Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
The biggest event this month was you got your first tooth!!! None of your siblings got their first tooth til after they were 6 months so mommy was very shocked when yours popped through. You have many coming in on the top but no sign of any even close on the bottom. You had your first Halloween. You were a fairy and also a punk fairy. Mommy couldnt decide so you were 1 for parties and 1 for actual Halloween. You still hate tummy time. You eat solids so good. The only one we have found so far that you dont care for is peas. All the others you gobble right up. You are a CHUNK!! We went to the doc recently and you were almost 17 pounds!! You havent rolled over yet and I dont see it happening son cause well youre spoiled and rarely on the floor. You hate the floor so you just cry and mommy is a sucker and picks you up. Another no no mommy has to change really soon is where you sleep. Im ashamed to admit this but you STILL sleep in your swing. Thats where you sleep best and mommy is desperate for sleep to keep up with your brothers and sister. I really need to train you to sleep in your bed soon cause you are quickly out growing your swing.  You are doing pretty good in the car these days. You have found your voice and wow you are loud!! I love listening to you!! You have learned to use your hands and you love putting whatever you can grab straight into your mouth. You are getting so big!! I love you my chunky monkey!!
Love, Mommy

Your first rel injury thanks to Kamdyn

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brigette said...

So cute!! Shes growing up so fast!!