Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4th Of July

We had a great 4th! Kamrin helped his sister and brother in law move into their new place so later the kids and I went up there to check it out and hung out for a bit. We then went and grabbed Subway for dinner and went to my grandmas and ate dinner with her and my mom. We came home to give the little ones a nap then went to my friends moms house and they put on a great firework show for us! Here are pictures of my little firecrackers!!

My Birthday Weekend

I didn't get any pictures that weekend but I wanted to blog about it so I could look back and remember how great it really was. I can honestly say this last birthday was one of the best I have ever had. The last couple birthdays have sucked pretty much so it was so nice to get a really good one for a change. My sisters took on the task of having my kids sleep over their house for the whole weekend. Getting them there was quite a challenge. I was going to meet my sister Kim at my sister Stephs work in South Jordan when I noticed my van was getting REALLY hot like almost in the red zone. The more I went the higher it got so I hurried and pulled over to prevent it from touching the red zone. I called Kamrin and he was just finishing up work and was going to come to my rescue. He had me check the coolent which was great so he figured it didn't like going up hill on a 105 degree day. I inched to the next light and got off the uphill road and started a different way and sure enough it went down a bit. It still was hotter then I liked but at least it wasn't to the red zone. I made it to my sisters work but was very worried of sending my sister and 4 kids with the van. She told me to go ahead and would let me know if there was any problems. I headed home to shower and meet up with Kamrin. Luckily she made it home with no more problems with the van and Kamrin and I got to enjoy her nice new car for the weekend. When I got home we got ready and went to the new movie theater at Valley Fair mall. It is now our favorite! We ordered dinner and took it into the movie with us. We went and saw The Heat which is now one of my favorite movies! I absolutely love Melissa McCarthy and that movie had us laughing from beginning to end. We then came come and crashed for the night. The next day was my actual birthday. I went with my friend Angel and we hit a few yard sales which I love doing but don't get to do much cause its not worth it having to drag 4 kids along to do. I hung out with her and found some awesome stuff until 1130 then headed home. Kamrin got ready then we headed to Lehi to try Popeyes Chicken. After waiting AN HOUR to get our food we ate it in the car cause they were so busy. It was very delish but waiting an hour was very frustrating. I couldn't go my whole birthday without seeing my little ones so we went and hung out at my sisters house for a while to get me some loves from my babies. We then headed back to the movies and saw Fast And Furious 6 in DBOX. I had never experienced DBOX so it was really fun and the movie was great! I love me some Rock, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel :-) Kamrin then took me to my grandmas house to see her. It was so nice visiting with her and my mom. I sure love those ladies. We were both hungry by then and my husband knows me best and took me to The Cheesecake Factory!! Best way to end my birthday!! I had been up since 630am so was pretty beat so we came home. The next day we slept in and had a lazy morning then went and picked up the kiddos. It was such a nice break and I felt so spoiled the whole time!!!

Jaydan Turns 7!!!

I have been a mom for 7 years!! On Jaydans birthday I dropped off the kids to Kamrins sisters house to do their craft with Hamma. Every Monday they do a craft with her and spent some time with her. While they were there I ran a couple last minute errands for his birthday and picked him up some cupcakes for that night. I picked him up and took him to Target to pick out a new pool. We then went home and I blew it up so him and Maddie could have a water day. My sister came over after work to see the birthday boy and after Kamrin got home we let him pick whatever he wanted for dinner which was KFC. We then let him open presents and did dessert. He seemed to have a great day and loved all his presents.
Dear Jaydan,
I cant believe you are 7! You have been such a great son and brother! We love you so very much and are so proud of you. You are so smart. It really blows me away. You are like a sponge just like your dad and you soak up all the information you hear and learn so easily. Everything comes so natural to you. You read like a champ. You blow me away with everything you know at such a young age. You are such an amazing older brother. You adore your siblings. You are sad when one of them is sad or hurt. They are so lucky to have you. You have so much compassion for others even at your young age. You are truly an amazing kid. Im so thankful I get to call you mine. I love you buddy! Happy 7th Birthday!!
Love, Mommy  


