Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dane!

This is the most recent picture I have of him

Yesterday was my father in laws birthday. We actually went out to dinner to celebrate it on Thursday. We went to his ward yesterday for a farewell and right in the middle of the sacarment being passed Jaydan went over to him and yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMPA (that's what his grandpa sounds like) Gotta love 2 year olds!! I don't know if he ever sees this blog but I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great one!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maddie 9 Month Pics!

Thursday was a very very busy day for us. First we had Maddie's 9 month check up with the doc. Wow is she getting big!! She is only 3 ounces away from being 20 pounds!!! That puts her in the 68 percentile for weight! We like our babies chunky what can I say!! She has also grown a whole foot from when she was born. It amazes me how much bigger she gets every single day! The doctor said all is well with her. After that we went to lunch with my mom and aunts. When we were done it was off to Kiddie Kandids to get pics. Then we went to The Mayan to celebrate Kamrin's dads bday!! The kids actually did so well all day without a real nap! While getting pics done I got one with both kids in thier Halloween costumes.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Shawn asked me a couple weeks ago if I had ever been to a BYU game and when I told him no he said he would have to change that soon. Little did I know it would be very soon. Saturday we were able to use his tickets because he got to sit in Ken Garffs seats. So Kamrin, Jaydan and I all got our Cougar gear on and even though Maddie wasn't coming we had to put her in her gear also. We took Maddie to Kim and headed to Shawns work to meet him to follow him and his buddies to the game. When we got there they had a big BBQ going on and let us grab some for on the road. It was SO GOOD! Kamrin even made the comment about us just staying there to eat instead of going to the game. So we got to our seats and Jaydan was so excited to be there. He loved showing off his ball game shirt and hat (the hat didn't last) He was so cute there! He was cheering like crazy and screaming GO COUGARS even when nobody else was cheering at that moment. Ever once in a while he would scream out GO JAZZ out of nowhere. It was so funny and wow what a good memory he has seens how it's been months since we have cheered for the Jazz. To top it all off BYU CRUSHED Wyoming!!! Thank you so very much Shawn!!!!! We all had so much fun! I just really wish we could have sat by you guys so I could have heard you picking on the Wyoming players :-)

Our Little Cougar Fan!!

BYU flags making their rounds after we scored

It was a full house!


The Y

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Ponytail!

Look at me!!

She loves waving to herself, it's ADORABLE!

Mom do we really have to do this?

My pretty girl!


So this was a huge deal to me that I could finally put a tiny tiny ponytail in Maddies hair. As you all probably know my kids have very little hair which is odd seens how both Kam and I both have so so so much hair! Maddie had a ton of hair when she was born and didn't take long for her to loose it so now she is getting it back VERY SLOWLY! I think she just looks so adorable with her little tail

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Better late then never.... right???

Steph I promise I didn't forget about your birthday pictures I just took a while to download them since they were on my phone and not camera. Here are pics from when we surprised Steph at dinner on her birthday. The lighting made the pics go weird for some reason so don't mind the quality. Hope it was a great bday for you Steph!!!

The Birthday Girl!!!

Bill and Steph

Shawn, Suz and girls

Kim and Jay

Grandma and mom


Kamrin and I

Kandace and Conner


Jay trying really hard to suck that meatball up with a straw

Maddie with the birthday girl

Friday, September 12, 2008

Zoo Day!!

Black bear

This bear was pacing back and forth the whole time

Elephant throwing dirt on the one behind him


We were so close to this tiger

Jay LOVED the snakes! They give me the creeps!!!

They were so amazed with the crocs!

The BIGGEST turtle I have ever seen!

He had so much fun on the carousel


YUMMY ice cream!

Riding the train with his new tiger!

Going down the tube slide together

He insisted on feeding the alligator wood chips

They LOVED the water ball!

Jenny, Brooke, Jaydan and I went to the zoo today and it was a BLAST!!! Jaydan is very into animals right now so seeing them in person is awesome for him. We saw all the animals, rode the carousel, rode the train, played on their playground, ate ice cream, went to get stuff for them at the gift shop and played with the water ball. After we went and picked up Maddie we went to Carl's Jr and played in the play land. What a busy and FUN day!! Hopefully that means Jaydan will sleep in tomorrow :-)

Sweet 16!!

My niece Ashlee turned 16 on Wednesday September 10th!! I can't believe she is 16!! It really doesnt seem possible! We all went to her house for cake and icecream to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday AK!! I love you!

Look at all those candles!

The beautiful birthday girl!

Candy bar letter my mom gave her

Her new bling bling

My nephew Conner loving the Barney laptop!

When Brandon, Tyson, Jaydan and now Conner concentrates on anything their tongue sticks out like this!!!