Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jaydans Birthday Celebration Day 2

We had a party for Jaydan the day after his birthday to celebrate with extended family on my moms side and 1 of my friends. This party was really fun! We had the slip and slide set up and my friend brought her daughters pool that has 2 little slide attached so the kids had a BLAST playing in the water! We had dinner which Jaydan picked Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets and fries. We had other stuff to go with it but that was the main part he picked. After dinner we let him open his presents. He got alot of fun stuff and even some money that we put in his savings account. Right after presents they went straight back to the water fun. My mom helped me alot with planning this party and since it was pirate themed we thought it would be fun for the kids to do a treasure hunt! They all had a blast doing it! We gave them their cute bags my mom made and inside was their eye patch, compass, and pirate hat. We gave different people in the house the "treasures" and the kids had to go around asking who had the treasures. It was so fun watching them all have fun doing this. At the end of the hunt they got huge pirate coloring books with stickers inside. After they all had their "treasures" We had cake and ice cream. I wanted to thank my mom for all her help to make this party so fun and so special for Jaydan. Thank you mom! Love you!!

Playing on the slip and slide at Grandma Rs

Daddy helping Maddie warm up

All warm and cozy!

Jays turn

Jay with all his presents right before he opened them.

Jay in his tiger mask from one of his bday cards

Peek A Boo!

Having fun with cousin Will

Silly girl!

Pirate Maddie getting ready for her treasure hunt!

The kids getting ready to search for some treasure!

On the treasure hunt

Blowing out his candles

Enjoying his pirate cake!

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The Pendletons said...

I keep a countdown in my head. Only 3 more days til I get to see those cute little monkeys again!