Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 22, 2010


The Tuesday before Valentines Jay had his preschool party. I unfortunately missed it because I was sick :-( He brought home alot of fun things and said he had a very good time! On Friday Kamrin gave me a surprise for an early Valentines present. He gave me chocolate covered grapes from Cummings Chocolates which are my favorites and also a heart shaped container full of strawberries and so dipping chocolate to dip them in!! I was so excited!! Valentines day was nothing major with it falling on Sunday this year. We woke up and played with the kids, gave them their Valentines presents and made heart shaped food for them! That evening we went to Kamrins grandmas house for a family dinner. It was alot of fun! This last Friday Kamrin took me out for our "out" celebration. He took me to Olive Garden! That place is one of my all time favorite places! After dinner he look me to see the movie Valentines Day which we both really liked which surprised me cause Kamrin is not a huge fan of chick flicks. It was a great night! I always love being able to have alone time with my husband!! I hope you all had a great Valentines!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Complete Randomness

This post will have MANY different topics. None of them are big enough to do their own posts so here goes a bunch of randomness. We have all been sick on and off for the last couple weeks. On my moms birthday (February 4th) we went over to my grandmas to see her and do cake and ice cream with her. All was fine and we put the kids to bed. Around 10:30pm or so Maddie started crying pretty hard so Kamrin went down there and came up a bit later holding her away from him and went and turned the bath water on. That usually means throw up or blow out diaper so I go in and WOW she had throw up ALL over her! Kamrin told me if I thought that was alot to go look at her bed. Lucky me got the privilege of cleaning that up. Needless to say we didnt sleep for a couple nights and took turns up in a cushion bed we made upstairs and we cleaned up ALOT of throw up and alot of dirty diapers for a couple days. So not fun. Luckily Jay never got it. Kamrin and I got it mild after that. Not fun at all. On top of that I had problems with my cysts on my ovaries. We are all back to normal now though.
My sick girl finally getting a little sleep :-(
Last Thursday I was busy all day long. I was babysitting my nephew, had an appt to go to and also I was making 2 big dinners. One for us and Kamrins sister and her husband and also one for a family in our ward that is going through a rough time. I was really nervous because I have never taken dinner into a family before. Im not the best cook ever. Im still learning. In fact Kamrin is a MUCH better cook then I am but of course he was working late that night. So I braved it and just did a mexican taco soup I make in the crock pot. I took tortilla chips, sour cream and shredded cheese to go with it. I also made Rhodes rolls and then brownies for dessert. All in all I think it all turned out very good. Anyways why Im telling you all this is because while I had these millions of things going on Jay comes running in the kitchen saying "Mommy you have got to come see what baby did" Yes, he still calls her baby :-) I run in the living room cause I knew it was not good. There I saw Maddie on the floor with my lotion bottle (which was up really high so now I know she is a climber) and she had lotion ALL OVER HER! All over her hands, forehead, cheek and even caked in her hair! Oh how I love that girl but man she drives me wild sometimes!! I wish that was all she had done naughty that day! So a bit later her and my nephew were riding the scooters in the kitchen and I looked down and she kept putting something in her mouth and taking it back again. I get closer and it was my flipper! For those of you who arent sure what that is its a retainer with a fake tooth on it. I have one thanks to that little angel of mine whacking me so hard with her head that it knocked my tooth out about a year ago. I will eventually get a bridge or implant so I wont need that stupid thing but for now that thing is my hero. So to make this worse I go to grab it from her and there is no tooth on it!! It just a retainer with the tooth snapped off! I start panicing and ask her where it is and of course she is only 2 so like she is going to tell me. She just started crying and saying she didnt know over and over. I was seriously freaking out going from room to room on my hands and knees searching for it. I was crying which was making her upset and UUUGGGHHH!! All this right as I was getting everything ready to take to my ward members. My flipper was up even higher then the lotion so she is a huge climber and/or had help from her brother but I really dont think he did because he was very occupied with the Wii at that time. So after moving all the furniture in the living room, cleaning up the entire play room, sweeping the entire kitchen there is still no sign of that stupid tooth. I have come to the only logical conclusion....She ate it??? So a few days and $400 later I had to go get a new one. The new one will only ever be in my mouth or on the top of the fridge.
Causing trouble as usual
Jaydan has had no sickness to report or no super naughty behavior that needs to be reported in blog but I do have a couple cute pics to share. The first one he was wearing my hoodie so Kamrin flipped him upside down and Jaydan was giggling so hard! It was so cute. I love the little moments like that!! The second one is of Jaydan sleeping. The funny part of that is he insisted he wasnt tired and didnt need a nap. A half hour later I found him in the play room laying on his HUGE stuffed puppy fast alseep :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Kamrin!!

Today is Kamrins 27th birthday!! I have been thinking for months how to make this birthday very special for him to show him just how much I love him and appreciate him and everything he does for me and our kids. I have put alot of thought into presents and also special things to do. The big present was an ipod touch!! He LOVES it!! It has not left his side since I gave it to him. I was too excited so I gave it to him last night and he even brought it to bed with him and no I am not joking!! He stayed up til 3am playing with it! You will never guess what was in his ipod when he walked upstairs after waking up this morning?? Yup the ipod! He brought it with everywhere we went today and has been playing with it since we got home and even as I write this he is glued to it :-) Im SO happy he loves it so much! Hopefully he will be able to put it down every once in a while and remember he still has a family lol.

This morning I took Jay to preschool and stopped and got him breakfast from McDonalds since he loves the McGriddles. Maddie and I made him a cheesecake and then we headed to pick Jay up. We took the kids to Artic Circle to play in their play land until my aunt got home so we could drop them off and have some alone time. The kids had a blast playing and Kamrin and I loved seeing their huge grins!! After we dropped them off we went to try In & Out burger to see if it was as good as people say. The hamburgers are pretty good. The fries on the other hand I was not a fan of at all!!! The were so bland and just not good in my opinion. After that we went and saw Extraordinary Measures and I highly recommend that movie!! Very good but it is very sad. I cried quite a bit but I really enjoyed it. After that we went and saw the Disney movie Planet 51. It was cute but not my favorite. I know Jaydan will love it though! After watching 2 movies our backs had, had enough so we came home and the kids were just finishing dinner so I went and decorated his cheesecake with Harry Potter items and lit the candles and we sang to him. The kids have loved making a big deal for his birthday! They even made him cute cards and were SO proud giving him them this morning. It was very cute!! All in all I think it was a very fun and special day!


I love everything about you! I love the man you are and the man you strive to be! You are such an amazing husband and dad and we are so lucky to have you! Thank you for everything you do! I hope you had an amazing birthday!!!

Love, Your Wife