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Our Family

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Proud!!

Jaydan has been potty trained for almost a year now. Since he has been potty trained he has never had an accident really. Once he decided he was ready he gave it his all which is funny cause he was pretty stubborn when being potty trained so to go from refusing to never an accident is pretty good. Anyways even though he has done great during the day night and nap are a different story. If we even attempted to keep his underwear on him when he was going to sleep he would cry so hard. I dont know if it was fear of getting in trouble if he peed or what. He would wake up wet every night also so I figured his bladder wasnt strong enough to make it through the night yet. Plus I figured he was like his mommy and daddy who both wet the bed off and on til we were 8 or so LOL :-) A week ago today after we got home from his soccer game and dinner I talked to him about being a big boy now. I told him he was too big to wear a diaper or pull up to bed. I told him now that he is in school, playing soccer and big enough to play the wii he had to wear underwear to bed and not use his gate on his door anymore. We started using a gate on his door when he first learned to sleep in a toddler bed so he couldnt escape and we have tried for way over a year to break him of it but I think it became a security thing for him so every time we would try to not put it up he would sob til we gave in and put it up. So last Tuesday night was the first night in underwear AND no gate and he put up only a tiny fight until I said he wouldnt be able to play wii until he could break those 2 habits and sure enough he didnt put up any fight after then :-) The first night he woke up around 330 or so crying and came to my bed saying he needed to go pee so I went with him and he was a tiny bit wet like he started to pee and hurried and stopped himself which made me so proud!! I changed his underwear and we went back to bed and when we woke up he was completely dry so Kamrin and I made a huge deal about it and he was smiling so big! In the last week he has only wet the bed 1 time! He has been dry every nap and every night except once. The time he did wet the bed was pretty funny though cause he came to our bed and both Kamrin and our eyes were still closed and Kamrin said "Buddy are your underwear dry" Jaydan answered very quickly saying "Yup my nemos are dry but I have to go potty now" and took off upstairs to go. Kamrin went up and came back down, went in Jaydans room and came out laughing. I asked him what was so funny and he said Jaydan had wet the bed, took of his clothes and underwear, hid them in the corner by this bed and only put underwear back on. Now it made sense why he told us the specific underwear that were dry cause he had just put them on :-) We both laughed and told him it was okay he had an accident but he needed to tell us when he did and that he was not in trouble. So today mark 1 week with underwear to bed and for naps and no gate! Im so proud of my little guy!!

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brigette said...

way to go Jay!!