Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Fun!!!

Birthday Boo Boo its all black and blue now :-(

Wagon ride home

In the wagon trailer (I love this picture)

Eating his Batman Ring Pop

Baby kisses!!

Laying in Balloons

Checking out his Seasme Street friends

This is what happens when you stay up til 3am

Watching his birthday sparkler

Mommy and Jaydan rolling down the hill

Jaydans birthday was a very busy, exciting, fun and messy day!! It all started the night before when my friend Jenny and I stayed up til 3am to decorate our living room and his bedroom with balloons, streamers, banners, a 5 foot mural, giant stickers and even more balloons! He gets his sleeping habits from his dad because we were trying to be quiet in his room but of course that means we dropped stuff of ran into things and he didn't even move! I woke up at 8am with Maddie soI had to go wake him up because I was way too excited to wait. He woke up to us stnding over him, a huge Elmo balloon tied to his bed, a 5 foot Seasme Street mural on his wall and streamers everywhere. He was a bit confused at first but shortly got right into the excitement. I told him there was something in the living room for him and he went running. We put a streamer curtain in the doorway to the living room so he went tearing through it to see over 100 balloons on the floor, streamers everywhere, Happy Birthday banner, Giant Backyarigans stickers all over the walls and even more balloons floating on the ceiling. He got so excited he ran and leaped into all the balloons. after a while we gave Jaydan and his friend Brooke big goody bags and they colored, did puzzled and played hard! Then it was nap time. My mom and grandma came and took us to lunch at McDonalds so he could play in the play land after he ate. We came home ans played with Playdoh and Moon Sand then it was PARTY TIME!!! We went to the park down the street for cake, melted icecream and open presents oh and play play play!! He had so much fun until he fell right into a medal pole and got the biggest goose egg right between his eyes. Poor kid!!It was a very good birthday for him!! Thank you to everyone who helped make his birthday very special!!!!!

2 years ago yesterday!!

2 years ago yesterday we welcomed our son Jaydan Eli into the world. He was born June 24, 2006 at 1:56am. He was a very tiny 5 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches. Looking at him now you would never know he was ever that small!! The past 2 years have been the best years of my life. Being a mom is the best role I have ever been. Jaydan is a very fun, smart and loving little boy. Jaydan turning 2 is very bitter sweet for me. At one point I LOVE who he is today and how much he learns and grows everyday but at another point he is my baby so its so sad to see him not be a baby anymore. Jaydan is the highlight of our lives. He is so funny and keeps us entertained constantly. Happy Birthday little man!!!! I love you more then you will ever know!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The birthday fun begins!!

Jaydan will be turning 2 next Tuesday so we have a few birthday parties planned for him and last night was the first one. It was for my moms side of the family. It was alot of fun and Jaydan can't stop taking about it. He chose to have a Backyardigans party. He calls them Backigans. He helped me make his Pablo cake and for 2 days has said my Backigans cake. He has been obsessed with it. Its been so fun see him so excited. He loved all his presents and has been playing with them all day. Thank you to all who came to celebrate our little mans birthday!!


The Backyardigans cake that took me 2 days to make

After cake

Jaydan singing Twinkle twinkle to get everyones attention

Lets start celebrating me turning 2!!

Pablo Daxton

Pablo Stefon

Tyrone Jaydan

Jaydan with his aunt Tyrone Kim

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Advice Anyone?

So I never knew that it was really true that kids can really change when they are around the age of 2 and it's not a change for the better. The last week or so Jaydan has entered the stage they call the TERRIBLE 2S!!! He has been acting out, testing his limits and the worst picking on his baby sister! In the last week he has bit her twice, scratched her, pinched her and just been mean to her. Im new at this stage and have no idea what to do with him. I try the time out thing but thats obviously not helping matters. Anyone with advice or tips please share!!

Pretty Princess!

Playing in her saucer

Squeaky Clean

Lounging in her friends chair


Our little princess is almost 6 months old. She has discovered her screaming voice and how to spit. She is so close to rolling over but her arm just wont cooperate. It just stays in her way. She is teething so shes not so happy sometimes. Poor girl!!

Our Little Cookie Monster!!

This is what happens when Jaydan gets oreos!

What you lookin at?

Now I enjoy it!

We decided to give Jaydan a couple oreos after dinner one night and he likes to pull the 2 sides apart but little did we know he would discover that the cream can act like glue. He tested it on his forehead and thought it was so funny!! He was so proud of himself. He is now known as Our Little Cookie Monster!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back home safe and sound!!

My uncle Darrell is in the Army and has spent the last year serving in Iraq. He returned home safe and sound Thursday May 29th at 11:45pm. Kamrin and I wanted to take Jaydan to the airport to see him arrive since he is really into cars, planes and trains lately. We decided to not take Maddie because we knew it would get loud and would probably scare her. It was a very awesome experience seeing those brave soldiers return safe to their families and friends. Im very glad we went and Jaydan thought being that close to an airplane was so neat!! Thank you Darrell for serving our country!! Im very happy you are home safe!!

The awesome camo sign my aunt Lonnie, my sister Kim and I made for him
(our hands hurt so bad after making the signs we did)

Reunited after a year!!!

Lonnie and Darrell minutes after being reunited!!