Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Pics I Havent Posted

Here are some pics from the Sat before Jays surgery at Discovery Gateway and also when Jay and Kim made a gingerbread house! There is also 3 or 4 other new posts on here from today after this one including an update on how Jays recovery is going!!

Jay putting balls down the tubes

Watching his ball fly

Looking up at Hampa

Maddie playin in the balls

Look at that smile!

He LOVED this!!

Grocery shopping

Hard working boy!

She loves playing in water!

So does he!

Looking in the mouse hole!

He always pulls that face!

Fireman Jay filling up the gas tank

Checkin the tire pressure

Sooo cute!!

Maddie riding the horse

Flying Life Flight

Gran and Jay on the news

Daddy and Maddie on the news!

Mixing frosting

Licking the beaters with aunt Kim!!

Putting it together

Putting the candy on

The finished product!

16 Random Things About Me!

My friend Alysha tagged me to do this on facebook but I also wanted to post it on here. I thought it was quite fun and quite hard too! It was difficult trying to think of random things not many people know about me already. Im not going to tag anyone specific but would love to read everyones who wants to do it! It really is a fun one!! Try it out!!

1. I grew up in the same stake and went to 2 of the same schools as my husband and never met him til a month before my 18th Bday!

2. Im a textaholic!

3. I was the only one in my family with super blonde hair (when I was little) and hazel eyes in my family.

4. I was named after one of Fonzes girlfriend off of Happy Days

5. If I would have been a boy my name would have been Patrick

6. I have known I wanted my first sons name to be Jaydan and my first daughters name to be Madyson since I was young

7. I went from parenting together to promised to eachother to engaged to married in 1 week!!! I promise we had known each other a few years by that point not just someone I met!!

8. I swore I would never drive a mini van when I was growing up and you will never guess what I drive now :-)

9. I have had my appendix out and I rather give birth 100 more times then ever have to go through a sugery again!!

10. I have never been pulled over (knock on wood)

11. I have a cold right now :-(

12. I color coordinate mine and my kids closets and dressers.

13. I was due on June 30th with Jaydan which is the same exact date my mom was due with me!!

14. Both my kids were due on the 30th of the month

15. Im addicted to quite a few tv shows right now

16. Im going to Disneyland for the first time this year!!!!

5 Days Later

It has been 5 days since Jaydans surgery and wow have they been CRAZY!! The day of his surgery he was very drugged and acted like a maniac!! He was bouncing off the walls then 2 secs later he would just crash. I didnt let him walk on his own that day due to all the drugs and how wobbly he was. I would either carry him or just bring him whatever he needed. I would let him crawl though. The day after the surgery he was a mess! He was again a maniac and all over the place and then would just crash but also this day he started to be very clingy and the sec I would walk out of his sight he would start bawling! H would start screaming "mommy I hold you" in our talk thats "mommy hold me" He did sleep alot that day but when he was awake it was very hard. He was on my hip or I had to be right there with him to comfort him and to make sure he didnt hurt himself when he was bouncing off the walls. Thursday was day 2 after and it got a little better. I was able to get things done cause he was sleeping alot and also we was able to have more fun together that day. It was just me and him so we got to play games aka he got to throw memory cards ALL OVER THE PLACE and he played his favorite computer games and watched all his favorite shows. That night Maddie came home and I was so excited to see her. It was nice to have a break and I know I couldnt have got through those last couple days with her here but I sure did miss her like crazy! My sister Kim stayed the night here with us to help me adjust to the craziness with both kids. By Friday Jay was pretty much back to normal but still a little wilder then normal. Maddie was fighting a cold too so it was hard. I got to slip away for an hour or so that day cause my mom and sis were here and that was so nice! Yesterday was good as far as Jay went but I was sick and my sinuses felt like they were going to explode. Maddie kept getting worse as the day went on. By 7:30pm Maddie was crying and crying so I put her to bed and at 9pm she woke up and was burning up and she looked and sounded HORRIBLE so Kamrin took her to Urgent Care and I stayed here with Jay who was sleeping. He called me and sure enough she had a double ear infection! AGAIN!! Kamrin didnt even mention anything about tubes and the sec the doc looked in her ears he mumbled she needs tubes. GREAT!! So tomorrow Im going to call her doc and we will start that process again! Today Jay is great, Im feeling a bit better, Maddie is still not herself and sleeping alot and poor Kamrin has been working like crazy and taking care of us. With all our bad luck lately I just have to laugh now or I would really just loose it and just cry none stop. I just keep telling myself it has to get better!! It just has to!! I know they say when it rain it pours well lately for us it has been a blizzard for a couple months so there has to be sunshine soon! We still havent heard the results from the biopsy yet but I will keep you updated on that. I just want to thank everyone who has been here for me and my family the last few months and especially the last week!! Thank you for all your love, support, prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement. I know that will the great family and friends we have my family can get through anything! I feel so blessed and so lucky to have so many truly amazing people in my life. I wish I could thank you all but name but that would take way too long cause there is too many of you!! We love you all and thank you!!!

