Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I have no pictures from this Thanksgiving cause well it was a pretty crappy one!! Kamdyn had been running a low fever for a couple days and late the night before Thanksgiving I started to think it was something more then just his 2 year old molars coming in. That morning I called around to see if there was any doc offices open so I could get him seen cause he just kept getting worse :-( Finally found one that was open so I took him while Kamrin stayed home with the other 3. Once we got there I knew it was going to be a long wait. Sure enough a 2 hour wait was ahead of us. Just how I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving. Finally we saw the doc and he said Kamdyn had an ear infection and wrote him a prescription. Of course there was only 1 pharmacy open too so that was a long wait too. By the time we got home it was time to go to Kamrins families dinner. We decided Kamdyn should stay home and get some rest so Kamrin took Maddie and Jaydan there and I stayed home with Kamdyn and Brynlee to let them nap. I made the pies for my families dinner while they slept. When they got home my sister came and got the kids beside Kamdyn and went to my brothers. Kamrin, Kamdyn and I joined them for a while later on. To top it off my belly wasnt feeling so good all day. It was not a great day but luckily I still had so much to be thankful for!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

HES BACK!!!!!!!

My kids have asked about him throughout the year and the day after Thanksgiving he FINALLY came home!! Thats right, Elfie is back!! The first night he waited at the top of the stairs for them and even made him a blanket and pillow out of toilet paper. He also wrote them a little note.

The second night he sat in Brynlees bumbo, put one of her bibs on and used one of her bottles to drink MY Mt Dew!! When the kids found him they told him that I was going to kick his butt for touching my Dew....Smart kids :-)

We have all been sick around here and Elfie must have caught it. Poor elf had a "sick" night.

Im so excited to see what else this crazy elf will do the rest of the season!!

5 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
The biggest event this month was you got your first tooth!!! None of your siblings got their first tooth til after they were 6 months so mommy was very shocked when yours popped through. You have many coming in on the top but no sign of any even close on the bottom. You had your first Halloween. You were a fairy and also a punk fairy. Mommy couldnt decide so you were 1 for parties and 1 for actual Halloween. You still hate tummy time. You eat solids so good. The only one we have found so far that you dont care for is peas. All the others you gobble right up. You are a CHUNK!! We went to the doc recently and you were almost 17 pounds!! You havent rolled over yet and I dont see it happening son cause well youre spoiled and rarely on the floor. You hate the floor so you just cry and mommy is a sucker and picks you up. Another no no mommy has to change really soon is where you sleep. Im ashamed to admit this but you STILL sleep in your swing. Thats where you sleep best and mommy is desperate for sleep to keep up with your brothers and sister. I really need to train you to sleep in your bed soon cause you are quickly out growing your swing.  You are doing pretty good in the car these days. You have found your voice and wow you are loud!! I love listening to you!! You have learned to use your hands and you love putting whatever you can grab straight into your mouth. You are getting so big!! I love you my chunky monkey!!
Love, Mommy

Your first rel injury thanks to Kamdyn

Kamdyn Turns 2!!!!

How is it even possible my little Kamdyn is 2?!?!? Ill start with the events of hid birthday. He woke up on the wrong side of the crib and wanted nothing to do with our crazy Happy Birthday wishes. He was able to open 1 present and that helped his mood a bit :-) We took Jaydan to school and dropped Brynlee off to my friend. We had Maddies parent/teacher conference right at 9am so we went to that and after we were done then fun began. We went to Toys R Us and let him pick out some prizes and they gave him a ballon and crown. We then went to Cookie Cutters and got him and Maddie a hair cut. They love that place cause they get to pick a vehicle to sit in and watch a movie while they get their hair done. We then picked up lunch and went to my friends who had Brynlee and ate with them. We came home for a quick cat nap and it was time to go get Jaydan. We went and let Kamdyn pick out his cake and went to the dollar store to let them all spent their gift cards they had for there from their Hamma and Hampa. For dinner we got him pizza. We opened presents and sang to him and had cake. He thought it was all so awesome!! I think he had such a fun day! I know I did!!
Dear Kamdyn,
You are growing in so many ways by the day! You talk so much now its crazy!! Once you started your vocabulary went crazy! Right now you are into Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse and any kind of vehicle! You are HILARIOUS!!! You keep us laughing every single day. You also keep us on our toes. You give new meaning to the "terrible 2s" You started it a bit early and going strong as ever now that you really are 2. We bought you a potty and some big boy underwear for your birthday and you seem so interested in how it all works. Hopefully this is a sign mommy will only have 1 in diapers very soon. You now adore your baby sister. Took you a while to warm up to her but now you love her to piece. In fact you love her a little too much sometimes which she lets you know you are in her bubble too much. You love picking on your older brother and sister. You eat like a bird these days. You only nibble here and there. Mommy often wonders how have so much energy with how little you eat. Little man I adore you so much. You can be such a challenge but you are worth every battle we have. I love you SO much!!!
Love, Mommy
After his birthday haircut

