Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

Yesterday was my kids preschool Halloween party. They were so excited to dress up for it. They also were excited to hand out the treats they picked out all by themselves to give to their class. They did it a little different this year. Usually they have a couple parents stay to help. This year they thought it would be better to have the first half hour for the parents to come and take pictures and then leave. When I got half way there I realized I forgot my camera at home :-( I was SO sad! I did take a pic of just my kids with my phone and asked for copies of the class pics. They had so much fun and was so excited to tell me all about it when I picked up and they brought home lots of treats!

36 1/2 Weeks

Part of me cant believe Im already to this point in pregnancy then majority of me feels like its taking FOREVER! I must admit this pregnancy seems to have gone by alot faster then the other 2. Maybe its cause I have 2 little ones to take up all my time. I went to my weekly appt yesterday and it went really good. I am now 60% effaced and my upper cervix it a 3 and my lower cervix is a 2. I didnt know your cervix could be dilated different from the top to bottom but apparently it can be. Thats great progress from my last appt since I wasnt effaced at all and was a solid 2. We talked about being induced if he doesnt make it on his own and my doc said he would induce me on November 15th. Im really hoping he comes on his own before then but at least I now know if not I wont have to wait til my due date. My doc said in his opinion if I keep progressing the way I have I will probably have him by next week. I guess we will see. Im very ready for this little guy to come. Im to the point where I dont sleep anyways so at least if he was here I would have a cute little baby to snuggle and look at! My lower back and my ribs are constantly hurting bad. Im just very ready to not have all this extra weight and strain on them.

Birthday, Halloween & Date

Conner the cute bee

He even has a little stinger :-)

Maddie the mermaid

Her fins

Cars bounce house

Jay bouncing away

Trying to keep her balance

All his cookies had a mountain of frosting

Suz helping Conner

Family fun

Steph and Tyson decorating cookies

Last Saturday the 23rd was a very busy but very fun day! I started the day out doing what girls do best. I went shopping with my mom and Maddie. At 2pm we headed to my nephew Conners birthday party. He turned 3 that day. With his birthday close to Halloween they do a Halloween themed party and have the kids dress in their costumes which is always so fun! This year they had a Cars bounce house in their back yard. It was pretty cold and rainy that day but luckily the kids got a good hour or more of jumping fun before it got too bad. We all had Thomas cake, played Halloween bingo and opened presents. It was alot of fun. After the party was done my family stayed and decorated Halloween sugar cookies together. It was so much fun for the kids and even the adults. After cookie decorating they had a dinner with homemade chili. Kamrin and I missed out on that part though. My sister kept our kids there so we could go out on 1 last date before the baby is born. We went to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp. I was planning on getting something else because I have a hard time with shrimp every so often ever since I made myself sick on it when I was pregnant with Jaydan, Once I looked over the menu that actually sounded the best so both Kamrin and I got it. After we both were full of shrimp we were going to go see a movie. Our movie didnt start for a while so my wonderful husband let me stop at JoAnns to pick up more fabric while it was still on a great sale. We then headed to Hollywood Connections to see Jackass 3D. We both laughed non stop and we both even got queasy at some points. At one point even Kamrin had to turn away and was gagging and I had to close my eyes and plug my ears! What a lovely date right?!? :-) It was really fun and I loved every second though. I love spending alone adult time with him. We dont get it very often so when we do we cherish every second.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today was the kids October preschool field trip which is one of my favorite of the year because it is to this cute little pumpkin patch. I asked my aunt a while in advance if I could go because even though I went last year to every field trip with Jay I really wanted to go to this one since it was so fun and it would be Maddies first time there and I wanted to experience it with her. Plus with having a new baby soon Im not sure how many other ones I will be able to go with them so I really wanted to go. It was just as fun as last year. I loved having both kids there this time! We got there and went into the tepee they have and sat on the hay and read 2 Halloween stories. My aunt then asked each kid one by one what they were planning on being for Halloween. They each got a Halloween cupcake and some apple juice. We then walked around the patch and they each got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. They also got a sucker and a beaded necklace. Both kids had alot of fun and Im so glad I was able to join them!
The cute pumpkin patch

Sitting on the hay in the tepee

Listening to Halloween stories

Yummy cupcakes

Walking around the patch

She found a pumkin!

