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Our Family

Thursday, April 16, 2009

$3000 Tooth!!

Last Thursday the 9th I was laying on the couch resting from over doing it the day before from a procedure I had to correct my IUD and Maddie was sitting on my stomach. She was restless because she was tired and she wanted to lay on me so with all her might she flung back and the back of her head smacked my mouth HARD! My eyes started pouring from the hit and she started crying. After my eyes stopped watering a bit I checked her to see if she was okay and went to feel my mouth to see if it was bleeding. My tongue moved a bit and..... Felt a space.... so I RAN to the bathroom room and..... OH MY GOSH MY TOOTH!! It was GONE!!!! I couldnt believe what I was seeing!!! This couldnt be happening!!! When Kamrin came home I didnt even tell him right away. He took the kids outside to swing and play and I finished dinner and got in a shower. I then went downstairs and started calling every dentist in the yellow pages trying to find on open after regular hours. I finally found one who said I could go in to get it looked at. I went up and told Kamrin I hoped he really loved me. When he asked what I did I told him I looked like a hillbilly and was now missing a tooth, I wouldnt even show him! I had my sister go with me to the dentist seens how she is in that field of work and would know if I was getting a good deal or getting ripped off. He took a look and said the roots were still there and there was enough to put a post in and a crown and it would be good as new! He told me to go in the next morning and he would be able to complete it in an hour or 2!! I could actually laugh a little at this point.

The next morning I go in and he starts his work on rebuilding me a tooth. He starts saying something quietly to his wife but I kinda hurt some of it and asked "Your still going to be able to save it right?!?" He looked at me with a concerned look and told me when she popped it out it cracked the root in 3 spots and in would just crumble if he put a post there!!! NOOOO!! I started to bawl!!! So basically it was to plan B which was he pulled the roots, I walked alround like a HILLBILLY all Easter weekend, went in Monday for my flipper and wait to get a $3000 implant!!! No dental insurance I might add!!!! You might be wondering why a 15 month olds head was strong enough to knock a tooth out. Well I went in when I was pregnant to have root canals on both the teeth on the sides of my 2 front teeth. The did them and sent me on my way til my next cleaning. Apparently they started both root canals and never sealed them off!! So basially it has been a huge open whole to my roots!! He said I could have brushed 100 times a day and it wouldnt have stopped the germs your mouth gathers during the day from going straight up in the open holes to my roots!! LOVELY!!! I have no idea why the heck they didnt finish the root canals!!! So this all could have been prvented if a dentist would have done his hob!! Im so frustrated to say the least!!

The pictures below are not attractive in any way, shape or form!!
Look at your own risk :-)

Huge hole in my mouth!!

With my flipper in!! I feel human again!!!

Can you say HILLBILLY!!!

SOOOO much better! Now I cant wait to fix the other side next week before its too late like this one!!!


Wall family said...

All I can say is OUCH, and how crappy it is to cost that much to look back-to-normal.


Wow!! $3000!!! Yikes! Glad you were able to get it fixed but too bad it had to cost so much!

Random question... So what was up with your IUD? I have one and always wondering if anyone has had any problems with theirs...