Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ITS A.........

We are going to be out of town on Fathers Day so I wanted to drag out the celebration for the next month. I wrote Kamrin a letter explaining that either once or twice each week between now and then I will be giving him a surprise on random days to show him what an amazing daddy he is. For the first one I got him a 12 pack of vanilla coke and a bag of treats and told him to sit down and relax with his new goodies and his first surprise would appear. I then pushed play on the DVD player and it was an ultrasound of our little bun in the oven. Earlier that day I took the kids on a little field trip to Fetal Foto and told the tech I wanted to surprise my husband with it so when it came to the gender shots she told me to turn my head. It was so hard having a DVD and pics in my hand and not watch it til late that night with Kamrin! I stayed strong and it was so worth it! It was such a special experience watching it in our own home, with the lights off and with it just being us 2 in the room and not even having the tech there when we found out! Im so glad I thought to do it this way rather then waiting 6 days like we planned. It was so fun looking over at him and seeing his expressions when the baby would do cute things and he would squeeze my leg at certain points. As we started watching it I asked him what he thought it would be and he said "Boy" I then told him I really had felt like it was a girl from the very beginning. I then asked him what he wanted it to be. He quickly told me he wanted it to be a girl. It kind of shocked me cause I just assumed he would want to experience a baby in a positive way from the very beginning but after thinking about it, it really makes sense he said a girl. Kamrin and Maddie have such a powerful bond between them. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger and the way they are together just melts my heart. Dont get me wrong he absolutely loves and adores Jaydan but there is just something about that daddy-daughter bond that Maddie and Kamrin have that is just amazing. Then the big moment came and the words IM A BOY popped on the screen! I had mixed feelings to be honest. I really thought it was a girl. Not only that but I kind of wanted another because Maddie is the only girl in our family. She was the 1st girl born on my moms side since me! I wanted another little girl around for her at all the family gatherings and such and let's be honest girls are SO much fun to dress and they have all the cute accessories to go with all their adorable clothes!! Part of me did want a boy because I have always wanted a boy-girl order since I was old enough to start thinking of having kids someday. Also I wanted a boy that Kamrin and I could experience together in a positive note from the beginning. Also Kamrins family didnt meet Jaydan til he was 3 months old so I wanted to experience a boy with them from the beginning also. The next morning I went shopping with Maddie after we took Jay to preschool and seeing all that adorable boy stuff I got so so excited its a boy!! I found a few ADORABLE things that are winter clothes on clearance that I bought and I cant wait to see my new little guy in them!! I love him so much already!! I love waiting the ultrasound. He already has a fun little personality. He was flipping around like crazy! One minute he was hanging upside down then he would turn and flip the other way. He had his little hands up by his face alot playing with it :-) I couldnt be happier to be having another little boy! Jaydan is such a mommys boy and Im hoping this one is too!

Hanging upside down :-)

He loves touching his face!


Cool shot of his brain

He looks like he is lounging in a recliner :-)

So tiny!

IM A BOY!!!!

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brigette said...

So exciting!! Yay for boys!