Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is an emotional holiday for me now that I am a mom. Words cant describe how thankful I am to be mom and not only to be a mom but to be a mom to Jaydan and Madyson in general. They are not perfect and there are moments that I have no more patience with them but I would not change anything about them at all. Not even the naughty tantrum moments because that makes them who they are and I love every single thing about them. They are both amazing little kids and I often wonder what I did to deserve such special kids. Im so excited to have another baby at the end of this year also. Im so excited to have a newborn around again and also to see how Jaydan and Madyson are with he/she. They both are already so cute when they talk about the baby and they love rubbing, hugging and kissing my belly and they both even talk to the baby. Its so adorable!! I absolutely love moments like that. My kids are my everything. The are the reason I get up in the morning (and in the middle of the night sometimes) Being a mom of 3 sometimes scares me but I cant wait for the challenge because it means I am lucky and blessed enough to have 3 kids.
Jaydan is getting SO big! He is almost 4 and I honestly cant believe it! It really doesnt seem possible that I have been a mom for 4 years already and in another way I cant remember life before being a mom. He is about to finish up his first year of preschool. He has loved going to preschool! He is such a smart little kid. Im so proud of him and he really amazes me daily with all he learns. He is also about to finish up his first season of soccer which he has LOVED! I cant help but smile and giggle the entire time Im watching him play. He picks things up so quickly and soccer was no different. He even teaches his sister moves while at home :-) Jaydan LOVES playing our wii and he is really good at it for his age. He loves showing everyone who will sit down to watch him how good he is. Jaydan has a very special spirit about him. He is such a sweet and sensitive boy. He is so sweet to his little sister and just adores her and wants to protect her all the time. He is also a big mommys boy. I love him so very much. I am so thankful to be his mom!!
Madyson is almost 2 and 1/2 and it also blows my mind that my baby is that old already. She is such a great talker and amazes me everyday with all the new words and sentences she says. She loves to sing and is so good at remembering all the words to even adult songs already. She also loves to dance and loves anything to do with music in general. She is a very girly girl. She LOVES baby dolls, jewelry, she loves when mommy gives her a mani and pedi and she has a huge obsession with shoes!! Maddie is the princess of the family for sure. She has her daddy and brother wrapped around her little finger! She is such a daddy little girl. Those 2 have such a special bond and I just love watching them with each other. It really melts my heart. Maddie wants to be just like her big brother. She wants to do everything with him. Maddie is for sure in her "terrible 2's" but she also can be such a sweet little girl. When she knows mommy doesnt feel good she just wants to take care of me and she loves talking about our new baby on the way! I love this little girl so very much and I am so grateful to be her mom!!
Baby #3 doesnt have a name and we dont even know if its a boy or girl yet but this baby is already a part of our family! I already love this baby with all my heart. My kids know about he/she and love seeing ultrasound pics of it. They are so excited to go with mommy and daddy on the 24th of this month to see how they take pics of the baby in my belly and to see if they will have a baby brother or sister. Im also very excited! Im excited to find out the gender but I am also excited to share that special moment with it just being Kamrin and our 2 kids! I cant wait to know if i will have another son or daughter. Cant wait to pick a name for he/she. I cant wait to feel this baby grow and move in me. I cant wait to meet this little one. I cant wait to see all 3 of my kids together!!
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women in my life rather they have kids or not they are a mother figure to someone! I love all these wonderful women in my life and I am so blessed to know them all!

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brigette said...

How cute! Isnt it amazing how quickly they grow up!!