Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Update

I went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound to see if baby was in my tubes or not. Baby is in the right place and is so teeny tiny!! We couldnt see any heart activity but once you see how tiny it is you will see why. I go back next week to see if we can see the heart flutter yet. One alarming thing he found was what he called a major tear or hemorrhage on the left side of the baby. That could be from the baby trying to implant or even try to detach itself. I guess time will tell. I already feel more pregnant with this one then I have at the beginning with the others. With Jaydan I had 0 morning sickness. With Maddie I had morning sickness at dinner time but it wasnt horrible just annoying. With Kamdyn I had some random spells of morning sickness but again it was more annoying then anything. This one I feel YUCKY! Not all the time but when it does hit its bad! Last night I was trying to eat dinner and the more I ate the more I was ready to puke. We then carved pumpkins for FHE and the smell of the pumpkins when Kamrin opened them made me SICK!!!! I had to keep leaving the room and even jumped at the chance to leave the house to go pick up batteries for the pumpkin lights. Hopefully it doesnt last long.

See those white blobs at the bottom of the black hole??? Thats baby!!

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brigette said...

Fingers crossed! Hope all goes well!!