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Our Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Car Accident

The Saturday before Mothers Day I had just picked up my friend and we were headed to a store. I was driving my dads car because our van was making horrible noises so Kamrin took it to one of his coworkers cousins to fix. Anyways I had just turned left onto 4000 West off of 4100 South and I hadnt even got up to full speed when this lady started pulling out of a parking lot to turn left and pulled out right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks put it was too late there was no way to avoid hitting her because she just kept stepping on her gas. After we hit I was at a complete stop but she kept going so it kept scrapping along the bumper. She kept turning her wheel as if she was finishing her left hand turn and came to a stop. I looked at my friend and asked if she was okay. After she said she was okay I was getting ready to pull off to the side of the road and BAM! For some reason she stepped on her gas again and hit us again! This time instead of the bumper it was the rear drivers door, rear tire and the side of the trunk on the drivers side! So once again my friend and I were making sure each other were okay and I pulled over. She pulled in the parking lot that she had first came out of. I hurried and grabbed my phone and called the cops. I looked over at them to make sure they seemed okay and they seemed fine but they were on the phone crying. After I got off the phone with the cops I walked over to make sure they were okay and they didnt speak much english but kept shaking their heads saying okay. I told them the cops were on their was and went back to my car to call my dad and Kamrin. I was shaking so bad! I have never been in an accident like that before especially while being the driver. The only other accident I was in while driving was we were rear ended while we were at a complete stop and he hit us maybe going 5 mph if that. It felt like it took the cop FOREVER to get there. Once he got there I got out to talk to him and he first asked if everyone was hurt at all. I told him my friend had a mark on her neck and chest area from the seat belt and also her neck and back were hurting. I then told him my shoulder hurt and that I am pregnant and I was cramping but I thought it was either from the seat belt, nerves or probably a mix from both. He asked if we wanted medical to come check us out and we both thought we didnt need them to come. We filled out all the paper work and sat around for quite a while, while the other girl filled out her paper work and the cop checked out the damage to both cars and looked us both up in his computer. Her car really did get the worst end of it. They couldnt even open her drivers door. We actually got really lucky with how little of damage happened with my dads car. Even with 2 separate hits both arent as bad as they could have been and how bad her car got. After the cop was done with his investigation and all the paperwork he came over and told me she told the same story I did and told me to have peace of mind that she did get 2 citations for it. 1 for failure to look out and the other for no drivers license. Luckily the car she was driving did have current insurance though. Since the accident my left shoulder and my neck have been pretty sore and stiff. I also have been cramping which has made me worry about the baby. I went to my doc yesterday and he checked me out and checked on the baby and luckily baby is great. He said with it being 48 hours after the accident and the babys heart still being that good there was a slim chance to none that the baby was even affected by it which made me SO relieved!! He gave me some lortabs to help with my neck and shoulder and it helped so much I slept for almost 11 hours last night!! Im so thankful it wasnt worse then it was and Im so thankful nobody was seriously hurt.
Side of the trunk on the drivers side
Rear drivers door
My dads poor bumper


brigette said...

Glad it wasnt worse!! Sorry you had to deal with it at all. Hopefully your pain will go away quick!!

Wall family said...

Well that sounds scary. I'm glad it all ended up ok for you guys. Feel better :)