Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Boy Has A Name

For some reason Blogspot is having issues with downloading videos right now. I have tried for a couple days to download the video of Jaydans reaction to finding out we are having a boy. I recorded it because I knew he would not take the news so well. From the beginning he has said he has wanted it to be a baby girl. Maddie on the other hand has insisted it was a baby boy and so she took the news rather well :-) Describing his reaction just doesnt do justice so I will keep trying to downloading it foe a later post and hope that one day it works. The day after he got the traumatic news that it was not a girl like he wanted I sat down with him and asked if he was feeling better about getting a brother. He said "Yes, I wont cry anymore cause its a boy mommy" He sure makes me laugh alot :-) I decided to take him to Babies R Us and let him pick out something that he wanted to buy the baby that was just from him to get him excited. We got to the store and they had to ride the Pumba ride they have right as you walk in the store and off we were to find a special gift from Jaydan. He didnt really good and picked very cute recieving blankets for his new brother. Maddie of course then had to pick something for the baby so she also picked a pack of very cute recieving blankets. I then decided to do Kamrins 2nd "Fathers Day" random surprise so we went and got him a Pina Colada flavored Jambe Juice and 2 burgers and fries from Burger King. We got to his work and I called him and told him to come to the car and when he got out we gave him his yummy surprise lunch and told him we were so thankful for all his hard work to provide for us. I really hope it made his day!

Kamrin and I have decided on a name for our new little man. His name will be Kamdyn Dane Hammond. I thought of Kamdyn a long time ago before we even had decided on another baby because if we did have another one I wanted it named after Kamrin in a way yet not his exact name. I thought Kamdyn fit for a boy or a girl and I fell in love with it. Kamrin picked Dane for his middle name because its his dads name and he really wanted him named after his dad. So Kamdyn is lucky to be named after his daddy and his grandpa. I cant wait to meet and hold little Kamdyn!!

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