Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

16 Month Check Up

Maddie has some pretty wild morning hair!! Her facial expressions crack me up!!

It is actually supposed to be a 15 month check up and shots but we had to work a few things out with insurance so I finally was able to get Maddie in yesterday now that she is just over 16 months! I was really excited to go to this appointment to see how much she had grown because Kamrin and I both noticed a huge change in her not only in her growth but appetite and sleep also. We were so right!! At her 12 month check up she was just average in her height and weight but this time she jumped to the 81st percentile in height!!! She is still average at 51 percent on her weight though!! Jay is fairly short for his age and so are Kamrin and I and Maddie got all the height I guess!! I bet she will pass Jay up before long even though she is 18 months younger!! Maddie has a small head which SHOCKED me cause I think both my kids have big noggins!! Her head is in the 31 percentile for her age. He said this only means its easier to put shirts over her head.... WRONG!! Its hard for me to fight shirts over both hers and Jays head. In the word department he said she is a little advanced for her age by a handful of words and now that I sat and thought about what all she can say I forgot to tell him quite a few so that makes me proud she is advanced!! He said within the next 2 months her vocabulary will explode and Im very excited for that because her little voice is just soooooo cute!! Maddie is quite a handful!! I dont remember Jaydan being this bad when he was this age. He was so easy going and Maddie is so full of sassy girl ATTITUDE!! Her favorite thing is to hit! Her hand is constantly flying at someone or something. She throws herself on the floor when she doesnt get her own way. when she was little I feared Jay would hurt her with how much bigger he is and how rowdy he can be but oh no its Maddie hurting Jay I have to watch for!! She beats him up constantly!! I never really had to discipline Jay at that age beside telling him not to touch certain things so luckily the doc told me a great way to discipline a kid that young so I have my fingers crossed it will work and I can have my sweet little girl back. Maddie has brought so much to our family! She is so dang cute in every single way (except the hitting!) I feel so blessed to be her mom!!

Happy LATE LATE Birthday Landis!!!

I was looking through my blog and realized Im a bad sister in law!! I made a goal to post a video and birthday wish to all mine and Kamrins family and I forgot a special bday at the end of March!! It was Kamrins brother Landis' 16th bday!! Landis Im so sorry this post it so late!! We hope you had a great 16th bday!! We love you!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Pashell!!

Friday the 24th (Yes, Im a little late) was my sister in law Pashells 19th bday!! We didnt see her that day but from what I hear and saw she had a blast!! Her boyfriend Travis took her to Ifly in Ogden. We had a family dinner at my house last night(which the food was YUMMY I have to add) and she brought the dvd of it and it looked like a BLAST. Jaydan now has it in his head thats what he wants to do for his birthday :-)

Pashell I hope you had a great birthday!! You are so good with my kids and they both love you to pieces! You are a great help to me also and I am so thankful to you for all you do for me and the kids! I really am lucky to have a sister in law like you!! We love you Pashell!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Story After Story After Story!!

I have a few stories I wanted to blog that are either funny or amazing to me. My kids are growing so fast before my eyes. When I was pregnant with Jay EVERYONE would tell me cherish every moment because they go by so fast and I just brushed it off but once I had him I knew how true that really is. Seems like I just had him not too long ago and he will be 3 in 2 months!! Wow!!! Also Maddie will be 16 months tomorrow!!! Everyday they say and do new things.

I have recently decided to give them separate baths. It was getting too hard because Maddie will not sit down for anything and once one splashes they both splash and the bathroom floor and myself then will get a bath also! Thats not the reason I made this decision though. I thought since Jay was the older one he would be the first to figure out their bodies are different but I was so wrong!! Maddie has noticed Jay has a "toy" there. At first she would just stare whenever they were in a bath or I was just changing his diaper but then she would go to grab it saying "tickle tickle" and now its an obsession to her!! A few days ago I was changing his diaper and had him stand up to put some cream on his upper bum where he has some eczema and "it" caught Maddies eye, her eyes got HUGE, she squealed in excitement and took off yelling "tickle tickle!!" This of course made me laugh and then stuck out my arm to block the pee pee grabber! Then I started laughing so hard when Jay started giggling saying "Baby wants to tickle my pee pee mommy" So here I am laughing out loud. Trying to hold her back and trying to rush putting the cream on and get his diaper on because she gets a hold of it and hurts poor Jay!! So after I accomplished all that I told Jay that baby doesnt know what it is and so not to ever let her "tickle" it. So no more Jaydan and Maddie baths together!!

