Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter was a very busy yet very fun day! We woke up told Jay the Easter Bunny had came and he left a basket of things for him and baby! He was so excited to go look!! When he saw it his whole face lit up!! They took a while to go through it all cause they would pull one thing out at a time and play with it or try and open it for a while before moving on to the next one. The bunny avoided candy as much as possible because he knows I dont like them to eat much candy cause they are hyper enough without it!!! The bunny did get Peeps (YUCK!) and Easter Pez but thats about it as far as candy goes. The thing I think Jay was most excited for was his toddler baseball mit and ball! Kamrin played catch with him for quite a while that morning. He had a blast!!

At 1 we went to Kamrins sisters house for luch with them. It was alot of fun to just spend time together! The Easter Bunny went to Hamma and Hampas house also and took Jaydan and Madyson stuff there too. Jaydans favorite thing from that is a HUGE piggy bank shaped like a missionary boy that he carries around EVERYWHERE!! I will have to post a pic of it later. Its pretty cute!! He feeds it and puts it to bed and everything :-) After we spent a few hours with his family we came home to give the kids a nap.

After nap time we went to my grandmas to have an Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids in the family. That was ALOT of fun and both my kids had a blast! They thought it was so awesome to go wild trying to grab as much candy and eggs as possible. We spent some time just visiting with everyone there and the kids were in heaven playing outside!

We then stopped off at my dads for a bit to visit with him and then it was time to go home and head to bed after a LONG yet FUN Easter day!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so fun and special for us!!! I hope you all had a GREAT Easter!!!!

Checking out the goodies the Easter Bunny brought!

My handsome Jaydan!

Pretty Maddie!

She is in the stage where she is too busy to stop and take pics so this is the best I got :-)

Maddies 1st Easter Egg Hunt!!

Jaydan LOVED this part!!!

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