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Our Family

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Things That A 2 Year Old Comes Up With!!

So the last week has been an interesting one for sure. Alot of ups and downs. I wanted to share the ups with you bacause I really got some great laughs this week and I wanted to share the laughter with you all. So Jaydan amazes me more everyday with the things he comes up with and what comes out of his mouth. Wednesday before his doctor appt my brother and dad came over to give a blessing. The next day our home teachers came over and as they were leaving they said a prayer so I sat Jay on a foot stool and I sat on the floor leaning up against the stool. I told him to fold his arms which he did then I closed my eyes. 30 seconds into the prayer I feel something on my head and I open my eyes to Jays mouth moving like he was whisping and both his hands on my head like he was givong me a blessing!!! Do you know how hard is was not to bust out laughing right in the middle of the prayer!! It was SO SO SO ADORABLE!!! Then on a not so cute note sometime this week I put him in his room for a nap. I put a gate in his doorway then he goes down or I know he would never stay in there! Anyways 5 min after I put him down he opened his door and stood at the gate screaming mommy I pooped so as I started to head that way I hear him say mommy I pooped come now or Ill touch it! Did my 2 year old just threaten me to touch his poop if I didnt hurry ?!?! So of course I turn the corner and say you dont EVER touch your poop! That is disgusting! It will make you so sick! You will get a spankin and have to go to time out! He looks up at me with the biggest smile and says "you came"!! So of course I try really hard not to laugh! I check and sure enough he really did poop so I go to get the wipes and repeat why we never touch our poop! As I am changing him he shakes his body and with attitude says DONT TOUCH IT!! ILL SPANK YOU BUM!! YOU GET SICK!! He is such a cute little stinker!!!

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Wall family said...

How cute is he! It sounds like he is talking alot. And they sure know how to get what they want huh!