Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jaydans 3rd Birthday Pics!

Kamrins mom took Maddie last night for a sleepover and some one on one time so when we picked up Kamrin from work we went and got Jaydans birthday pics done. My son was made to have his pic taken! The second he gets up there he smiles huge, giggles and even laughs like crazy! When I told him we were gonna go get them done he was jumping up and down in excitement. He loves Kiddie Kandids cause they had a huge duster they tickle him with. I love how they turned out. When we tell Jaydan he is so cute he replies with "Im not cute, Im handsome" Its so true! He is getting so big and so handsome! These pics show his personality so nuch!!

My beach boy

Love that smile!!

He thought the frog was awesome

I cant believe he is 3!!!!

He was laughing here

Im not cute, Im handsome!
I like this one even though he was doing something funny with his mouth
Even though you cant see it his shirt says it all! Says" Cute by day, Adorable by night!!
After the pics we took him for a special dinner to Famous Daves bbq place. It was so YUMMY!! Kamrin asked him if he was enjoying having it just being him with mommy and daddy and his response was "No, I really miss my baby daddy" That melted my heart!! I love how mucg they love each other even at this young age! They are best buds!!

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Summer, Devan and Taiden said...

How did I not see these pictures? Oh my goodness he is so adorable.. I mean we all knew you had cute kids, but it's been so long since I've seen them! He is such a doll!