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Our Family

Friday, July 5, 2013

Brynlees Birthday Letter

Dear Brynlee.
Now I know I must be dreaming. There is no way Im writing your birthday letter already!! How is it even possible you are 1 year old already?!?!? It seems like just yesterday we saw you for the first time. Seems like just yesterday you cried non stop. Seems like just yesterday you hated the car so bad. Seems like just yesterday you learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up on things and walk along things. Seems like just yesterday you got your first tooth, ate solids for the first time and reached all the other milestones that babies do. Now you are a year old and boy are you fun! You are all over the place. You can stand up on your own without holding on to things but you have yet to take any steps and to be honest Im glad. Not quite ready for you to walk yet. You love books. You love anything you are not supposed to have. You love crawling in the kitchen and "sweeping" with the broom and pulling out the drawer under then stove and pulling out all the pans out of it. As sad as I am to admit this your favorite person in the whole wide world is your daddy!! You have the worst case of stranger danger we have ever had with any of our kids. There all only a few people you will let touch you without screaming bloody murder. You go into full panic mode if the wrong person picks you up. You throw quite a tantrum too! You know what you want and when you don't get it watch out!! You are still such a lovie baby though. You love giving hugs and kisses. You give the best mouth wide open kisses!! Brynlee you are so beautiful in every single way. I love you so much and Im so thankful you are mine. You are truly the perfect caboose baby for our family! Happy 1st Birthday!!!!
Love, Mommy
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1 YEAR!!!!!!

1 comment:

brigette said...

Happy birthday Brynlee cant believe shes 1!!