Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jaydans Preschool Graduation

Last night my little Jaydan graduated from his first year of preschool! I cant believe he has already completed 1 preschool year! The graduation was held at Nickelcade and even after alot of problems and changes it turned out fun. They each got a diploma, 2010 glasses and a grocery bag of fun stuff! Kamrins grandma, his sister, her husband and my mom joined us there for a while to support Jaydan and to play some games. Jaydan loved the games and Maddie was more into riding the little rides except when she got to pull tickets out of the machines for us :-) After he got his diploma Gran, Shaless and I came back to my house to finish getting our dinner ready. Kamrin, Jared and the kids stayed and played more games and cashed in their tickets. When they came home our nacho bar was ready and when the kids went to bed we all watched the Biggest Loser finale! It was such a great night!!

I am so very proud of Jaydan! He really did a great job his first year of preschool! He learned so much and I know he loved it so much. Im so happy with our decision to put him in my aunts school. She does such a good job and makes it so fun for the kids. Jaydan was so excited to show me all the stuff he made and to tell me everything he learned. He is truly an amazing little boy and I could be more proud of him. He is so tender hearted and such a great big brother. He always is so concerned for his little sister and is already so protective of his baby brother. He always comes to make sure everyone is soft when touching my belly and he comes to kiss and rub my belly constantly. I love everything about my son. Way to go Jaydan on completing your first year of preschool! We love you!!

Class of 2010 :-)

Showing off his diploma

So excited about all the prizes he got

My little family after Jaydans graduation

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Boy Has A Name

For some reason Blogspot is having issues with downloading videos right now. I have tried for a couple days to download the video of Jaydans reaction to finding out we are having a boy. I recorded it because I knew he would not take the news so well. From the beginning he has said he has wanted it to be a baby girl. Maddie on the other hand has insisted it was a baby boy and so she took the news rather well :-) Describing his reaction just doesnt do justice so I will keep trying to downloading it foe a later post and hope that one day it works. The day after he got the traumatic news that it was not a girl like he wanted I sat down with him and asked if he was feeling better about getting a brother. He said "Yes, I wont cry anymore cause its a boy mommy" He sure makes me laugh alot :-) I decided to take him to Babies R Us and let him pick out something that he wanted to buy the baby that was just from him to get him excited. We got to the store and they had to ride the Pumba ride they have right as you walk in the store and off we were to find a special gift from Jaydan. He didnt really good and picked very cute recieving blankets for his new brother. Maddie of course then had to pick something for the baby so she also picked a pack of very cute recieving blankets. I then decided to do Kamrins 2nd "Fathers Day" random surprise so we went and got him a Pina Colada flavored Jambe Juice and 2 burgers and fries from Burger King. We got to his work and I called him and told him to come to the car and when he got out we gave him his yummy surprise lunch and told him we were so thankful for all his hard work to provide for us. I really hope it made his day!

Kamrin and I have decided on a name for our new little man. His name will be Kamdyn Dane Hammond. I thought of Kamdyn a long time ago before we even had decided on another baby because if we did have another one I wanted it named after Kamrin in a way yet not his exact name. I thought Kamdyn fit for a boy or a girl and I fell in love with it. Kamrin picked Dane for his middle name because its his dads name and he really wanted him named after his dad. So Kamdyn is lucky to be named after his daddy and his grandpa. I cant wait to meet and hold little Kamdyn!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ITS A.........