Trying to take his pants off after opening his new potty

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cat In The Hat

My friend invited me to go to the West Jordan library where they were doing a Cat In The Hat activity night. They gave each kid free books, had therapy dog the kids could read with and different projects the kids could work on. They then showed the premiere of The Cat In The Hat Christmas movie and gave the kids creamies. It was so much fun!!! After the movie we went to McDonalds for dinner and let the kids play in the play place. We then brought Kamdyn home and put him to bed and I took Brynlee and the oldest 2 to our friends house and stayed til midnight!!! It was SO much fun!! We had such a great time!!!!

With The Cat!!!!!

Watching the movie

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye Hammond Style

Wednesday Nov 7th we said goodbye to Kamrins brother Landis for 2 years while he serves a mission in Lubbock, Texas. Kamrin, his sister, his brother and his mom did a hot wing challenge about 2 years ago. All of them completed it but Landis and since then his youngest brother has been saying he could eat more then Landis did. So Kamrin decided it was a must do before Landis left. That morning we went to his parents. Since everyone was there it was the perfect time to watch Connor eat these HOT wings!!! I looked up Wing Coop and they didnt open til 11 and Landis had to leave at 1145 or very shortly after. So Kamrin made sure he was there at the door by the time they opened. He called me when he was on his way back and had me get everyone outside in a circle with a gallon of milk ready. When he got there he passed the wings out. His other sister, both his brother in laws, his mom (again), his dad and of course Connor all grabbed one wing each and the fun began. It took about 30 seconds for it to kick in and then I couldnt stop laughing at all these crazies who had just put themselves in this pain!! There were grown men jumping around moaning, spitting over the fence, pacing back and forth, eyes watering like crazy and everyone running for the milk. Oh man it was so hilarious!!!! We (the sane ones who didnt do it) got a good laugh for a good 15 mins. Now Im the only one in the family who hasnt even tried that sauce and Im very proud of it!!! :-) It was a great way to end our last moments with Landis for 2 years. Im sure it will give him a good laugh thinking about it while he is away from us. Only the Hammonds would say goodbye in such a way :-) Enjoy the pictures....
Pashell and Jared taking their first bite

And the heat begins

Dane did alot of pacing


Spitting in the flower bed LOL

Hot chaos

Saying goodbye

He is going to be a GREAT missionary!!


This is from my facebook and I wanted to put it on here to always have a place to come look on it when Im having a hard day....

Nov 1- Now that its November I want to post 1 thing I am thankful for each day. I really want to do it this year to help me. I want to stay more focused on all the amazing things I have been blessed with especially on those days I struggle to remember those blessings.

First thing I want to remind myself is how blessed I am to have the kids I do. They are truly amazing little people. The each bring so much love and happiness into my life. They keep me going when Im facing hard times. One smile from any of them makes all the bad fade away. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have these 4!!

Nov 2- Today I am thankful for Kamrin. Im thankful for how hard he works to make it possible for me to stay at home to raise our babies. Im thankful that he tries so hard to make special memories for his kids. Im thankful he is so handy in the house, outside and on cars so we never have to hire someone to come fix anything and even the things he doesnt know he gets online and researches to teach himself. Im so thankful he has so much knowledge in his noggin to not only teach our kids but he teaches me amazing things daily. Im so thankful that he isnt afraid to be silly with me and we love to pick on each other and keep things fun around here :-) I love you Kamrin!!