We were driving one day and a Kenny Chesney song was playing and it says "Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go now" Jaydan says "Mommy I want to go to Heaven" I asked him where Heaven is and he said "Heaven is at church" What a smart answer!!!

Kamrin put Jaydan to bed about a week ago and our room is just outside of his room and he asked Kamrin to turn on our light and Kamrin told him his night light and little lamp was enough light and he was going to start crying and asked Kamrin to turn our light on again and told him he was scared and Kamrin asked what he was scared of and Jay told him he was scared of the ghost and Kamrin just giggled and said there was no ghost and he was safe and Jaydan said "Daddy there is a ghost named the Holy Ghost" When Kamrin told me I started laughing so hard! He is too smart!!

This one isnt a funny story but it just amazed me how great his memory is. We were driving with my sister to see my mom and grandma today and literally out of nowhere Jaydan says "I cried" so both Kim and I asked him why he cried and he said "When I see baby Kael" Kael is my uncles baby who passed away in October of last year. This sent chills over me since Jay only seen him maybe 2 or 3 times and 1 of those being his funeral. So my sister turns the radio off because this really got our attention so we both keep asking where he saw baby Kael and he seemed a bit confused and at first he told us at daddys work and then finally he said he cried when he saw him at church. Im assuming he is meaning at his funeral which was 6 months ago so for him to remember that and just bring it up out of nowhere just amazed me!!

Jaydan "Mommy where is my brother?"
Me "You dont have a brother. You have a sister named Maddie"
Jaydan "Can I pay for a brother"
Me "We dont pay or go buy babies. Mommys have them in there bellys for a while and then they come be a part of our family"
Jaydan walks over to me, puts his hands on my belly and yells "Brother are you in here now"
How do I break it to him it doesnt work that way :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

$3000 Tooth!!

Last Thursday the 9th I was laying on the couch resting from over doing it the day before from a procedure I had to correct my IUD and Maddie was sitting on my stomach. She was restless because she was tired and she wanted to lay on me so with all her might she flung back and the back of her head smacked my mouth HARD! My eyes started pouring from the hit and she started crying. After my eyes stopped watering a bit I checked her to see if she was okay and went to feel my mouth to see if it was bleeding. My tongue moved a bit and..... Felt a space.... so I RAN to the bathroom room and..... OH MY GOSH MY TOOTH!! It was GONE!!!! I couldnt believe what I was seeing!!! This couldnt be happening!!! When Kamrin came home I didnt even tell him right away. He took the kids outside to swing and play and I finished dinner and got in a shower. I then went downstairs and started calling every dentist in the yellow pages trying to find on open after regular hours. I finally found one who said I could go in to get it looked at. I went up and told Kamrin I hoped he really loved me. When he asked what I did I told him I looked like a hillbilly and was now missing a tooth, I wouldnt even show him! I had my sister go with me to the dentist seens how she is in that field of work and would know if I was getting a good deal or getting ripped off. He took a look and said the roots were still there and there was enough to put a post in and a crown and it would be good as new! He told me to go in the next morning and he would be able to complete it in an hour or 2!! I could actually laugh a little at this point.

The next morning I go in and he starts his work on rebuilding me a tooth. He starts saying something quietly to his wife but I kinda hurt some of it and asked "Your still going to be able to save it right?!?" He looked at me with a concerned look and told me when she popped it out it cracked the root in 3 spots and in would just crumble if he put a post there!!! NOOOO!! I started to bawl!!! So basically it was to plan B which was he pulled the roots, I walked alround like a HILLBILLY all Easter weekend, went in Monday for my flipper and wait to get a $3000 implant!!! No dental insurance I might add!!!! You might be wondering why a 15 month olds head was strong enough to knock a tooth out. Well I went in when I was pregnant to have root canals on both the teeth on the sides of my 2 front teeth. The did them and sent me on my way til my next cleaning. Apparently they started both root canals and never sealed them off!! So basially it has been a huge open whole to my roots!! He said I could have brushed 100 times a day and it wouldnt have stopped the germs your mouth gathers during the day from going straight up in the open holes to my roots!! LOVELY!!! I have no idea why the heck they didnt finish the root canals!!! So this all could have been prvented if a dentist would have done his hob!! Im so frustrated to say the least!!

