Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Potty Time And Binky Free!!!!

Maddie wanted to wear her cowgirl boots and tutu :-)

Showing off her boots!!

Being a cowgirl is exhausting!

I sure love that face!

What you looking at???
In his big boy underwear! I love the little boxer briefs :-)

Showing off his muscles!

I go potty all the time now!

Im a big kid now!!!!!!!

There has been lots of changes the last little while with Jaydan and Madyson. They are growing like weeds right now! They are getting so big and grown up lately!! Jaydans big change is he is officially potty trained!!!!! FINALLY!! Poor kid has had a rough year and every time we would work on potty training he would have surgery, get sick or break something. Plus it didnt help that he is very stubborn and he will only do things on his own terms. Once he decided he was ready he has done great!! No accidents and he tells us every time he needs to go and if we are in the car or something he holds it until we get to a potty. Im so proud of him. After doing so good for a couple days with no accidents we decided to ask Kamrins mom to watch Maddie so Kamrin and I could take him to a movie. We went and seen G Force in 3D. He LOVED it! He sat through the whole thing and didnt get restless at all!! It was so funny to see him grab for things that werent really there since it was in 3D. We all had alot of fun!! Maddies big change is she is now binky free!! This is huge for us! Both of my kids were huge binky babies! Maddies actually hated the binky til she started teething but has been hooked since. She has been without one at all for a week and a half now. Im guessing she will be potty trained by Christmas right when she turns 2! She LOVES going potty and being big like her brother. She has to sit on the little potty we have whenever he goes potty. She has even gone pee in there quite a few times now. Going from changing 2 kids diapers daily to none will be nice!!Im so proud of my little bugs for all the big changes they have made! I sure love those 2!!!!

Procedure Outcome

The last 2 weeks have been pretty tough for me. Being sick is not fun anyways but being a mom makes it really hard. I felt so guilty not be able to take care of my own kids, clean my own house and do all the other things that are my responsibilities as a wife and stay at home mom. Last Sunday night and Monday morning was not fun AT ALL!!! I had to drink 4 liters of the worst tasting stuff ever! Its not just the taste that was HORRIBLE but the feel of it in my mouth YUCK!! The best way I can think of to describe it is slimy and greasy. Makes me wanna gag just thinking of it!! I hope I never have to go that again!! I was so worried they wouldnt be able to do my procedure because I threw up ALOT of it. Luckily they still did it. I was so nervous when I got there. After filling out all the papers they took me back and I laid in the bed and got all the IVs started. After about 10 minutes my nurse wheeled me down to met the specialist. He talked to me for a few minutes and the nurse put something in my iv and the next thing I know I was in a different room and a different nurse was with me and soon after Kamrin came walking in. It was a comfort to see him come in!! After waking up more we went to a room to talk to the doctor. He came in and told me I didnt have Crohns or any other disease like that! YAY!! I was so relieved!! Then he told me I need to eat a high fiber diet and supplement and he gave me a pill for stomach and intestine spasms. I had felt better off and on the next few days after that. Thursday I felt yucky again so I called my regular doc and he had me go in Friday to draw blood to run a bunch of tests. When I got there the nurse took my temp and asked how long I had the fever for. I told her I hadnt had one at all. She looked at me like I was stupid and told me I had one then. My doctor later told me my white blood count was high and I had an infection in my stomach and intestines. He told me he still doesnt know if the infection was caused from why my pain started or if the infection was why I had pain to begin with. I guess only time will tell. Im just so thankful its not Crohns or anything like that!!!! Today I have felt better then I have in 2 weeks so looks like the antibiotics are working so far!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Next Uphill Battle

Last Sunday I was having a rough day and I was just hanging around my house waiting to go pick up my sister from the airport and had to go to the bathroom. I went it and all the sudden had a gush of bright red blood. Was a bit confused cause I had already had my cycle but later figured out it wasnt coming from there (TMI I know) So anyways kinda brushed it off and went on with my day. Sunday night I started getting a pain in my whole lower back. Monday morning the pain was now my lower back and right in my gut. More into Monday I threw up twice and there was blood in that. I started to get worried so I called the doctor. We was booked so couldnt get in til Thursday at 2. Tuesday the pain was more intense but no throw up and only little blood. Wednesday the pain was so bad I was in a ball alot just to cope with it. Around 2pm I went in the bathroom and another gush of blood. I called Kamrin and he said we couldnt wait he wanted me to be seen that night. My mom came out to sit with the kids and he came and took me to an urgent care. The doc there tested my urine and ruled out kidney or bladder problems. After an exam he said he didnt want to have to put he needed me to go to the ER right away. Luckily the ER was slow so we got right into a room and the doc came in right away to talk to me, do blood tests and an exam. He said he wanted to do a CT scan to see if it was an infection in my stomach, intestines or anywhere like that. Thats when the waiting game begun. Luckily at that point I had morphine so I was feeling GOOD!!!! It was a long wait then finally they came and got me for the scan and took me back to Kamrin. Then we had to wait a very long time for the doc to come tell us what they found. When he came in he said there was good and bad news. Good news was nothing was infected and nothing had burst. Bad news is they needed to sent me to a specialist for further testing because he thinks this crones disease or 2 other diseases that are really big words. Just what I was afraid of. I was hoping for an infection that all I needed was an antibiotic would cure and I would be done with it. So he sent me home with some Lortab and the number of the specialist to call. I have an appt with him Monday at 1 and Im so not looking forward to it. Read the packet of what I need to do before it and oh boy how horrible!!!!! I cant eat anything for almost 48 hours before the procedure and have to drink 4 liters of this awful stuff that will clean my system out. I have to drink 8 oz every 10 min til half of its gone then the morning of it drink the rest within a 2 hour window. This is going to be SO hard for me!!!! Every single day the pain gets worse and spreads more. Its moving more up my left side daily. Im really hoping Monday I can get some answers so I can start to feel human again. I sleep all the time, cant eat and cant even take care of my own kids which has been the hardest on me!! I cant wait to be able to get down on the floor and chase and tickle them again!!