Nov 3- Im so thankful for siblings!! Not only the ones I grew up with but through marriage I gave gained amazing siblings. Not only am I blessed with so many wonderful siblings but my kids are so lucky to have so many aunts and uncles who absolutely adore them. Every single one of them help my family in so many ways and I dont know what I would do without them. I love you all so much!!! Thank you for being you!!

Nov 4- I'm so grateful for parents. My own and my in laws. I wouldnt be who I am or where I am without their example, love and support. I can't put into words how much love and gratitude I have for them! I couldn't have picked better grandparents for my kids

Nov 5- So thankful Kamrin and I got the chance to spend quality time with Kamrins brother tonight. So crazy to think this time tomorrow he will be Elder Hammond. Landis has a special place in my heart. Im going to miss him so much but Im so proud of him!!!

Nov 6- I'm thankful for junk tv to help distract me and remind me my life could be worse. Lol! : )

Nov 7- I am so thankful for the amazing young man my brother in law is. We said our last goodbye to him for 2 years as he is now in the MTC. He will be so great and Texas is so lucky to have him!!!

Nov 8- Im so thankful that we have a secure lock box in our front yard for mornings like today that I am rushing to get 4 kids in the car only to realize I just locked my keys in the house. Thank you lock box for saving my morning!!!!!

Nov 9- I'm so thankful for days like today!! Well yesterday I guess : )

Nov 10- Thankful for the cute boots I bought myself today so now my feet wont get wet anymore the rest of the fall/winter/spring and maybe into to summer. We do live in Utah after all :-)

Nov 11- Im SO thankful for blogging!! Im horrible at keeping a journal and dont have time to scrapbook at this time im my life so blogging gives me the chance to do both in a way!!

Nov 12- Im thankful for modern medicine. I have amazing doctors that I am so thankful they have spent YEARS learning how to help my specific situations!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween was GREAT!! One of my best Halloweens that I can remember. It was jammed packed with fun. Heres how it went in order...
Dropped Jay off at school
Dropped Maddie off at school
Rushed back for Jays school parade
Came home to have the youngest 2 rest a bit
Picked Maddie up
Went to my sister Stephs work
Went to my grandmas
Can home for 2.5 seconds
Went trick or treating at my sister Kims work
Picked up kids meals for dinner
Got everything ready for trick or treating
Left at 530 for trick or treating
Didnt get home til 830 from trick or treating!!
Put kids to bed
Kamrin and I finally get dinner
Kamrin and I raid the kids' candy
Off to bed we went
It was all so much fun!! My sister Stephs work is so fun. The have arcade games which the kids had a blast one. We have made it a tradition to go to my sister Kims work. She works at all call center and so trick or treating there is a big success!! I have heard they LOVE my kids there so they ask me to bring them in every once in a while so Halloween is a must now. This year the kids decided they are old enough to do real trick or treating rather then just making the rounds to all our families houses and trunk or treats so we decided that was okay with us and then I set up to go with a girl in Jays class and her family. I have become really good friends with her mom and at a play date at her house I learned how much not only her and I had in common but how much her husband and Kamrin had in common and I was determined to set up a little bromance between them. LOL!!! Just dont tell Kamrin I said that :-) Anyways we headed out about 20 minutes before Kamrin got home and so he came and met up with us. Just as I expected Tyler (her husband) and Kamrin hit it off and chatted the rest of the time we were out. About 730 we stopped back at my house for a bit of a potty break and we decided Kamrin would stay home with Kamdyn and Brynlee so they could go to bed and the rest of us went back out for another hour or so. It was seriously so much fun!!
My little ninja without his mask of course since you cant wear masks at school

Playing at Aunt Stephs work

Speed demon fairy!!

Look how awesome this floor is!! Made with pennies!!

Trick or treating with friends
Jay the ninja

Maddie the fairy

Kamdyn the Cookie Monster

Brynlee the baby fairy
Can you say candy overload?!?!?!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hammond Halloween Dinner

The evening before Halloween we has our gross food Halloween dinner with Kamrins family. We decided to dress the kids up for it cause with Jaydan and Maddie getting older they wanted to only do real trick or treating instead of going to families house to show them off. We attempted pics and well that didnt turn out so well!! It is so much fun being with family and making traditions!!
Squids and blood (Spaghetti, sausages and spaghetti sauce)

Witches fingers and fingernails (Crazy bread and apple candy corns)

Spooky frog eye salad