We are going to be out of town on Fathers Day so I wanted to drag out the celebration for the next month. I wrote Kamrin a letter explaining that either once or twice each week between now and then I will be giving him a surprise on random days to show him what an amazing daddy he is. For the first one I got him a 12 pack of vanilla coke and a bag of treats and told him to sit down and relax with his new goodies and his first surprise would appear. I then pushed play on the DVD player and it was an ultrasound of our little bun in the oven. Earlier that day I took the kids on a little field trip to Fetal Foto and told the tech I wanted to surprise my husband with it so when it came to the gender shots she told me to turn my head. It was so hard having a DVD and pics in my hand and not watch it til late that night with Kamrin! I stayed strong and it was so worth it! It was such a special experience watching it in our own home, with the lights off and with it just being us 2 in the room and not even having the tech there when we found out! Im so glad I thought to do it this way rather then waiting 6 days like we planned. It was so fun looking over at him and seeing his expressions when the baby would do cute things and he would squeeze my leg at certain points. As we started watching it I asked him what he thought it would be and he said "Boy" I then told him I really had felt like it was a girl from the very beginning. I then asked him what he wanted it to be. He quickly told me he wanted it to be a girl. It kind of shocked me cause I just assumed he would want to experience a baby in a positive way from the very beginning but after thinking about it, it really makes sense he said a girl. Kamrin and Maddie have such a powerful bond between them. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger and the way they are together just melts my heart. Dont get me wrong he absolutely loves and adores Jaydan but there is just something about that daddy-daughter bond that Maddie and Kamrin have that is just amazing. Then the big moment came and the words IM A BOY popped on the screen! I had mixed feelings to be honest. I really thought it was a girl. Not only that but I kind of wanted another because Maddie is the only girl in our family. She was the 1st girl born on my moms side since me! I wanted another little girl around for her at all the family gatherings and such and let's be honest girls are SO much fun to dress and they have all the cute accessories to go with all their adorable clothes!! Part of me did want a boy because I have always wanted a boy-girl order since I was old enough to start thinking of having kids someday. Also I wanted a boy that Kamrin and I could experience together in a positive note from the beginning. Also Kamrins family didnt meet Jaydan til he was 3 months old so I wanted to experience a boy with them from the beginning also. The next morning I went shopping with Maddie after we took Jay to preschool and seeing all that adorable boy stuff I got so so excited its a boy!! I found a few ADORABLE things that are winter clothes on clearance that I bought and I cant wait to see my new little guy in them!! I love him so much already!! I love waiting the ultrasound. He already has a fun little personality. He was flipping around like crazy! One minute he was hanging upside down then he would turn and flip the other way. He had his little hands up by his face alot playing with it :-) I couldnt be happier to be having another little boy! Jaydan is such a mommys boy and Im hoping this one is too!

Hanging upside down :-)

He loves touching his face!


Cool shot of his brain

He looks like he is lounging in a recliner :-)

So tiny!

IM A BOY!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is an emotional holiday for me now that I am a mom. Words cant describe how thankful I am to be mom and not only to be a mom but to be a mom to Jaydan and Madyson in general. They are not perfect and there are moments that I have no more patience with them but I would not change anything about them at all. Not even the naughty tantrum moments because that makes them who they are and I love every single thing about them. They are both amazing little kids and I often wonder what I did to deserve such special kids. Im so excited to have another baby at the end of this year also. Im so excited to have a newborn around again and also to see how Jaydan and Madyson are with he/she. They both are already so cute when they talk about the baby and they love rubbing, hugging and kissing my belly and they both even talk to the baby. Its so adorable!! I absolutely love moments like that. My kids are my everything. The are the reason I get up in the morning (and in the middle of the night sometimes) Being a mom of 3 sometimes scares me but I cant wait for the challenge because it means I am lucky and blessed enough to have 3 kids.
Jaydan is getting SO big! He is almost 4 and I honestly cant believe it! It really doesnt seem possible that I have been a mom for 4 years already and in another way I cant remember life before being a mom. He is about to finish up his first year of preschool. He has loved going to preschool! He is such a smart little kid. Im so proud of him and he really amazes me daily with all he learns. He is also about to finish up his first season of soccer which he has LOVED! I cant help but smile and giggle the entire time Im watching him play. He picks things up so quickly and soccer was no different. He even teaches his sister moves while at home :-) Jaydan LOVES playing our wii and he is really good at it for his age. He loves showing everyone who will sit down to watch him how good he is. Jaydan has a very special spirit about him. He is such a sweet and sensitive boy. He is so sweet to his little sister and just adores her and wants to protect her all the time. He is also a big mommys boy. I love him so very much. I am so thankful to be his mom!!
Madyson is almost 2 and 1/2 and it also blows my mind that my baby is that old already. She is such a great talker and amazes me everyday with all the new words and sentences she says. She loves to sing and is so good at remembering all the words to even adult songs already. She also loves to dance and loves anything to do with music in general. She is a very girly girl. She LOVES baby dolls, jewelry, she loves when mommy gives her a mani and pedi and she has a huge obsession with shoes!! Maddie is the princess of the family for sure. She has her daddy and brother wrapped around her little finger! She is such a daddy little girl. Those 2 have such a special bond and I just love watching them with each other. It really melts my heart. Maddie wants to be just like her big brother. She wants to do everything with him. Maddie is for sure in her "terrible 2's" but she also can be such a sweet little girl. When she knows mommy doesnt feel good she just wants to take care of me and she loves talking about our new baby on the way! I love this little girl so very much and I am so grateful to be her mom!!
Baby #3 doesnt have a name and we dont even know if its a boy or girl yet but this baby is already a part of our family! I already love this baby with all my heart. My kids know about he/she and love seeing ultrasound pics of it. They are so excited to go with mommy and daddy on the 24th of this month to see how they take pics of the baby in my belly and to see if they will have a baby brother or sister. Im also very excited! Im excited to find out the gender but I am also excited to share that special moment with it just being Kamrin and our 2 kids! I cant wait to know if i will have another son or daughter. Cant wait to pick a name for he/she. I cant wait to feel this baby grow and move in me. I cant wait to meet this little one. I cant wait to see all 3 of my kids together!!
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women in my life rather they have kids or not they are a mother figure to someone! I love all these wonderful women in my life and I am so blessed to know them all!

