Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 30, 2013

Brynlees Blessing

November 2nd was a VERY special day for us. We finally got baby Brynlee blessed. We had put it off and didnt do it when she was an infant so that Kamrin could work on things and do the blessing himself. Im so happy with our decision to wait and have him bless her. I know how much it meant to him and how special it was for us. With her age and how special it was we decided to do it on a Saturday at the church rather than the normal blessings on Sunday during sacrament. Brynlee has a huge fear of strangers especially men. I knew she would have a hard time with a bunch of men surrounding her and putting their hands on her head. My brother said his hands were the one touching her head first and the whole blessing he could feel her tiny hands trying to push his hands off her. When he told me it made me laugh cause that sounds like Brynlee. The blessing was beautiful. Kamrin did a great job! After we went in the gym and did a luncheon. It was such a great day. Brynlee looked gorgeous in her white dress! Wish I would have taken pictures at the luncheon. I was too busy eating and visiting.

Halloween 2013

This year we had a Ninja Turtle, Draculaura from Monster High, Power Ranger and a very fluffy Zebra. They looked so cute!!! We carved pumpkins, went to trunk or treats, watched spooky movies and on actual Halloween I went to see the parade at the kids' school then helped in Jaydans class and of course ended the night with ALOT of trick or treating. Jaydan, Kamdyn and Brynlee only lasted about an hour and a half but Maddie was trooper and was out for a total of 3 hours!! The amount of candy we got was sickening. We will be eating it until next Halloween :-)