Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jaydan's Play Date!!

I love his shirt! It says Yes girls, I'm single! He is a stud after all :-)

Natalie and Eliza

My kiddos and I

He had a blast there!

We wore them out!!!

On Friday (Yes, I know I'm late poting this) Jaydan had a play date with Eliza. I grew up with Eliza's mom Natalie so it was fun catching up with the kids played. We met at Natalie's house then took the kids to the park. At first it wasn't much fun since there was around 10 bigger kids that were not being careful at all with the 2 little ones around. Once they left Jaydan and Eliza went down the same slide over and over! They worked up an appetite by then so we went to IHOP where my father in law is the manager. It was so yummy!! I love that place! The kids were a callenge there that's for sure. It was way past their naptimes at that point though so I expected it. I had alot of fun and I know Jay did too!!

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