Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesdays With Morgan

That looks like an intense phone call


Morgan is not pleased Jay invaded on their girl time LOL

Best buds!

My monkeys!

The 3 Amigos

Playing hide and seek in the pillow




For the last couple months I have been babysitting a little girl named Morgan every Tuesday. Morgan is my sister in law Suzannes sisters daughter. She is 3 weeks younger then Maddie. I was really excited when Anna asked me to watch her. Maddie doesnt really have anyone to play with her age. We only see Brandon and Kandace every once in a while and so she doesnt get to play with Conner much. Ill be honest I was a little nervous too. The last couple babysitting jobs I took on were way too much for me. Morgan has been GREAT! I love having her around for many reasons. She is just so dang cute, my kids love having her around, the 3 of them play so well together and she snuggles!! Neither of my kids are snuggly at all. Not even a little. So now I get my dose of kid snuggling every Tuesday with Morgan. Every Tuesday morning when Kamrin comes upstairs and Im cuddling with Morgan on the couch, he gives me a big smile and says you are in heaven right now arent you :-) Another bonus is sometimes Maddie sees Im cuddling someone else and gets jealous and wants to cuddle with mom. That only lasts 30 seconds though but hey ill take it. Yesterday right before nap time the kids were being so cute so i had to take advantage and take pics. They all turned out so cute!!


The Pendletons said...

Fun fun. She is a little cutie I agree. Lucky for you that you have a little one to snuggle with.

Ryan and Anna said...

I am SO happy it is working out and can't thank you enough for being there for me!

Wall family said...

I know how you feel, neither of my kids are cuddlers....way to busy to be lovin on mom. Unless their sick then I get some attention.