Maddie sleeps crazy! She is all over the place!

5 days after the surgery

The glue is no longer there

2 days after sugery

Jaydan LOVES playing on pbs.org and he knows how to do it all himself!!


I was tagged by my friend Alysha. This is how it works...

1. Link this post to the person who tagged you.
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I knew Jay was a boy and Maddie was a girl from the sec I knew I was pregnant. Everyone kept trying to tell me different or I was jinxing myself but my gut feeling was right both times!!

2. I have small babies! Jay was only 5 lbs 5 ozs and Maddie was 6 lbs 2 ozs and they both were only a week or less early.

3. I have more scrapbook supplies then I will probably ever be able to use!

4. I have broke my left index finger twice and no lie one was from me sitting on it!!!

5. I dont have a middle name.

6. After 2 years and almost 2 months my license still is in Isom. Maybe Ill surprise Kam on his bday in 2 weeks and have it changed :-)

I tag Steph, Amy, Camilla, Vera, Anna and Marissa

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Surgery Day

He looks thrilled huh?!?

Check out these awesome hospital clothes mom!!

So proud of his Elmo sticker!

This one cracks me up!!

Checkin out his bubble!

Man he is ADORABLE!!

Giving dirty looks after the surgeon marked his face!

Checkin out the hospital!

Jay high as a kite!!

Moments before going in!

Worst part of the whole day for me!

I feel like I was hit by a train!!

I am so thankful for this little boy!!!!

Today started very early for us. We woke up at 5am and had to be to Primary Childrens at 6am. I had got everything together last night and didnt make it to bed til almost 12:30am and woke up a few times so pretty much not much sleep for me. We checked in and then they took us back to get his vitals and get him changed. After that a nurse came in to do an exam on him and make sure his lungs were okay to do the surgery. 3 or 4 times I thought they were going to cancel it. She seemed concerned with his lungs since he did still have a bit of his cold and his double ear infection. The surgeon came in for a quick review of what was going to happen and she even mentioned to him his lungs were still a bit stuffy. He didnt seem to concerned but said the anesthesiologist had the final say in all that so she called him to come check him out. He came and listened and said since he didnt have asthma and we didnt smoke it was okay to go ahead and do the surgery as planned. He made a good point that if the canceled ever surgery that they came in with a cold they pretty much wouldnt do any surgeries in the winter. He said they only cancel ones with colds that do have asthma or are around smoke. It was time do get on with the show so by the time he talked to us Jaydan was already as high as a kite and almost out of it due to the medicine they gave him to calm his nerves and make him looping which it did!! His eyes were going 90 miles an hour and he was giggling like crazy! It was so funny. Then came the tough part. He was going to go one way and we were to turn and go back the other way. I teared up but was trying to hold it together so it didnt scare him. It was really tough for me but I made it through. after almost an hour the surgeon walked in and said everything went well and he was being moved into recovery. About 5 min later it was time for me to go see him, The first part of recovery only one of us could go back and Kam was sweet and let me but I now wish it was him!! Do you know how are it was turning the corner and hearing your baby scream like someone was killing them?!? He was so terrified and flipping all over the place. It broke my heart in a million pieces! He was trying to rip out the iv in his foot and digging at his face. Instead of just cuddling him and loving him I had to help hold his hands down and try and control him! If I never have to experience a moment like that with one of my kids it will not be long enough!! It took him almost an hour to calm down!! It was making his heart and oxygen go way down when he was hysterical and there was nothing I could do. We tried everything. He was just so terrified! Finally we got to go home just after 10am and the day had just begun! When we got him home he was a maniac!! I have never seen him that wild and crazy!! He would be bouncing off the walls then just crash!! My sister Kim was here with me THANKFULLY!! Then my mom got her to help out and pick up Maddie for a sleepover again THANKFULLY!! Right after he was released Kamrin had to go to work because they are right in the middle of Sundance. I needed all the help I could get! My mom bought Jaydan a cash register which he LOVES!! Played with it all night! She even bought something for Maddie. Thanks mom!! My sister Steph came to see him and brought him Balloons, coloring book, crayons and a puzzle! He has already dug into all of it. He loves every show thats in the coloring book and gets so excited! Thanks Bill and Steph!! One of our home teachers stopped by and gave him a triple chocolate fudge cake yummmmmy!!! Also Shaless stopped by and brought him balloons, balloons and more balloons! He LOVES balloons and when Maddie sees them oh boy the war will be on :-) Thanks Jared and Shaless!! Tonight is was a bit sore and started crying in pain and is now very drugged and sleeping great! I just wanna say thank you to all of you who have showed and love or concern through this past month! It really means more to me then you will ever know! I feel like I have been in a nightmare for the last month and a half and I now am starting to wake up and have hope that my nightmare is over for good. They are now testing it but the surgeon predicted there is no cancer involved and I felt like a million pounds was lifted off of me in that split second. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers that has gotten through this all. THANK YOU!!!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!! You are such a brave and strong little boy! You did amazing in that scary situation and I just am so proud of you! Buddy I love you so much. More then I could ever put in words. I am so thankful we have made it past this scary situation and we can just enjoy every single moment we have we you! You bring so much love and happiness to our family! You brighten my day. You make me laugh constantly! You mean the world to me! I want you to know no matter what happens from here you will never be alone! Not only do you have me and daddy but you have SO MANY family and friends who love you and would do anything for you! You are so lucky to have so much love for you and we are all so lucky to have you!! Thank you for being my strength to get through today and this past month! I love you baby!!
Love, Mommy