Car Accident

The Saturday before Mothers Day I had just picked up my friend and we were headed to a store. I was driving my dads car because our van was making horrible noises so Kamrin took it to one of his coworkers cousins to fix. Anyways I had just turned left onto 4000 West off of 4100 South and I hadnt even got up to full speed when this lady started pulling out of a parking lot to turn left and pulled out right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks put it was too late there was no way to avoid hitting her because she just kept stepping on her gas. After we hit I was at a complete stop but she kept going so it kept scrapping along the bumper. She kept turning her wheel as if she was finishing her left hand turn and came to a stop. I looked at my friend and asked if she was okay. After she said she was okay I was getting ready to pull off to the side of the road and BAM! For some reason she stepped on her gas again and hit us again! This time instead of the bumper it was the rear drivers door, rear tire and the side of the trunk on the drivers side! So once again my friend and I were making sure each other were okay and I pulled over. She pulled in the parking lot that she had first came out of. I hurried and grabbed my phone and called the cops. I looked over at them to make sure they seemed okay and they seemed fine but they were on the phone crying. After I got off the phone with the cops I walked over to make sure they were okay and they didnt speak much english but kept shaking their heads saying okay. I told them the cops were on their was and went back to my car to call my dad and Kamrin. I was shaking so bad! I have never been in an accident like that before especially while being the driver. The only other accident I was in while driving was we were rear ended while we were at a complete stop and he hit us maybe going 5 mph if that. It felt like it took the cop FOREVER to get there. Once he got there I got out to talk to him and he first asked if everyone was hurt at all. I told him my friend had a mark on her neck and chest area from the seat belt and also her neck and back were hurting. I then told him my shoulder hurt and that I am pregnant and I was cramping but I thought it was either from the seat belt, nerves or probably a mix from both. He asked if we wanted medical to come check us out and we both thought we didnt need them to come. We filled out all the paper work and sat around for quite a while, while the other girl filled out her paper work and the cop checked out the damage to both cars and looked us both up in his computer. Her car really did get the worst end of it. They couldnt even open her drivers door. We actually got really lucky with how little of damage happened with my dads car. Even with 2 separate hits both arent as bad as they could have been and how bad her car got. After the cop was done with his investigation and all the paperwork he came over and told me she told the same story I did and told me to have peace of mind that she did get 2 citations for it. 1 for failure to look out and the other for no drivers license. Luckily the car she was driving did have current insurance though. Since the accident my left shoulder and my neck have been pretty sore and stiff. I also have been cramping which has made me worry about the baby. I went to my doc yesterday and he checked me out and checked on the baby and luckily baby is great. He said with it being 48 hours after the accident and the babys heart still being that good there was a slim chance to none that the baby was even affected by it which made me SO relieved!! He gave me some lortabs to help with my neck and shoulder and it helped so much I slept for almost 11 hours last night!! Im so thankful it wasnt worse then it was and Im so thankful nobody was seriously hurt.
Side of the trunk on the drivers side
Rear drivers door
My dads poor bumper

