Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I LOVE it!!!!

I got my hair cut a couple months ago and I told the girl to thin the crap out of it....She thinned it for maybe 5 minutes and called it good. I was talking to my sister Steph about it and how I wish there was a stylist I could find that would not be afraid to just thin it and when she thought it was thin enough thin it some more!! My hair is so thick I probably have enough to share with 6 other people! This had its pros and cons but I was more at the con stage. Headaches galore! Didnt bother styling it cause 5 minutes later its flat cause its so heavy. So anyways Steph told me the girl who does her hair thins and thins and thins some more. So a week or so ago she called and said she had my bday present and wanted to give it to me early so she brought it over and it was a certificate to the girl who cuts her hair. I was SO excited!! So last night I went for my appt and this girl is AMAZING!!!! She did everything I wanted and more. Last night Kamrin ran his hands through my hair and he was amazed. He said it was at last 3/4 thinner then it was before. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! THANKS STEPH!!!!!!!!!

Before (My mop)


The new me

Bangs will take a while to get used to

Love it!

Jay taking my pic

Jay watching me to make sure I am doing what he asks :-)

Here he said "Mommy look at me BIG and kiss for the picture"

Another after pic