Monday, January 19, 2009

And The Verdict Is.........

I just talked to the nurse at the surgeons office and despite the double ear infection the surgery is a go for tomorrow. She said as long as he doesnt develop a fever over night which he hasnt had one since he has got antibiotics so Im not too worried about that happening. Oh boy only 1 day!! My stomach doesnt feel so great this morning!! My nerves are through the roof but Im happy to almost have it over and have answers and finally get peace of mind!! I just pray everything goes perfect with no problems or delays!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Poor Little Jay!!!!

My fingers are crossed so tight right now that Jaydans surgery will go as scheduled this Tuesday! The last couple days he has come down with a cold that has brought on a horrible cough. So bad that it has caused him to throw up 3 times from coughing so hard. Last night we took him to Discovery Gateway for his last big outing for a while til he is recovered from surgery. He had a BLAST! He got to enjoy it with Gran (Kamrins grandma), Hamma and Hampa (Kamrins parents), us and Maddie. After we walked across the street to DoDos to eat and the coughing came back and it was there he threw up twice more. This morning he woke up looking HORRIBLE! I knew it was time to go to the doc. My thoughts were if there was a chance it could be anything that the doc could help with I needed to start treatment today or the surgery would be post poned. So after waiting a half hour on hold to get him an appt at Kids Care I decide just to go in and wait. The receptionist was not really friend or nice for that matter. Yes, I know he has a horrible cough but have you ever tried to keep a mask on a 2 year old?!? Impossible! I did my best to cover his mouth! The nurse was friendly and very nice. The doctor came in and wow was she RUDE!! I have NEVER had to deal with such a rude doctor!! Every time I opened my mouth telling her all the symptoms he had she would interrupt with "Yup sounds like a cold" so as I tell her he had a low grade fever most of the weekend between 100 and 101 and she informs me that is not a fever! According to her a fever doesnt start til 104!! Ill stick with every other doc I or my kids have seen that a low grade fever is 99-102 and anything above is concerning!! 104 or higher you better get to a doc or hospital before your brain fries!! So after looking at me like I was an idiot for taking him in with a cold she starts to exam him. She asks if he ever gets ear infections and says its not just a cold it is a double ear infection! HA HA STUPID DOC I KNEW IT!! My motherly instinct was more accurate then her professional option! Do you know how hard it was not to laugh at her and say I told ya so after all the crap I had been through with that staff?!? So she tells me she will get the prescription and the nurse would come do a saline solution and drain out his nose. He didnt like that 1 tiny bit! He looked at me and said I leave here right now mommy!! As the doc came back in to give me the prescription she looked at me and rudely says anything else? GRRRR I had to leave before I blew up on them all!! So now we are facing the possibility of him wanting to wait to do the surgery not because of the ear infection but because of the cough and mucus. We will see tomorrow I guess. Jay got a blessing today and Im really hoping by tomorrow morning his cough is gone and that will make the surgeon okay with going ahead with it. I cant wait anymore. The waiting game is killing me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Right Words

My family is the most important thing to me and so it is so hard for me to see one of them in pain. Whether it be physical or emotional. This last month or so has been a very difficult one for that reason. Everything that is going on with my kids health mainly Jaydan has been really hard on me but now its a bit different situation for my pain. My sister Stephanie has had 2 miscarriages within the last couple years and was expecting again and went to the doctor today to find out her baby didnt make it. My heart truly breaks for her! I myself have had miscarriages and know what a difficult and painful thing to go through so to know how what my sister is going through is extremely hard for me. I just wish I could take the pain away. I wish there was something I could do for her. I just really wish she wasnt going through this. Please pray for her and her husband right now.

