Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 25, 2012

HES BACK!!!!!!!

My kids have asked about him throughout the year and the day after Thanksgiving he FINALLY came home!! Thats right, Elfie is back!! The first night he waited at the top of the stairs for them and even made him a blanket and pillow out of toilet paper. He also wrote them a little note.

The second night he sat in Brynlees bumbo, put one of her bibs on and used one of her bottles to drink MY Mt Dew!! When the kids found him they told him that I was going to kick his butt for touching my Dew....Smart kids :-)

We have all been sick around here and Elfie must have caught it. Poor elf had a "sick" night.

Im so excited to see what else this crazy elf will do the rest of the season!!


Summer said...

I've always thought that elf was creepy, but you do SUCH cute things with him! Makes me want to do it. (I would just stalk your blog and copy your ideas haha)

Telisha Garris said...

Very cute - also love the new look of the blog!

brigette said...

Funny elfie, super cute ideas !!! My kids love elfie.