Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first plane ride, first time to Vegas and first time away from my babies

Last Thursday Kamrin, his sister Shaless, her husband Jared and I all got on an airplane and headed to Las Vegas. I had never been on an airplane so of course that's the way they chose to travel. The ride there was smooth as could be but the way home was pretty bumpy so I kept turning to Kamrin asking him a million questions about if it was normal, why was it shaking etc. Poor guy! I don't know what was worse my nerves from going on a plane or for leaving my kids. All that day every time I would look at either of them I would cry. I had never been that far from them or for that long so that was tough. When we got to Vegas I was pretty distracted so didn't have too much time to just sit and think of how much I missed them. It also helped that I got none stop updates on them from my sister Kim and got to talk to Jay a few times a day. We stayed for 4 nights and 5 days. It was so much fun and the best vacation of my life but I was so happy to come home and see my babies and my feet were so thankful too. We walked a min of 15 hours on the strip a day. We were able to see all that each hotel has to offer as far as the free shows and we even went to some of the stuff they offer that wasn't so cheap like 2 shows, shark reef, Dolphin pool and the wax museum which was so awesome. We ate buffet after buffet after buffet!! Vegas is such a fun place but it was SO HOT!! I'm still trying to get things back in order here at home. It is amazing to me how much laundry piles up after taking a 5 day break!!!


Me and a Tim look a like!

Watching Sugarland perform

Jared, Shaless, Kamrin and I eating at the ESPN Zone

Waterfall at the Flamingo Hotel

In front of the Paris Hotel at night

The fountain show in front of the Bellogio Hotel was amazing!

Shaless and I kissing the wax Tim McGraw

Kamrin and I in front of a Vegas fountain

Us in front of the Monte Carlo Hotel

Our new M&M friend

Kamrin and I in the big M&M frame at M&M World

The M&M Race Car

Monday, May 12, 2008

A little about each of us Hammonds

Kamrin and Ashley aka Daddy and Mommy-

Kamrin is 25 years old. He is an operations manager for a catering company. He really enjoys it but it can be a very stressful and demanding job. For fun Kamrin likes to do things around the house. He likes to upgrade things to make our home better. He is in the middle of redoing our whole yard. He is putting in a sprinkler system and new grass.

Ashley is 23 years old but will be 24 in June. I am a stay at home mom and love it. My days consist of diapers, bottles, sippy cups and Barney, Backyardigans and Elmo. It can get very hectic with 2 kids under the age of 2 but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love to scrapbook even though I have no time for it. My goal is to complete my kids baby books by their wedding days :-) My family is my life and everything I do is revolved around them.

Jaydan and Madyson aka the munchkins

Jaydan will be 2 years old June 24th. He is your typical boy. Loves cars, getting dirty being outside. He does have a soft side for his baby sister though. He is very into Barney, Backyardigans and Elmo right now. I put on the movie Cars for him for the first time last week and he was glued! He is always on the go yet he actually sat down and watched it. I was in shock. He has the funniest sense of humor and always has us laughing. He is so smart. He talks like crazy now. He is the light of our day!!!

Madyson will be 5 months on the 21st of May. She is growing so fast. At her 4 month appt she was 13 pounds 6 ounces and 24 and a half inches long. She has recently discovered her feet and thinks they are the coolest things ever. We have started her on baby food but she is not a big fan of it. She spits it out and cries so we have been giving her a break from it. She is starting to roll around. She is a very happy baby. She had a uti a couple weeks ago and the doctor asked how I knew she was sick because she was the happiest sick baby he had ever seen. The only reason I knew was she wouldn't drink her bottle and the small fever she started getting. She was still full of smiles and giggles even being miserable. I feel very blessed for my 2 amazing kids!

Baby love

Jaydan wanted to lay by sissy

Jaydan reading Madyson a book

They really do adore eachother!

It hasn't always been like this. When Maddie was first born Jaydan wasn't too sure what to think of her. She was taking attention from him so we did have the problems with jealousy for a while. Looking at them now you would never be able to tell that though. They love eachother so much. Jaydan is a very good big brother. He wants to help feed her and loves to hold her. Every time she cries Jaydan runs to her to make sure she is okay and he always come prepared with her binky. She lights up every time she sees him. She laughs at him all the time. She thinks he is so funny. I love watching them together. I'm a very proud mommy.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My favorite American Idol

Yesterday my friend and I wanted to take Jaydan and her daughter Brooke to Discovery Gateway which is a childrens museum at the Gateway Mall. So I asked my aunt to watch Madyson so I could give Jaydan all my attention. When we arrived to the mall our plan was park under Clarks Planetarium and walk through their door and cross the street to the museum and much to our surprise that door was locked so we had to walk all the way across the parking garage to the other side of the mall and walk back the direction of the museum once we got out of parking. When we got outside we saw news cameras and people everywhere. We were on the street level and all the crown was up on the bacony level. All of the sudden a cop car with it's light on came up and the crowd went crazy! Following the cop car was a stretch limo carrying David Archuleta who is in the top 3 of this years American Idol that is from Murray, Utah. His limo pulled up right next to us. I am a huge fan of American Idol so I was super excited about this. We pulled out our cameras and took as many as we could. When he went upstairs we went on our way to the museum. We decided to walk back for a while and see all the action and once we got right by his limo and he started walking down the stairs we were standing by. We got so close. It was exciting. As they were driving away I got great pictures of him out of his sunroof. It was a great day. Jaydan loved all the excitment also.