The pictures below are not attractive in any way, shape or form!!
Look at your own risk :-)

Huge hole in my mouth!!

With my flipper in!! I feel human again!!!

Can you say HILLBILLY!!!

SOOOO much better! Now I cant wait to fix the other side next week before its too late like this one!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter was a very busy yet very fun day! We woke up told Jay the Easter Bunny had came and he left a basket of things for him and baby! He was so excited to go look!! When he saw it his whole face lit up!! They took a while to go through it all cause they would pull one thing out at a time and play with it or try and open it for a while before moving on to the next one. The bunny avoided candy as much as possible because he knows I dont like them to eat much candy cause they are hyper enough without it!!! The bunny did get Peeps (YUCK!) and Easter Pez but thats about it as far as candy goes. The thing I think Jay was most excited for was his toddler baseball mit and ball! Kamrin played catch with him for quite a while that morning. He had a blast!!

At 1 we went to Kamrins sisters house for luch with them. It was alot of fun to just spend time together! The Easter Bunny went to Hamma and Hampas house also and took Jaydan and Madyson stuff there too. Jaydans favorite thing from that is a HUGE piggy bank shaped like a missionary boy that he carries around EVERYWHERE!! I will have to post a pic of it later. Its pretty cute!! He feeds it and puts it to bed and everything :-) After we spent a few hours with his family we came home to give the kids a nap.

After nap time we went to my grandmas to have an Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids in the family. That was ALOT of fun and both my kids had a blast! They thought it was so awesome to go wild trying to grab as much candy and eggs as possible. We spent some time just visiting with everyone there and the kids were in heaven playing outside!

We then stopped off at my dads for a bit to visit with him and then it was time to go home and head to bed after a LONG yet FUN Easter day!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so fun and special for us!!! I hope you all had a GREAT Easter!!!!

Checking out the goodies the Easter Bunny brought!

My handsome Jaydan!

Pretty Maddie!

She is in the stage where she is too busy to stop and take pics so this is the best I got :-)

Maddies 1st Easter Egg Hunt!!

Jaydan LOVED this part!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cupcakes And Dyeing Eggs!!!!

On Saturday my mom and sister Kim came over and helped us make cupcakes for the Easter Bunny and dye Easter eggs. It was SO much fun!! My kids had a BLAST and so did I!! We started with the cupcakes. we gave the kids one to frost all by themselves and of course their mouths did most of the work :-) They had so much fun with the sprinkles too! It was great seeing them so excited and having so much fun. The cupcakes are SO yummy too!!

We took a little break and then we set up the dye to start painting and dyeing eggs. I let Jay paint some and was trying to think of how to entertain Maddie and have her feel apart of it so I gave her a piece of paper, paint brush and a chocolate pudding! I knew real paint would have turned out bad and a real egg would have been cracked to pieces!! I showed her how to do it and she did so great until...... she tasted it...... and figured out it was YUMMY! Then she would eat and paint and so on. Well lets just say by the time we were done with eggs Maddie was a chocolate MESS! She had chocolate pudding from head to toe!! We all had a blast and it was so worth the mess!!

Making the Easter Bunny cupcakes!!!

Stirring the batter

Frosting her 1st cupcake

Frosting a cupcake

Having a blast!!

Want some??

Some of our cupcakes

Time out for fun!!!

Painting with chocolate pudding

Painting an egg

She figured out it tasted good too!!

Dyeing an egg!

My Chocolate Baby!!!

Our eggs!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maddies First Trip To The Zoo

Headed to see the animals

The Eleaphants

The rhino was so close!

Daddy and Maddie checkin out the rhinos

The penquins were so cute!

He loves snakes... YUCK!!

My big girl loving the zoo!

Playing with the water ball


Working together!
A couple weeks ago Shaless and Jared got the kids a year pass to the zoo for their Christmas presents and also Maddies bday present. Since then the weather has been so crappy we havent been able to use it. This was Maddies 1st time to the zoo. She LOVED it! She loves animals. We had fun but didnt stay too long since it was pretty chilly. Hopefully it will warm up soon. We are going to be going there ALOT this summer!! Thanks Shaless and Jared for giving us all the memories we will have this year there!!!!