Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 22, 2008


Shawn asked me a couple weeks ago if I had ever been to a BYU game and when I told him no he said he would have to change that soon. Little did I know it would be very soon. Saturday we were able to use his tickets because he got to sit in Ken Garffs seats. So Kamrin, Jaydan and I all got our Cougar gear on and even though Maddie wasn't coming we had to put her in her gear also. We took Maddie to Kim and headed to Shawns work to meet him to follow him and his buddies to the game. When we got there they had a big BBQ going on and let us grab some for on the road. It was SO GOOD! Kamrin even made the comment about us just staying there to eat instead of going to the game. So we got to our seats and Jaydan was so excited to be there. He loved showing off his ball game shirt and hat (the hat didn't last) He was so cute there! He was cheering like crazy and screaming GO COUGARS even when nobody else was cheering at that moment. Ever once in a while he would scream out GO JAZZ out of nowhere. It was so funny and wow what a good memory he has seens how it's been months since we have cheered for the Jazz. To top it all off BYU CRUSHED Wyoming!!! Thank you so very much Shawn!!!!! We all had so much fun! I just really wish we could have sat by you guys so I could have heard you picking on the Wyoming players :-)

Our Little Cougar Fan!!

BYU flags making their rounds after we scored

It was a full house!


The Y

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Riverboat said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Jaydan is a Cat Daddy! Rise and Shout! GO COUGARS!!!