Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

For FHE last night we carved pumpkins and watched a scripture cartoon. The kids had a blast!!! Im loving having FHE with them!!!

Baby Update

I went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound to see if baby was in my tubes or not. Baby is in the right place and is so teeny tiny!! We couldnt see any heart activity but once you see how tiny it is you will see why. I go back next week to see if we can see the heart flutter yet. One alarming thing he found was what he called a major tear or hemorrhage on the left side of the baby. That could be from the baby trying to implant or even try to detach itself. I guess time will tell. I already feel more pregnant with this one then I have at the beginning with the others. With Jaydan I had 0 morning sickness. With Maddie I had morning sickness at dinner time but it wasnt horrible just annoying. With Kamdyn I had some random spells of morning sickness but again it was more annoying then anything. This one I feel YUCKY! Not all the time but when it does hit its bad! Last night I was trying to eat dinner and the more I ate the more I was ready to puke. We then carved pumpkins for FHE and the smell of the pumpkins when Kamrin opened them made me SICK!!!! I had to keep leaving the room and even jumped at the chance to leave the house to go pick up batteries for the pumpkin lights. Hopefully it doesnt last long.

See those white blobs at the bottom of the black hole??? Thats baby!!

Jaydans School Halloween Party

On October 19th Jaydans class had their Halloween party because it was their last day before going off track and since they dont go back til November 14th his teacher let them wear their costumes and have a party to celebrate. I went and helped out with the party. First they did their normal morning thing and then each kid got to stand up and tell the class what they were dressed up as. One of the moms then read them some Halloween stories. We had 3 activity stations for the kids. The 1st one was bat bowling. That was the one I helped with. They had bottled water with bats glued on as the pins and then got to throw a pumpkin at them. Second was Pin The Face On The Pumpkin and the last was decorate Halloween crafts. I only got the one picture at the beginning because I was bust helping. After the 3 stations their teacher had them make a book about ghosts. As they left we handed out 2 treat bags stuffed with candy!! Jaydan had a blast and was so happy to show his friends his costume!!!

Sitting on the rug with his classmates. He is the one in black right behind Woody.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yes, No, Maybe So....I Dont Know!!!

We were surprised to learn we are expecting baby #4! We had decided we were done having babies but apparently that was not what was meant to be for us. Funny enough early enough last week I went to the doctor to get on a second form of birth control. Friday I got this really sharp pain on my left side and it got worse by the minute. After a couple hours I decided it was time to go to the ER to get checked out. After blood tests, ultrasounds and urine sample they came in and told me well your pregnant but you are going through a miscarriage. He said my HCG levels were at 95 which is really low for how far along they thought I was. They said they found a sack that measured at 5 weeks 5 days and I told them that wasnt possible because I had just had a normal period exactly 4 weeks ago that day. He didnt listen to me and just said they were sending me home to go through the miscarriage process there and told me symptoms to come back for if I started getting them. The next day I mostly stayed in bed or on the couch resting. Kamrin had went and got 2 pregnancy tests and I took one that day and one the next day to see if the line was fading to make sure my body was registering the miscarriage. Saturday the test was pretty dark and Sunday the line was alot darker. I was so confused. Sunday the pain started getting worse again so that night I decided to go to a different hospital. The hospital I went to on Friday is not part of the network my doc works I so I went to one he could get the reports easy and so on. After telling the nurse what all they told me on friday they decided to o another urine sample, blood tests and ultrasounds. After they looked at all the results from their tests they came in and told me it didnt appear to be a miscarriage especially since I wasnt even spotting. they said my HCG levels more then doubled which is what they do with a normal pregnancy. My levels were now at 273. They said there is no sign of a pregnancy in my uterus which means there is a pregnancy in the wrong spot. They then explained they think I have an etopic pregnancy which means the pregnancy is stuck in my fallopian tube which can be fatal. They said I needed to go see my doc and have my levels checked by my regular doctor and once my levels got between 1000-1500 they would do another ultrasound and if there was still no sign of pregnancy they would take me in for emergency surgery to remove it from my tube before it harmed me at all. I went home a mess!! I was terrified! I have had my appendix out and it was the worst thing I have ever felt. I said back then and I still feel the same way that I rather give birth 100 more times before having surgery ever again. Plus they scared me taking about how careful I needed to be because if it ruptures it would cause internal bleeding and could kill me. So the next morning I called and got an appt with my doctor whom I trust completely so I was so excited to finally hear his opinion on what we do now. I explained everything and he read the reports the hospital had given me and he giggled a few times and told me something I was expecting to hear. He said first of the ultrasound report the first hospital gave me made no sense. He said it said they found an empty sack like structure. He said if is was a baby sack it would have 2 rings around it so it was something like blood or fluid is all. He then explained that it was just way too early to even see anything so of course they werent finding it. He had me come in the next morning to take more blood and sure enough my levels went to 595 so now we will do an ultrasound in Monday and hopefully have answers. He seems to think my pain is from something else and thinks the pregnancy is just fine. I went in to shock a bit! I went the whole weekend thinking I was losing the baby one way or another. Its still very possible. Only time will tell I guess.

Saturday test on top. Sunday on bottom.


On Sat Oct 8th we found somewhere for the kids to sleep over and Kamrin and I headed out to Wendover on the Fun Bus. We had a good time together! I came home $145 richer and Kamrin came home $6 poorer :-) The next day we had a VERY LONG talk since the kids werent here still. We talked about the future and what we both really wanted for us and our kids. We decided it was time to jump in full blast in the gospel. We decided it was time to have Family Home Evening with our kids, family prayers, attend chrch weekly and also do scripture study as a couple which we have never done. We both were so excited and happy we did our first scripture study right then and there and it went great! The next evening we did our first FHE and the kids had a blast! We first talked to them about all the new changes we were going to making and they were so excited about doing FHE or Special Family Meeting as Jay calls it :-) I did the 1st lesson and I did it on Jesus. Our first FHE was a success! This passed Monday Kamrin and the 2 older kids were at a play so we did FHE on Tuesday. We decorated the door for Halloween and sis a lesson. Kamrin did the lesson this time and he did it on ways we can learn about Jesus. It was so cute every time Kamrin would ask them a question Maddies answer was "Be good for Mommy and Daddy" no matter what the question was. She was cracking me up. Im SO excited for our future and to see us and our kids progress spiritually! Its long passed due thats for sure! I cant imagine not having these amazing people I have been blessed with not being sealed to me for eternity so its very exciting doing what will get is there!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Field Trip

A couple weeks ago (Yes, Im behind) Maddies preschool had their first field trip of the year. The first one is always to a park to let them play together and have a snack. We went to a different park this year. My friend told me about this awesome "castle" park so I showed them where it was and we got to play there. The kids LOVED it there!