Soccer In The Cold

I havent taken my camera to the last few soccer games and practices because I have either forgotten or it was too cold and wet. Saturday the 1st was a very early game and man was it COLD! It rained most of the time too. All the kids werent really into playing cause they were so cold and wet lol. After the game they had their team pictures taken. Luckily that was in the gym in the rec center so it was nice and warm and dry. My sister Kim came with me to do the pictures while Kamrin, his grandma, his sister and Maddie came home to make a big pot of hot chocolate for all of us! Then Gran treated us all to lunch at Golden Corral! Thanks Gran! Jaydan is loving soccer and he is really getting the hang of it. I love watching him play! He is so tiny and kicks his little legs like crazy its adorable! Im such a proud mommy! I want to thank all our family who have come out to support Jaydan and watch him play especially when its been cold and wet. It means alot to us to have such love and support from our families. I know it means alot to Jaydan also. His face lights up as people he knows and love arrive to watch him play so thank you all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Proud!!

Jaydan has been potty trained for almost a year now. Since he has been potty trained he has never had an accident really. Once he decided he was ready he gave it his all which is funny cause he was pretty stubborn when being potty trained so to go from refusing to never an accident is pretty good. Anyways even though he has done great during the day night and nap are a different story. If we even attempted to keep his underwear on him when he was going to sleep he would cry so hard. I dont know if it was fear of getting in trouble if he peed or what. He would wake up wet every night also so I figured his bladder wasnt strong enough to make it through the night yet. Plus I figured he was like his mommy and daddy who both wet the bed off and on til we were 8 or so LOL :-) A week ago today after we got home from his soccer game and dinner I talked to him about being a big boy now. I told him he was too big to wear a diaper or pull up to bed. I told him now that he is in school, playing soccer and big enough to play the wii he had to wear underwear to bed and not use his gate on his door anymore. We started using a gate on his door when he first learned to sleep in a toddler bed so he couldnt escape and we have tried for way over a year to break him of it but I think it became a security thing for him so every time we would try to not put it up he would sob til we gave in and put it up. So last Tuesday night was the first night in underwear AND no gate and he put up only a tiny fight until I said he wouldnt be able to play wii until he could break those 2 habits and sure enough he didnt put up any fight after then :-) The first night he woke up around 330 or so crying and came to my bed saying he needed to go pee so I went with him and he was a tiny bit wet like he started to pee and hurried and stopped himself which made me so proud!! I changed his underwear and we went back to bed and when we woke up he was completely dry so Kamrin and I made a huge deal about it and he was smiling so big! In the last week he has only wet the bed 1 time! He has been dry every nap and every night except once. The time he did wet the bed was pretty funny though cause he came to our bed and both Kamrin and our eyes were still closed and Kamrin said "Buddy are your underwear dry" Jaydan answered very quickly saying "Yup my nemos are dry but I have to go potty now" and took off upstairs to go. Kamrin went up and came back down, went in Jaydans room and came out laughing. I asked him what was so funny and he said Jaydan had wet the bed, took of his clothes and underwear, hid them in the corner by this bed and only put underwear back on. Now it made sense why he told us the specific underwear that were dry cause he had just put them on :-) We both laughed and told him it was okay he had an accident but he needed to tell us when he did and that he was not in trouble. So today mark 1 week with underwear to bed and for naps and no gate! Im so proud of my little guy!!