I love you not only as my sister but as my friend and you will never know what you mean to me. I want you to know that I am here for you and always will be. I would honestly do anything for you. I know there is nothing that will help right now but if you do need anything Im there. I wish I could tell you why this keeps happening and I wish things were different but I do know that when the time is right and when things work out you will be a great mom and any child would be very lucky to have you as their mom. You are a great sister and aunt. My kids just adore you!! You are so cute with them!! I wish the best for you and I hope you nothing but happiness! I love you and I am sooooo sorry for your loss!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Surgery Date

The surgeon that will be operating on Jaydans cheek called today and wanted to do the surgery sooner then January 27th so now it will be a week from today January 20th. The change has its pros and cons for me. I cant wait just to get it over with and get the results sooner but the down side is now my nerves are worse just thinking of it being so close and now I have a week less to prepare myself. I have complete faith in the surgeon and medical staff up at Primary Childrens but he is my baby so that really doesnt help much. Im sure everyone is right that everything will be okay but like I said he is my baby and nothing about this is comforting. There is nothing that comforts me that they will be cutting my babys face open and the worst part is I cant be right by his side holding his hand through it. Its gonna be so hard for me to watch them take him back there to be operated on. If everything goes well the surgery should take just under an hour but it will be the LONGEST hour of my life! It just breaks my heart to look at my little man and think of what he will be going through next week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Things That A 2 Year Old Comes Up With!!

So the last week has been an interesting one for sure. Alot of ups and downs. I wanted to share the ups with you bacause I really got some great laughs this week and I wanted to share the laughter with you all. So Jaydan amazes me more everyday with the things he comes up with and what comes out of his mouth. Wednesday before his doctor appt my brother and dad came over to give a blessing. The next day our home teachers came over and as they were leaving they said a prayer so I sat Jay on a foot stool and I sat on the floor leaning up against the stool. I told him to fold his arms which he did then I closed my eyes. 30 seconds into the prayer I feel something on my head and I open my eyes to Jays mouth moving like he was whisping and both his hands on my head like he was givong me a blessing!!! Do you know how hard is was not to bust out laughing right in the middle of the prayer!! It was SO SO SO ADORABLE!!! Then on a not so cute note sometime this week I put him in his room for a nap. I put a gate in his doorway then he goes down or I know he would never stay in there! Anyways 5 min after I put him down he opened his door and stood at the gate screaming mommy I pooped so as I started to head that way I hear him say mommy I pooped come now or Ill touch it! Did my 2 year old just threaten me to touch his poop if I didnt hurry ?!?! So of course I turn the corner and say you dont EVER touch your poop! That is disgusting! It will make you so sick! You will get a spankin and have to go to time out! He looks up at me with the biggest smile and says "you came"!! So of course I try really hard not to laugh! I check and sure enough he really did poop so I go to get the wipes and repeat why we never touch our poop! As I am changing him he shakes his body and with attitude says DONT TOUCH IT!! ILL SPANK YOU BUM!! YOU GET SICK!! He is such a cute little stinker!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jaydans Visit To Primary Childrens

Today was the day we took Jay into meet with the surgeon to see what he would need to do in surgery and when he would need the surgery. I was very anxious the last few days but especially last night and all today. His appointment wasnt til 2 so it was a LONG day. Once we got up there it was quick. He surgeon examined his face. He didnt say too much. All he really said was there was no way of knowing exactly what it is until they take it out and test it (which I already knew) Also he scheduled the surgery for Jan 27th so 3 weeks from yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has kept Jaydan and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It really means alot to us and we really do appreciate it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My little Maddie has been taking steps here and there for over a month now. She would stand on her own yet the second anyone would look at her or give her attention she would fall on her bum instantly. Well this morning was no different but this afternoon I looked over and she took off across the room!! Then again and again. Within the first couple hours when she stared she had taken over 100 steps!! My baby girl is officially walking!! This is a very bitter sweet moment for me. I love how she is growing and all the new things she is learning daily but at the same time it makes her less and less a baby :-( Its hard as a mom to think of your baby all grown up now. I think she looks so dang cute walking. She was in a mini skirt and leggins and HOW ADORABLE!!

Maddie walking!! I keep forgetting not to record videos long ways sorry!

I think Jay was getting a bit jealous with how excited we were to see her walk cause he said mommy I walk like baby for the camera and this is what he did!! So cute!!

Tysons 9th Birthday!!

Tysons chose a Bolt cake!

Blowing out 9 candles!

Licking the frosting off the Bolt toys!

The birthday boy with the present we gave him!

Today my little (who is not so little) buddy roo turned 9!!! It is so hard to believe!! 9 years ago today I was beyond excited to be an aunt for the first time! I couldnt wait to see him and hold him! He was and still is so dang cute! He is so grown up now its unreal. We all went over for cake and ice cream to celebrate with him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYSON!!! I hope you had a great birthday!! We love you!!!