Friday, July 5, 2013

Brynlees Birthday Letter

Dear Brynlee.
Now I know I must be dreaming. There is no way Im writing your birthday letter already!! How is it even possible you are 1 year old already?!?!? It seems like just yesterday we saw you for the first time. Seems like just yesterday you cried non stop. Seems like just yesterday you hated the car so bad. Seems like just yesterday you learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up on things and walk along things. Seems like just yesterday you got your first tooth, ate solids for the first time and reached all the other milestones that babies do. Now you are a year old and boy are you fun! You are all over the place. You can stand up on your own without holding on to things but you have yet to take any steps and to be honest Im glad. Not quite ready for you to walk yet. You love books. You love anything you are not supposed to have. You love crawling in the kitchen and "sweeping" with the broom and pulling out the drawer under then stove and pulling out all the pans out of it. As sad as I am to admit this your favorite person in the whole wide world is your daddy!! You have the worst case of stranger danger we have ever had with any of our kids. There all only a few people you will let touch you without screaming bloody murder. You go into full panic mode if the wrong person picks you up. You throw quite a tantrum too! You know what you want and when you don't get it watch out!! You are still such a lovie baby though. You love giving hugs and kisses. You give the best mouth wide open kisses!! Brynlee you are so beautiful in every single way. I love you so much and Im so thankful you are mine. You are truly the perfect caboose baby for our family! Happy 1st Birthday!!!!
Love, Mommy
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1 YEAR!!!!!!

Brynlee is 1!!!!

Brynlees 1st birthday landed on Fathers Day which I was very disappointed about. It ended up being great though and daddy didn't mind one bit sharing his day with his little princess. When we all woke up we let her open all her presents from us. She was soooo cute! I think her favorite was her new princess book. She LOVES books! We then just spent special family time at home until it was time to go to church. For dinner we went to my brothers house and had a very yummy BBQ. I love spending time with family!!! So even though it wasn't quite what I had wanted her day was still very special. Ill be honest I cried.....a lot. I knew it would be hard but wow it was way harder then I thought. At 12:06am I was still wide awake and burst into tears because that was the time she was born. I cried off and on all day long. We were going through all her pictures that morning and I couldn't stop crying. This last year went by way too fast for me. I was so sad to think I would never have a baby under 1 ever again. I love her little personality and who she is now but it is so hard that I will never have a tiny baby again. I am so thankful for my Brynlee! Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!!!!!


Fathers Day

Im so thankful for the dad that my kids have! He adores his kids so very much. I often catch him peeking in on the when they are sleeping and it melts my heart so much. He gives them tight squeeze hugs that make them laugh. He tickles them everyday. He teaches them so much daily. He is not perfect but when it comes to his kids he tries his hardest and gives them his all. When they sleep over anywhere he has a hard time having them away and constantly tells me how much he misses them. He absolutely loves his boys but man his girls have a very special place in his heart. I remember when Maddie was born he would just stare at her constantly and you could see such love in his eyes. Now that he also has Brynlee that bond is just as strong. Those girls have daddy wrapped around their fingers and they can do no wrong in his eyes. I love that my girls have that! I love that he is their prince charming! I love that they look at him the same way he looks at them. I love the way he loves his boys and wants them to grow to be the very best men they can. I could go on forever about what makes Kamrin a great dad. Im so thankful my kids have him. Im so thankful I have him. Im so thankful he is such a hard worker and can fix pretty much anything. I love that on Fathers Day we get to celebrate all he does for us.

Birthday Party Fun

We threw a joint birthday party for Jaydan and Brynlee on June 15th and it turned out GREAT! I was talking to Jaydan a few weeks before about when we were going to do Brynlees and when we would do his and he asked if instead of doing them separate if we could do 1 big one. He adore Brynlee so he really wanted his special day to be hers too. I thought it was a great idea so we agreed to it. The hardest part was trying to make it all blend with him wanting Angry Birds and for her I wanted super girly of course. For the table cloths I did yellow and pink because Jays favorite color is yellow and nothing is more girly then pink and those 2 colors look good together. We did Angry Bird cupcakes for Jays portion and for Brynlees smash cake we did a purple and pink cake that looked like a giant cupcake. They all turned out SO cute!! I will use the girl who made them for us from now on for sure!! I decided it would be fun to do a dessert buffet instead of a lunch and it turned out to be a huge success! We had such a great turnout and my kids were spoiled like crazy! Their presents covered the whole table!! Im so glad the day turned out to be so special for my little kiddos! They deserved it all!!

Look how amazing they look!!

There was actually a 3rd purple dot in the center but Kamdyn got a hold of it before I got pictures :-)

Look at them staring at it!!