Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jaydans Birthday Celebration Day 2

We had a party for Jaydan the day after his birthday to celebrate with extended family on my moms side and 1 of my friends. This party was really fun! We had the slip and slide set up and my friend brought her daughters pool that has 2 little slide attached so the kids had a BLAST playing in the water! We had dinner which Jaydan picked Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets and fries. We had other stuff to go with it but that was the main part he picked. After dinner we let him open his presents. He got alot of fun stuff and even some money that we put in his savings account. Right after presents they went straight back to the water fun. My mom helped me alot with planning this party and since it was pirate themed we thought it would be fun for the kids to do a treasure hunt! They all had a blast doing it! We gave them their cute bags my mom made and inside was their eye patch, compass, and pirate hat. We gave different people in the house the "treasures" and the kids had to go around asking who had the treasures. It was so fun watching them all have fun doing this. At the end of the hunt they got huge pirate coloring books with stickers inside. After they all had their "treasures" We had cake and ice cream. I wanted to thank my mom for all her help to make this party so fun and so special for Jaydan. Thank you mom! Love you!!

Playing on the slip and slide at Grandma Rs

Daddy helping Maddie warm up

All warm and cozy!

Jays turn

Jay with all his presents right before he opened them.

Jay in his tiger mask from one of his bday cards

Peek A Boo!

Having fun with cousin Will

Silly girl!

Pirate Maddie getting ready for her treasure hunt!

The kids getting ready to search for some treasure!

On the treasure hunt

Blowing out his candles

Enjoying his pirate cake!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jays Birthday Fun!!!

Jaydans birthday was alot of fun and very special. Kamrin took the day off so we could spend quality time with him. That morning I woke up before anyone else. It felt like Christmas :-) I was in the kitchen and hear him call out "Mommy" so I go running down the stairs and say "Happy Birthday Baby!!!" He grinned really big and asked "Its my birthday today?" When I told him yes he giggled. Then I asked "What happens on your birthday?" He looked at me very confused and said "I dont know mommy" Then I told him there was probably a big surprise upstairs for him and he took off to see what it was! His whole face lit up to see balloons all over the living room floor and presents waiting for him to rip open!! Maddie kept looking around confused. I could just imagine she was saying in her head "What the heck is going on here?!?" I was pretty funny! We got ready and took Maddie to Kamrins mom so Jay could have all our attention for a while on his special day. We took him to Liberty Park and fed the ducks a whole loaf of bread. We then took him to Hollywood Connection and ate lunch in their cafe which was really yummy by the way, rode the bus ride, rose the roller coater, played in the play land with slides and played miniature golf which was so fun to watch him golf!! Kamrin had to go to a meeting after that so I took Jay to pick out his present with the money Grandpa Isom gave him and then we picked Kamrin up and went home to get all the stuff ready for his party. We had cake and ice cream at my brother Brandons house with my parents and siblings and Kamrins parents and siblings. The kids had so much fun there! They got to play on Jays new slip and slide, play in Conners pool, play on the swing set and jump on the trampoline. We ate dessert and opened presents. He got spoiled rotten!! My kids were so exhausted after all that fun so it was time to head home. It was such a fun day!!

The look on his face when he walked in the living room to find balloons all over the floor and his presents in a pile!

Opening his new pool!

Feeding the ducks at Liberty Park

My handsome 3 year old!

Waiting for his Dino Nuggets at the Hollywood Connection Cafe

Miniature golfing

He is saying ARRRR in this picture

Wearing daddys shirt down the slide to help him not get stuck and flip

Doing the slip and slide on his back

She looked adorable in her bikini

Maddie, conner and Jay in the pool

With his birthday cake I made him

Having a blast on his bday!

Ty, Jay and Kim playing with the awesome pirate ship Kim, Steph and Bill gave him

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Jaydan!!!!

Here are some pics of Jaydan throughout the last 3 years! I will be adding a couple from when he was born when I figure out my scanner.

This post is very bitter sweet for me. The last few weeks I have had a really hard time with Jaydan turning 3. I dont know why it has been so tough but it has. Within the last few weeks I have been looking through pics of him over the last 3 years and I would find myself in tears. Then sometimes just looking at him would make me tear up. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the stage Jaydan is at right now and just when I think he cant get any cuter, sweet, smart or handsome he proves me wrong. I love this kid more and more everyday. I love him more and more every second is more like it! Jaydan brings so much joy into our house. He lights up the room that he is in. He has the most amazing little personality and there is never a dull moment when Jaydan is near. This past year and been one crazy roller coaster for us with Jaydan. We went through some "Terrible 2s", went through giving up the binky which was not easy with that kid, went through first road trips, went through first surgery and cancer scare and many many more. Jaydan is so strong for his age and I often find myself admiring his strength. He went through some really scary stuff this year and took it all with a smile and gave mommy lots of hugs and smiles to keep her strong through it all. Jaydan is very smart and blows me away everyday with all the new things he says and does. He has known his ABCs for almost a year now, sings numerous songs word for word, can tell me bed time stories and gets them right, he knows his left and right perfectly, can count to 30 or 40, knows all his colors and many more things. He is my kid for sure he can sing at least 3 Tim McGraw songs word for word :-) Jaydan has such a special spirit about him. He absolutely adores his baby sister. I feared when I was pregnant he would be rough with her or jealous but he loves that girl to death. They do have their moments when the other has something they want but they are truly best buds! He has to know where she is at all times. He is very concerned about her when he cant see her. I love that about them. I love the love they have for each other at such a young age. It melts my heart. I cant put into words how amazing this little boy is!
Mommy loves you so very much. You and sissy are everything to me! You bring so much to our family. I look forward to seeing you grow more and more. I know no matter what I will be so proud of you every single day!! I hope you had a great birthday!! Happy 3rd Birthday my Jay bug!!!
Love always,

Happy Fathers Day

Today was a good day for us. I got Kamrin a very nutritious breakfast....Krispy Kremes and Vanilla Coke :-) Okay so not healthy but it was a treat to have something like that. After he ate I had the kids "sign" a card for him and Jay carried the card and one of his presents and Maddie carried the other. It was really cute watching them hand his presents to him and Jay said Happy Fathers Day daddy. We went to Kamrins parents for a BBQ for lunch which was all YUMMY! Then it was off to my dads for dinner which was also YUMMY! So pretty much we ate all day :-) It was fun to spend time with family. There was just 1 thing missing to make the day perfect. I hope Kamrin enjoyed his day also.

Kamrin I love you and our kids love you so much! You are a great dad to them and they both just adore you! Thank you so much for all you do for us and all you sacrifice so I can stay home with them. I hope you gad a great Fathers Day!!

I hope all the fathers in my life had a great day especially my dad and dad in law. We love you both!!!