Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st Post Of 2010

I realized it has been quite a while since I blogged. I miss it. I love blogging. I love writing down all the memories so I will never forget them and I also love writing my feelings and thoughts on events that go on in our lives. So far 2010 has been pretty low key. Nothing major has happened to us. Just some illnesses that we are recovering from and our everyday life. I have been thinking alot lately about where we are in our lives. We have had some hard times and illnesses but all in all I am so happy! Kamrin and I are getting closer by the day. We make time to work on us as a married couple rather then just focus on us as parents. I never realized how much your kids consume your life and marriage until we decided we needed to work more on us. It has been amazing in every way. I am so thankful for my husband and the man he is. I am so thankful for everything he does for me and our kids. I feel so lucky to have him and 2 amazing kids.

Jaydan is now 3 years and 7 months old!! I cant believe how big he is getting! Everyday that kid amazes me more and more! He is so smart and I love watching him learn daily. Jaydan is so full of life and loves to make others laugh. He LOVES going to preschool and loves telling me all about it when I pick him up. He loves showing me what he made each day and I love seeing him so proud of himself. Jaydan has turned into a little video gamer. He LOVES playing the wii and gets so upset when I limit him each day and he gets so sad when his time is up. He loves racing on Mario Cart and is very good for a 3 year old. For those of you who dont know much about it when you do the grand prix its 4 races back to back and depending on how well you do with those 4 races you can win a trophy. The only give out gold, silver and bronze and so you have to do really good on the races to get a medal. There is 12 Mario characters racing on each race. Well he has gotten so good he has now won 2 gold and 1 silver medal on the different cups!! Not so bad for a 3 year old huh?!? He also loves the target shooting game and all the wii sports games. It is pretty funny watching a 3 year old box, bowl and play tennis!! If I had to pick 1 video game system for him to get into it would be the wii! It keeps him active and its fun for the whole family! Jaydan is also into all your typical boy things. Cars, trucks, dinosaurs and anything you can think of boy. He will be turning 4 in June and is already planning his bday party. He wants a Cars theme party this time. We will see if that sticks that long. Jaydan really enjoys music and is getting really good at singing the songs on the radio word for word. His absolute favorite is Taylor Swift. He likes Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood also. You will never guess what type music his mommy listens too :-) I love hearing him sing and watching him dance! I love that boy more then words and describe!!

Madyson turned 2 in December and she is definitely in her terrible 2 phase! She is a hand full for sure!! Maddie is all girl. She loves baby dolls, dress up and is obsessed with shoes!! She will gather all the shoes she can find and surround herself in them and put them on, take them off and put the next pair on and so on!! She is also very a very smart little girl. She can sing a few kid songs, talks in full sentences and knows ALOT of things for a 2 year old! She wants to be just like her big brother which has cause her to grow up very quick. Maddie has even been potty training herself!! I was going to start working with her after New Years to see if she was ready and then with my miscarriage I put it off. A couple days after New Years out of no where she would tell me "I pee pee in potty" so I would take her in and sure enough she would go!! Also when the bathroom door was opened she would go all on her own! This was very nice with how stubborn Jay was with potty training! She has yet to go poop in the potty but she pees in it daily still and has done it all 100% on her own. I have never once asked her if she needed to go potty! Maddie is quite the character. She always has us laughing! Maddie is also very into Little Mermaid and all the other Disney princesses! She loves anything girly!! She LOVES chap stick! She would put it on all day everyday if I would let her. In her stocking she got Ariel chap stick and daily she asks for her "mermaid lips" Maddie absolutely loves her daddy! She is daddies little princess and they have this special bond between them! I love seeing them together! Even in her not so nice moments where her terrible 2s are taking over I truly love my little Maddie!