Jay picking his
Maddie with her pumpkin
Jaydan with his pumpkin

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sunday Oct 3rd my little family and Kamrins grandma went for a drive up the canyon and stopped at Snowbird to see all the fall leaves. We took a tram to the top of the mountain and walked around a bit. Being 11,000 feet up it was actually pretty chilly. When we got to the top there were a group playing their giant horns. I dont remember exactly what they are called but it was really neat listening to them. After a bit we headed back down to the lodge. We walked around the little shops and Gran got the kids some souvenirs and we got some YUMMY garlic fries and sat on a bench to enjoy them! After we left we came back home and Kamrin made us a delicious salmon dinner with ranch potatoes and green beans. I love when he cooks. He is such a great chef!!!!

Maddie with her daddy 11,000 feet up

The big horns

The tram we rode up and down the mountain

Maddie playing in the dirt

He loved the dirt too

Look how big that thing is

Getting sleepy riding the tram down

View from the tram when we got close to the lodge

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Travis and Pashells Wedding

On 10-01-10 at 10:00am Kamrins sister Pashell and her now husband Travis were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. We got to the temple around 11am to greet the bride and groom and for all the family pictures. When Maddie saw Pashell come out of the temple in her wedding dress she looked at her like she was a true princess and for the rest of the day she was right by Pashell and wouldnt leave her side. She adores Pashell as is but to see her in her wedding dress she thought she was a princess. After all the family pictures we walked across the street to the Blue Lemon for a luncheon. I had never been there and I must say the food was AMAZING!! After the lunch the bride and groom went off in an old classic car to the reception place. I sent Kamrin home with the kids so they could get some sort of nap. I went with Shaless to run some errands and then came home to help get the kids ready for the reception. We got to the reception about an hour early so we could do more family pictures there. The place they had it at was so beautiful! We got to see alot of people we havent seen in a while and had good food. All in all the day was great! Congrats to Pashell and Travis!!

Jaydan with the bride

That handsome young man belongs to me :-)

My kids with the bride and groom

Jaydan honestly thought he was the only one holding her up lol!!

They both loved being right at Pashells side all day

Sneaking a cupcake
Boys causing trouble

I loved their cake
The cake kiss
First dance
See Maddie in the background keeping her eye on the princess :-)
The danced and he even twirled her around :-)
Hug after the dance! How how I love them!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Being Pampered With The Bride

The night before Pashells (Kamrins sister) wedding us girls in the family went for a night of pampering and got manicures and pedicures. I guess you could think of it as a little bachlorette party. Being LDS we dont do the typical partying or drinking but we do better things like getting pampered! Even Maddie got to come join the fun and got to get her nails done at a real salon instead of mommy doing them for her. Kamrins grandma, mom, both his sisters, Maddie and I were all able to be there. It was SO fun and relaxing. Gran is 70 and it was her first pedicure and I think it will be her new addiction :-) Maddie loved getting pampered! She was all smiles and giggles when he was painting her toes and fingers. It was so fun being with my in laws. Being pregnant and getting a pedicure is the best thing in the world! As us girls were at the salon the guys had a little bachelor party of their own. They did what guys like best and went out to eat :-) Jaydan got to go with daddy and Hampa and spend some time with the guys. All in all we all had alot of fun celebrating the last night with the bride and groom before the big day!!

Maddie and Mommy soaking our feet

Tiny toes getting a real pedicure
She LOVED it!

My little princess getting pampered

She even got flowers on her fingers




The bride
My poor swollen feet look half way cute now. For some reason I forgot to take pictures of Kamrins moms feet :-( She got hers done exactly like mine