blog about funny ways to sleep as this happened!! He was out cold too. When I tried to wake him up to take his bath it took a while to get him to even open his eyes. It was so so funny!!!


The Pendletons said...

So you know that he can actually fall asleep without his night night in... Cute

Wall family said...

What's his night night? Rylee's night night is his favorite blanket.


awww! Cute! I think I have a pic of each of my kids asleep in their highchair.