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Our Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

16 Month Check Up

Maddie has some pretty wild morning hair!! Her facial expressions crack me up!!

It is actually supposed to be a 15 month check up and shots but we had to work a few things out with insurance so I finally was able to get Maddie in yesterday now that she is just over 16 months! I was really excited to go to this appointment to see how much she had grown because Kamrin and I both noticed a huge change in her not only in her growth but appetite and sleep also. We were so right!! At her 12 month check up she was just average in her height and weight but this time she jumped to the 81st percentile in height!!! She is still average at 51 percent on her weight though!! Jay is fairly short for his age and so are Kamrin and I and Maddie got all the height I guess!! I bet she will pass Jay up before long even though she is 18 months younger!! Maddie has a small head which SHOCKED me cause I think both my kids have big noggins!! Her head is in the 31 percentile for her age. He said this only means its easier to put shirts over her head.... WRONG!! Its hard for me to fight shirts over both hers and Jays head. In the word department he said she is a little advanced for her age by a handful of words and now that I sat and thought about what all she can say I forgot to tell him quite a few so that makes me proud she is advanced!! He said within the next 2 months her vocabulary will explode and Im very excited for that because her little voice is just soooooo cute!! Maddie is quite a handful!! I dont remember Jaydan being this bad when he was this age. He was so easy going and Maddie is so full of sassy girl ATTITUDE!! Her favorite thing is to hit! Her hand is constantly flying at someone or something. She throws herself on the floor when she doesnt get her own way. when she was little I feared Jay would hurt her with how much bigger he is and how rowdy he can be but oh no its Maddie hurting Jay I have to watch for!! She beats him up constantly!! I never really had to discipline Jay at that age beside telling him not to touch certain things so luckily the doc told me a great way to discipline a kid that young so I have my fingers crossed it will work and I can have my sweet little girl back. Maddie has brought so much to our family! She is so dang cute in every single way (except the hitting!) I feel so blessed to be her mom!!

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Wall family said...

good to know I'm not the only one dealing with hitting and tantrums! :)