Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hammond Family Reunion Day 1 & 2

This year the Hammond family reunion trip started July 20th which was my sisters wedding so everyone else left early that day but we didn't head up until after her wedding. We got to the ranch about 730pm. This year the location was a ranch close to Duchesne, Utah. When we got there we set up in our room which had 7 beds for just Kamrin, the kids and I!!! By then it was close to bedtime so we mostly just talked and spent time with everyone and went to bed. On Sunday we ate breakfast and headed to the lake to fish and get crawfish. We got zero fish but got TONS of crawfish. It was so much fun at the lake. The kids all loved playing the water. After a few hours there we went back to the cabin and all cleaned up and started cooking the crawfish. That evening we did a blind taste test and games on the lawn. The games were really funny. We put an oreo on our forehead and had to move it to our mouth without using hands. Another one we seen who could empty a toilet paper roll first. The last one was we tied an empty kleenex box around our waist and put a bunch of balls in them and you would have to shake your hips and jump around trying to get all the balls out first. It was HILARIOUS! The taste test was so entertaining!! There was some normal and even yummy stuff and then there was some NASTY stuff! Glad I wasn't Kamrin who got sardines! YUCK!! Jay and Maddie wanted to do it so bad so we let them and just did mild and normal stuff. It was quite hilarious. Maddies guesses were so off. Im not sure how she came up with some of them.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Darrell And Stephanie's Wedding

On Saturday July 20th my sister Stephanie became a married woman! She married a wonderful guy named Darrell. They got married at their stake center in Saratoga Springs. They had the ceremony at 3pm and then a little lunch right after. With it being both of their second weddings they didn't want to go all out on them. They wanted it simple and only to have family and very close friends there. It all turned out great and she defiantly was a beautiful bride!! Im so happy for her and Darrell. Im happy she found a man that treats her as she deserves. Darrell has 3 kids that also joined our family that day. There is Ashley, Sam and Sadie. They are all great kids and we are lucky to have them in our family.

The Newlyweds!